Review Top 10 Best affordable juicers in 2020

Fruit juice is always good for your health. No one can resist a glass of pure fresh fruit juice after a long hard work. But instead of going to buy, you absolutely can process great glasses of proverbial juice at home. We would like to recommend to you the 11 best affordable juicers.

Mechanical Affordable Juicer 

  • Beautiful stylish design machine  

  • The shell is made of ABS plastic with excellent bearing capacity, steel core

  • Compact design so easy to carry with you

  • The product is easily removable, safe to use

Advantages: The device is simple and compact, lightweight, easy to remove, and very easy to use. The machine is designed in a trendy style, a beautiful shell. No use of electricity, gas … or any other energy that the machine only uses your own hands to spin, which is both safe and economical. The machine has all the parts that come with it, such as a rotary hand, a fruit hopper, a drip cup, a drip tray, a mill and a rolling mill, and a screwdriver.

 450W Khaluck Home Affordable Juicer KL-3168

  • Presses with a large capacity of up to 450W

Advantages: With a glass of juice, quality is always the most important thing. No one wishes to have the fruits residue in its juice. To meet this, use a very fine strainer made of solid stainless steel. The filter will retain all the residue to make the best quality juice. At the same time, the machine shaft is cast with extremely good anti-wear alloy to help the machine more durable, extend the use time, save family shopping costs.

Balzano Affordable Juicer BZ-MJ350 

  • Products include: 1 1.5L blender, one strainer, one meat grinder, one dry food mill, cereals, 2 cups of juice and pulp, two grinding speeds, and one mode stuffed.

  • Material: ABS plastic

  • Power supply: 220V-240V

  • Sharp blade, stainless steel

Advantages: Filter mesh and blade are made of sharp, durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and ensure food safety and hygiene. Mesh filter small, smooth holes help to clean the residue. The juicer has a capacity of up to 350W, which allows you to grind faster, more efficiently, saving you time.

Supor Affordable Juicer ZS10VN-230 

  • High-quality material durable.

  • The blade is made of stainless steel.

  • There are two press speeds.

Advantages: The juicer has two press speeds, making it easy to choose the right speed for the type of fruit. Besides, the large trash bin, you can grind many fruits at the same time, without having to worry about putting the waste away many times. The product is also equipped with a safety latch, automatic power-off function when an incident occurs, ensuring safety for users.

Pensonic Affordable Juicer PJ-300 – Compact Juicer

  • Origin brand: Malaysia

  • Capacity: 400W

  • Water cup capacity: 0.45L

  • Capacity of pulp tray: 1.2L

  • Material: Plastic, Stainless steel

  • Control speed: 2 levels

  • Voltage: 220V – 240V / 50 – 60Hz

Advantages: Filter of the machine with stainless steel material ensures safety when used. Small fine mesh helps filter out fruit pulp and juice. The mouth of the tube is large; you can quickly put the whole fruit without spending time for cutting. With the compact, convenient Pensonic juicer, you will quickly process the whole family but the cup of delicious fruit juice.

 Midea Affordable Juicer MJ-JE35 

  • High-quality plastic case

  • Stainless steel sharp blade

  • Size feeding tube

  • Integrated safety lock

  • One pressing speed

Advantages: The casing is made of high-quality plastic, durable, good strength, elegant white, and luxurious. The press operates with a capacity of 350W, integrates a speed, powerful operation, high productivity, simple for all subjects. Products integrated safety lock and speed adjustment button, easier to use.

Supor Juicer TJE08A-250 – High-Quality Affordable Juicer 

  • 450ml capacity

  • Capacity of 280W

  • Rotation speed of 15000r / min

  • Speed ​​adjustment knob

Advantages: Juice containers made of high quality AS nonstick plastic ensure hygiene and safety for users. Equipped with 2 pressing speeds, 1 speed for pressing soft fruits like strawberries, bananas, 2 speed for pressing hard fruits like apples, carrots, pears. A juice cup with a volume of 480ml helps you squeeze lots of fruit at the same time. The machine with safety auto-shutoff mode ensures no operation overcapacity, helping to increase the durability of the machine, users feel secure when using.

 Gallium Affordable Juicer GL-7001 (450W)

  • Capacity: 450W

  • Stainless steel laminated mesh, less abrasive

  • Large refueling mouth

  • 2 speeds, 1 button stuffed

  • There is an overload protection circuit for the motor

Advantages: Stainless steel laminated blades, anti-abrasion, in particular, do not release toxic substances, help your drink cup remain the quality and safety for health. The sharp blade has a high durability for easy and efficient blending. Large supply mouth, can squeeze an apple or a pear quickly without peeling. The motor of the machine has a high power, sharp blades help the machine achieve high efficiency, saving time, saving energy.

Sunhouse Juicer SHD5520 – Noiseless Affordable Juicer 

  • Voltage: 220V-50Hz

  • Capacity: 260W

Advantages: The machine has a harmonious combination of red and white tones that will adorn your kitchen space. High quality motor helps the machine run smoothly, limiting noise, not affecting the familys activities. The plastic body on the outside of the body is made of high-quality plastic that is safe for users health. Stainless steel extruded blade, rust-proof, high abrasion resistance and sharpness help increase fruit grinding.

 BlueStone Affordable Juicer JEB-6519

  • Capacity: 250W

  • Wide food pipe

  • Body material: Advanced plastic

Advantages: Filter net and blade: 304 stainless steel, specially designed with a fine filter of 304 stainless steel (stainless steel), durable and safe for users. The foam separator in the juice dispenser brings you pure, quality juice glasses. Squeeze out water and quickly in a short time. Products equipped with two-speed squeeze, speed 1 used to squeeze soft fruits like western fruits, bananas, oranges … speed 2 is used to squeeze hard fruits like apples, carrots, pears, carrots …

 RaNee RN-SJ588 Horizontal Shaft Design Presses (150W)

  • Horizontal axis design

  • High-quality plastic, BPA Free

  • Technology of screw pressing

  • Speed ​​of rotation: 80 rpm

  • Power consumption: 150W

Advantages: The press has built-in auto-shut-off mode to ensure you when you have a need to clean the product, avoid the case of fire due to forgetting to cut off the power. Parts of the product are cast in one piece by high-quality durable materials, easy to install, and clean after using. Rugged construction, easy to disassemble, not only safe but also convenient for you when you want to clean, sanitize this method. This water-pressing method does not generate heat or friction, thus retaining about 90% of the mineral substances, vitamins and essential nutrients found in foods. The flavor and color of fruits and vegetables are also fully preserved.

Above are the top 11 best affordable juicers that suit your needs. I wish you choose the most suitable one among those best affordable juicers for your family.

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