Review top 5 Best Blendtec blenders you must-have in 2020

If you are selective with your frozen morning drink, you don’t want to buy a blender that produces a poor quality, thick paste. You will want the best blender for kale smoothie and fancy frozen coffee.


Blendtec high-performance industrial blender has all the features of the blender you are looking for. However, due to the fact that there are so many lines of Blendtec products, it could be confusing for you to choose the best Blendtec blender. Let’s look at this article for more information!

A quick look at Blendtec blender brand

Blendtec is an American industrial blender company based in Utah, starting in 1976. They are committed to maintaining local business instead of outsourcing, claiming this is the best option to maintain product quality.


Unlike other small kitchen appliance companies that make many different machines, Blendtec focuses on blenders and mixers to provide you with high-quality products.

In the US market, Blendtec is a big name for those who want a good quality machine that can bring the best quality drinks. But why are those best Blendtec blender able to do so? This is their secret:

Outstanding features 

Commercial quality:

Over the years, millers have used many Blendtec blenders with 4-inch blades in the best cafes, juice beverage shops, gyms, and restaurants around the world. Blendtec is a blender known for producing the best products, and continually in quality.

Pre-programmed grinding rings:

Blendtec blenders are designed with modern techniques to help the barista less strenuous, and the preparation is simpler: when you press the grind button, the blender will rely on the program of the button and start grinding. 


When the time is over, the machine will also turn itself off, so the quality of the drink is always perfect anytime, anywhere. At the same time, the barista can prepare another drink without having to wait beside the machine anymore.

Industry-leading performance:

You open a cafe, and you are tired of the blender unable to grind ice; you have to use shaved ice but the quality of drinks is reduced. Blendtec Blenders with motor power up to 1560W, can dissolve ice into snow. This goes with the 4-inch blade, which is even better.

The blade is simply designed:

Blendtec blades feature a unique one-blade design that makes it easy for ingredients to fall on the front of the blade, moreover with precisely aligned knife angles ensuring performance.

Easy to clean:


The appliance is designed for easy cleaning, by adding a small amount of dishwashing liquid and then letting it dry for 5 seconds.

Design carefully to every detail:

Sturdy design, the best quality components, including internal and external steel coupling system, carbon-steel ball bearing system, ensure machine durability with friction and wear.

Use the best bearings.

Many mills avoid using bearings to reduce product costs, but Blendtec blenders use bearings made from carbon steel. This reduces friction, reduces noise and increases motor life.

Compact and easy to move:

You have a headache with bulky mills that don’t fit your space. The Blendtec blender is small and low in size; you can place the Blendtec blender right where you usually grind.

Environmentally friendly – protect your health.

You are worried about the BPA in plastic bottles affecting your health, with Blendtec, you can ignore this because the plastic jar is guaranteed to be BPA free.

Review Top 5 best Blendtec blenders today

Blendtec Professional 800 industrial blender

Blendtec Professional 800 is a professional blender with 6 pre-programmed one-touch timer cycles for crushing ice, making soups and smoothies, self-cleaning, and more.


It features a single click LCD system control key with a countdown timer to maintain consistent preprogrammed mixtures. The 11-speed Professional 800 is controlled just by rubbing your finger on the touch panel slider.

With a WildSide BPA-free jar, this blender has a wider base to increase stability. It has space for 90 oz or 36 oz when wet or dry ingredients are mixed.

The best thing is that the new stealth technology makes this blender one of the silent blenders on the market.

Blendtec Classic 575 Blender

The Blendtec Classic 575 Blender with WildSide + Jar has eight speeds so it will meet the needs of grinding your variety of foods and drinks. It comes with the 7 different mixing choices of the LED touch screen and a countdown timer, so you know how long you have left the blend.

This blender is 80 percent thicker and ten times stronger than most other blenders on the market with its patented stainless steel blade.


The blades also have wings for an incredibly seamless mixing. The most interesting thing about these blades is the fact that they are very blunt: they will not cause cuts on your fingers when cleaning.

This blender is supplied like the Professional 800 with a WildSide 90-unit jar. It has capacity up to 36 ounces. The pot is very solid, but the case has no rubber to keep it quiet, so that the entire machine vibrates frequently while operating.

Blendtec FourSide Jar industrial blender

FourSide Jar Pure Blenders have six pre – programmed cycles for very popular foods and ten-speed manual control for non-foods.

It has a proprietary steel blade with similar wings to Blendtec Models, but this product does not completely cut frozen food, such as apples or raisins..


Although your food may be slightly bitter, it can be prepared in a non BPA four-sided vial, Which may contain a full 75 ounce volume and can blend to a limit of 32 ounces of food, wet or dry.


The only drawback of this blender is that its material is plastic and when grinding, it shakes strongly. The body will be much stronger if it is made of more durable material.

There are a few things we don’t like about this blender. The first is that it is not so quiet. You don’t want to use the blender in the morning if you’re close to someone else’s bedroom, or if you’re at a shop full of people.

Blendtec Classic industrial blender

Blendtec has six pre – programmed cycles for the most frequently produced food items and ten manual speed settings for less regularly manufactured equipment.

It has the same winged thick blades in stainless steel as the previous blenders, but it has no capacity to liquefy big or frozen food blocks.


Total Classic Original also comes with a BPA-free bottle and a 90-ounce shockproof container. Although it can blend up to 36 ounces of food, it still has a noteworthy drawback which is being made of plastic which is a significant drawback.

After you use it about 200 times, plastic began to wear and leak. Leaks weaken the material, and it starts to deteriorate and leaves metal streaks in the food.

Blendtec Connoisseur 825 Professional industrial blender

The advanced blender Blendtec Connoisseur 825 has 30 one-touch preprogrammed mixing cycles with a fresh BPA-free vents and a vent cover.

The mortar has five faces designed to pull components toward the blade automatically. It has a mass of 90 ounces and a grinding capacity of 36 ounces.

Although of all Blendtec blenders, this blender is the most complex, it still shakes violently during operating. The material of this blender is not as high-quality as other types, which is one of its drawbacks. 

These are all essential information for you to acknowledge, before choosing out the best Blendtec blender for your family. I hope that you enjoy our information!

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