Review Top 10 Best blender brands in 2020

The blender is one of the indispensable household items in every kitchen, especially for families with young children. Have you ever asked the question, “What kind of blender is good?” Or “a good blender?” Often consumers will choose to buy the products sold at the supermarket quickly without paying too much attention to other factors.

If youre going to buy your family a blender, why not try an overview of the market today? This article will explore with you in detail, help you make the most informed shopping choice.

In the prologue, refer to the essential issues to choose a good blender brand for the family. The important thing is that evaluating a good blender does not need to depend on your needs anymore, not just the price, design, or material , design are enough.

Categories of blender

In this section, think about what types of blender are available? What are the characteristics of each kind? Most simply and completely, a blender can be divided into the following categories:

Mini blender

This type of blender has a compact design, simple, cheap, and of course, only grind fruits. Food is quite soft only. Mini blender is the right solution for you if you need a machine to be able to carry around for a temporary trip like business, travel, or picnic.

Manual blender

A manual blender, as the name suggests, is a versatile blender when you can grind food in a variety of containers. In return, the speed and the ability to puree of a hand blender is not equal to the type of blender fixed.

Conventional blenderĀ 

The most common type of blender, usually consisting of a rotating cylinder, two dry and wet mills. If you use it properly, a blender will usually meet the needs of food grind most families.

Multifunction blender

A type of blender usually consists of a rotating cylinder and a variety of different mills such as dry mill, wet grind, meat grinder, soybean grinder, fruit juice, etc.

Multifunction juicer

Despite its slightly different name, the versatile blender can still be considered a blender, because it also includes the same functions as a multifunction blender, plus a fruit juicer.

Industrial blender

A type of blender commonly used in restaurants, cafes, and multifunction blender allows you to grind whole big ice cubes, grinding time is also much faster than the normal blender.

In the next section, we will talk about how to choose a regular blender – the most popular, most sought-after blender.

Popular price

Blender has a quite diverse price to cater for many different needs. Specifically, the cheapest blender costs only about VND 250,000, not to mention the machines of unknown origin imported from China. A high-cost smoothie can be up to more than 10 million of the brand KitchenAids.

The most popular is the blender cost from 400 thousand to 800 thousand. This is an acceptable price for a fruit grinder and household food.


Think about it, do you need a blender before you buy it. Why? Because every blender is quite time-consuming to use, especially the cleaning stage after each grinding. It is for this reason that in fact, we can see quite a lot of families buy a blender to use several times and then leave it. Accurately assessing your needs will help you make the right decision whether or not to buy a blender.


Selection of blender capacity how much is reasonable? We often pay less attention to this issue. The fact that just for household use, the capacity is not so important, because the manufacturers have designed the capacity quite reasonable.

In more detail, high power will help the blender faster, more grinding each time, and usually grind the harder food. The normal capacity of a blender is 200-300w, while the high power type is 500-600W.

Mill capacity

The mill capacity will determine whether the blender will grind more or less each time. Therefore, the choice of capacity will usually depend on the number of members in your family. For a normal family of 4-5 people, it is reasonable to choose a capacity of 1.2 – 1.5 liters.


There are two important parts of a blender you need to care about the material: the mill and the blade.

There are two common types of materials for making a mill: plastic and glass, each with its own advantages and disadvantages:

Plastic mill: is a lighter mill that is more convenient to use, but harder to clean, and if it is a poor quality plastic, it will affect food safety.

Glass grinders: heavier, can be broken if not careful, but easier to clean, safe, and better hygiene.

With the blade, currently popular is made of stainless steel, stainless steel, but the material of the blade is very different. We can hardly test the material of the blade, which can only be estimated by the price of the machine. Blender cheap, the blade can be bent, buckled or even rusted. And with a better type, the blade will be durable, sure.

Noisy level

Blender will definitely make noise. However, at present most of the grinders have self-adhesive bases on the flat surface, which helps make sure the machine, reducing noise significantly. The noise level of a blender depends on the type of food you grind, the type of glass mill, or the plastic.

The type of blender that makes the most noise is the low-cost, uncertain design, plastic mill.

Blender brands

After considering the most common factors as mentioned above, in the end, you still have to return to the question: So, in which brand is the blender good?

The answer is no good company and no bad company, considering the famous manufacturers. So, in the next section, lets take a look at todays leading blender brands.

Philips blender

Philips blender is quite a famous brand today, with some outstanding features is good material, long-term warranty but also quite high price, popular from 6 hundred thousand to more than 3 million. Some strengths of the Philips blender that can be overlooked are multifunction, quite high capacity, easy to clean.

Philips blender in the Vietnam market mostly manufactured in Indonesia, 12-24 months warranty period. Some models you might be interested in include Philips HR2115 2L, HR2118 2.0L, HR2100 1.5L, HR2108 1.5L, and HR2096 1.5L.

Sunhouse blender

Sunhouse is also a strong brand in the market with products ranging from regular to versatile blender. Compared to Philips, Sunhouse has a much more competitive price, only from about 250 thousand to 1.5 million. However, the quality and durability of the Sunhouse blender are generally worse.

Most Sunhouse blenders have plastic grinders. The warranty period is 12 months. Some popular models of this blender maker are Sunhouse SHD5110, SHD5339, SHD5322, SHD5115 and SH558.

Panasonic blender

Panasonic is also a notable brand for blender products, with mid to high price segments. Panasonic blender and multifunctional models cost between 6 hundred thousand and four million dong. Some of the features of a Panasonic blender are a safe design, a solid mill, and a stainless steel or titanium blade.

Panasonic blender usually comes from Malaysia, 12 months warranty period. Some models of this company that are of great interest are Panasonic MX-GM1011HRA 1.0L, PASO-MX-GX1561WRA 1.5L, PASO-MX-900MWRA, PASO-MX-GX1511WRA, MX-GX1561WRA, and PAXD-MX-AC400WRA 1L.

Comet blender

The blender has some good quality models, and the price is quite competitive in the market. Comet blender has a glass mill, stainless steel blade.

The warranty period of Comet blender is 6 to 12 months. Some models that you may be interested in are Comet CM9978, CM9958, CM9954 1.5L (Red), CM9976 2 mortar 1.25L (White), CM9958 3 mortar and CM9988 1L (Red black mixed).

Bluestone blender

Blender of Bluestone is also one of the brands that are interested in the market today, with prices from 7 hundred thousand to more than 2 million. Features of Bluestone blender are glass mill, stainless steel blade, operating quite smoothly.

Although introduced as an American brand, the Bluestone blender is manufactured in China, with a 12-24 month warranty period. Some models you may be interested in are Bluestone BLB-5335W, BLB-5331W, BLB-5316 1.2L, BLB-5338 1.5L and BLB-5375BK.

Kangaroo blender

Kangaroo is also a quite successful brand in the blender market, with popular models from 3-6 hundred thousand dong. Characteristics of the Kangaroo blender are glass mill, common power 350W, anti-slip base.

Kangaroo blender is from China. The warranty period is 6-12 months. Some models you might be interested in are Kangaroo KG302, KG304 (Pink), KG315, KG342, KG316, and KG318 (Ice cream).

Supor blender

Supor blender is mainly a model of regular grinder, including a dry mill and a wet mill, which cost from 6 hundred thousand to over 3 million. Supor features a simple two-speed mechanism, glass or plastic mill, stainless steel blades.

Supor is a French brand but manufactured in China. The warranty period is 12 months. Some models of this brand are Supor SB30P 1.0L, JS31VN-300, Supor SB931G, SB40P, and SJ501-650W.

Magic Plus blender

This is a brand of blender with only two main models, Magic Plus MP01 and MP02. Features of the Magic Plus blender are easy to use, stainless steel blades, plastic mills.

Despite the relatively competitive price on the market, some customers think that the Magic Plus blender is not durable.

Bosch blender

As a product of a well-known manufacturer, the Bosch blender is known for its features such as high capacity, plastic mill, durable use but also quite high priced compared to products of other brands.

Some models of this brand are the Bosch MMB54G5S, MMB12P4R and MMB33G5B blenders.

In addition to these nine blender brands, we also know some other brands of blender such as Braun, Sake n Take, Gali, Korea King, Princess, Tefal, Hotor, Goldsun, Khaluck Home, Holtashi, Homepro, Cuchen, Living Cook, Electrolux, Grundig, Krobell, Magic, Russels Hobbs, Misuko, Kenwood, Saiko, Pensonic (Pensonic Multifunction Blender PB-4000 (Silver)), Elmich, Vococal, Philiger, Tiger, Argo, Fujika , Happy Cook, Tiross, Cuckoo, Blacker, Daewoo, Sanyo, Sharp, Zelmer, Taurus, Zojirushi, etc.

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