How to choose the best apples for juicing in 2020

Without doubts, apple juice is a great summer beverage with a refreshing sweet and sour taste and high nutritional content. But to make a delicious apple juice, you need to choose the best apples for juicing. Please refer to the following article.

Best type of apples for juicing

Among the most delicious and tasty apples, Gala and American apples are the two that are easy to find and produce the best juice.

Gala apples are apples grown in New Zealand and retain their freshness and juiciness, while American red apples grown in the US have the same quality as Gala apples.

The nutritional content of these two apples is similar; they are both some of the best apples for juicing and both bring many health benefits. It can be eaten or made into juice, depending on preference. Each type of apple will have its characteristics as follows:

  • Gala apples 1kg about 6 – 7 fruits, some are small, about 8 – 9 fruits. Whether large or small fruits are of the same quality, they are both crunchy and juicy. For small to medium-sized fruits, there is no need to cut them, while larger fruits can be used as juice. Gala Apple juice with brighter colors, drink and feel the sweetness with a little sour taste.

  • American red apples are larger and relatively uniform, about 4-5 fruits 1kg, used to eat very crunchy, while making juices it is slightly cloudy but sweet, less acidic.

Apple has many health benefits; if you like sour and sour juice, you should choose Gala apples, and prefer to make sweeter juice, American red apples are a great choice.

Besides, to have a good apple juice, not only the type of apple, but the way you choose them will also affect.

The secret to choosing delicious, juicy apples

Observe the apple skin

 Best apples for juicing

Should choose to buy apples with fresh colors, glossy apple skin, when touching without feeling rough. If you like to eat sweet apples, choose dark fruits, with small white seeds on their surface. Avoid dull, bruised, crushed, or otherwise damaged apples.

Note the size of the apple.

Choose only moderate-sized apples, slightly bigger than tennis balls. Do not choose apples that are too small or too big. Apples that are too big can be sprayed with growth stimulants, apples that are too small are often sour or ripe.

Observe the stem of the apple

Newly harvested apples will have new and fresh stalks attached to the fruit. Do not choose apples that have fallen stem or have dried stems.

Touch the apple with your hands

The delicious and juicy apple will be round, hard, and heavy-handed. If you press on an apple that feels hard and juicy, then that apple is delicious. Try snapping your fingers on the apple; if the sound is loud, its crispy and delicious.

Smell the fragrance of an apple

Ripe and delicious apples often smell very fragrant. Unripe apples are less fragrant and usually have a sour and slightly sour taste.

Notes to buy safe apples

It would be best if you chose to buy apples that are carefully packed and should only be purchased in reputable stores, ensuring the origin of apples.

 Best apples for juicing

If possible, choose apples on farms or buy them in the garden.

Try pouring hot water on the apple, and if the skin of the apple appears a white film, the seller has likely waxed the apple for preservation. Common and cheap waxes often contain fungicides, preservatives, and harm to the health of users.

After choosing out the best apple for juicing, let’s make some juice!

Four delicious apple juice recipes you should try at home

Apple carrot juice

You will need:

  • One apple

  • One carrot

  • Fruit juicer 

Steps to follow: 

  • Step 1: Preliminary processing

For apple, after buying, rinse under running water, then cut into pieces to fit the juicer.

For carrots, remove the outer skin with a knife, then cut into small pieces.

  • Step 2: Squeeze apples and carrots

Turn on the juicer, then put apples and carrots in the machine, squeezing water.

Pour the juice out of the glass and enjoy immediately, you can add a little honey, then stir to dissolve the honey.

Pineapple apple juice

You will need:

  • One apple

  • 1/4 pineapple

  • 1/4 ginger root

Steps to follow: 

  • Step 1: Preliminary processing

Rinse under running water to remove all dirt and grime, then cut into small pieces.

Peel the aromatic skin, rinse with water, and cut into long, small pieces to fit the juicer.

Use a razor to clean the outer shell of ginger, rinse with water, cut into small slices.

  • Step 2: Press the apple, pineapple, and ginger.

Add apple, pineapple, and ginger to the machine, then press to get water; if you do not like the taste of ginger, it may not be added or less.

Pour the fragrant apple juice into a glass, add some sugar or honey to the juice to suit the taste and enjoyment.

Apple-strawberries juice

You will need:

  • Two apples

  • Five large strawberries

Steps to follow: 

  • Step 1: Preliminary processing

Apple, after buying, rinse under the tap, then cut into small pieces.

Rinse the straws under running water, cut off the stem, then cut the strawberries in half.

  • Step 2: Juice apples and strawberries

Turn on the juicer, add apples and strawberries in turn, then press to get water.

Pour the juice into a glass and enjoy the finished product, you can add sugar or honey to suit your taste.

Apple celery juice

You will need:

  • One apple

  • Two stalks of celery

  • 1/4 pineapple

  • 1/2 ginger root

Steps to follow: 

  • Step 1: Preliminary processing

Wash celery and apples, then cut into small pieces to fit the juicer.

Scent it clean, then use a knife to cut it in half. With ginger, scrape off the skin, then chop well.

  • Step 2: Press the ingredients.

Add celery, green apple, pineapple, and ginger into the machine and press to get water.

Then give the glass and enjoy it, for those who are not familiar with the taste of celery, you can add honey to make it easier to drink.

Before pressing, you should chill ingredients in the fridge compartment for 10 – 20 minutes, the juice after squeezing will be delicious and cooler.

The juice will be delicious and have more nutritional value when it is just finished, and the nutrients will be lost after a long time.

If you do not have a juicer, then you can use a blender, drunk after grinding, filter through a strainer, remove the body, and you have a delicious glass of juice. Apple juice combines with different types of vegetables, making it more palatable, exotic, and provides more nutrients.

Hopefully, after this article, you will have more experience in choosing the best apple for juicing as well as some delicious apple juice recipes to refer to. Why don’t you immediately make a delicious and nutritious apple juice for yourself and your family?

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