Review Top 3 Best Breville Juicer in 2020

In the market of juicer, there are many different product lines in terms of design, features, and functions to the price, but what users care about is what will be the products. Quality, many users believe that the price is reasonable? And one of the best products that we would recommend and share for users is the Breville juicer.

To help customers better understand these three high-end juicer lines- Top 3 Best Breville Juicer, let us find out useful information right away through the article below!

Should you buy which type of juicer?

For the beverage business, the selection and use of juicers is always an extremely important device to be able to create a quality glass of juice to customers in a fast time. Best. However, on the market today, there are countless different types of juicers, so how can you choose for your store the best product, the best quality?

And to help you choose the most satisfactory product line, the following Phadin brand will provide the best juicer to the user through the following article.

Breville juicer

Not only strong for the specialized product line in coffee extract such as coffee grinder, coffee maker, juicer is also one of the outstanding products from the Breville brand. Equipped with a powerful grinding capacity with 2 press speeds (fast – 13,000 RPM | slow – 6,500 RPM), users can easily handle even the most stubborn materials.

All fruit juicer products from Breville are equipped with a solid, durable metal body, but also full of elegance and sophistication. In particular, to remind about the design, it can be said that this product line brings better nutritional values ​​and retains the nutrients in fruit 5 times more than conventional pressed products. The reason for this is because of the minced fork and special water injection system. This product line can protect the enzymes and maximize the amount of micronutrients in the juice.

In particular, the system of hash plates is designed from heavy metal combined with titanium to ensure sharpness for a long time so that you can easily use the product for a long time without worry about the problem of abrasion over time. In addition, the Breville juicer is also equipped with a safe body lockset, in the case of not locking the lid in the right position, the juicer will absolutely not work so that it can ensure the safety for members in the family.

Some professional Breville juicer products such as Breville 800JEXL Juicer, Breville BJE430 Juicer, Breville 820XL Juicer, etc

Kuvings juicer

The latest low-speed juicer from the Korean Kuvings brand with its superior features, this is currently one of the products that many users trust and choose today. In particular, Kuvings is improving the product line of presses to bring the best products to the users themselves. Specifically, instead of fast pressing speed from 7000 to 15,000 rpm (this speed can discolor, lose flavor and lose nutrition of food), the new Kuvings products will have a rotation speed. Slowly store nutrients 5 times.

In particular, the Kuvings juicer can turn into a slow speed blender when integrated with another filter that comes with the film size and structure to help turn the juicer into a slow speed blender the fastest, handy for the users themselves. In addition, Kuvings is equipped with the most advanced LSTS screw extrusion technology to help extract the maximum amount of vitamins and squeeze a variety of foods such as guava, coconut, grains, apples, pears, mango, grape, watermelon, carrot, apricot, strawberry, pennywort, celery, mustard, coriander, ginger root, turmeric … but the quality and flavor of the juice still retain the natural smell. 

Compared with conventional juicer, Kuvings juicer can slow the volume of juice to 5 times larger than the normal machine, the amount of pulp is only 1/3 to take advantage and save much fruit. Especially, this machine only operates with an acceleration of 40 revolutions per minute, does not produce a large amount of heat, so it ensures almost an absolute amount of nutrients in fruits and vegetables.

Some product lines of Kuving juicer such as: Kuvings NS668R juicer; Kuvings CS6000 juicer; Kuvings C7000 juicer

Foresto juicer

Understanding the needs of users, most of Forests professional juicer products now use slow-speed technology to minimize the risk of oxidation and thermal decomposition when pressed. The beverage will eventually lose its vitamins, enzymes, and other nutrients to the fast pressing technology it once was.

In particular, Forestos low-speed juicer product lines all have a slow speed of 43 – 65 rpm, can be pressed continuously for many hours while ensuring the quality of juices as well as the durability guarantee for the machine. Foresto juicer is equipped with the worlds first patented LSTS forced screw press technology, whereby it is the same technology that does not grind with a knife and high-speed grinding like normal machines, but grind the fruit with a screw.

It can be said that, compared to conventional juicer lines, Forestos products have 4 times the ability to store nutrients. In addition to its ability to operate, the Foresto juicer is also designed with a 7.5cm-wide feeding hopper, so you do not need to cut fruit fruits, save preliminary processing time, help reduce oxygen process Unwanted chemicals occur when the product is chopped

Some professional Foresto juicer product lines such as: Foresto ME 800 juicer; Foresto ME 900 juicer, …

Hopefully, with our share of the above product lines, we will be able to help our customers get the best choices.

Discover the top 3 best Breville juicer 

Breville Juicer – BJE 430

Breville BJE430 is a high-class, high-quality product line from Breville brand,juicer, using Cold Spin technology, which helps the juice to flow and absorb through the Elevated Juice method. Accordingly, the maximum amount of juice extracted, helping users quickly get a significantly higher amount of juice compared to other models. In addition, Brevilles exclusive juice container ca has a maximum capacity of over 2 liters and is designed with a lid to help users keep the fresh juice longer, up to 3 days in the refrigerator or a glass of juice or a small glass.

Not only that, Breville juicer has a low heat transfer mechanism to retain the source of vitamins and minerals during the extraction process – a result that has been tested at the National Metrology Laboratory laboratory. Australia.

With a processing speed of up to 13,000 rpm, the 850W motor and a large feeding tube enable Breville BJE430 juicer to produce delicious fruit juices quickly after only a few seconds. In addition, Breville also equips BJE430 presses with safety locks, which only work when the grip is fitted snugly with the machine. Along with that is the motor protection mode that allows the machine to turn itself off when it is too hot or overloaded, giving it a longer lifespan than other types of presses.

Besides, the Breville BJE430 is easy to use with 2 Low and High electronic control speeds, ensuring to squeeze all materials with different soft, hard structures. The chopping disc is made of titanium that is super hard and has good strength, so it is easy to handle tough materials. Specifically: Low mode for soft ingredients, High mode for hard fruits (apples, guava, etc.)

Breville juicer – 800JEXL

Next to the Breville 800JEXL juicer series, many experts have commented that compared to the juicer lines on the market today, Breville 800JEXL is considered the most powerful juicer you have ever seen. In addition to its luxurious, European-style exterior design, this juicer has a huge capacity combined with 2 press speeds (fast – 13,000 RPM | slow – 6,500 RPM). That allows you to handle all types of fruits, whether they are very hard or very soft.

Aiming at selecting the most nutritious content in the extraction process, the juicer product line uses minced forks and patented juice pressing system, which helps extract many juices. More than conventional presses, not only that they protect the enzymes and maximize the amount of micronutrients in the juice.

Referring to some of the preeminent features of Breville 800JEXL juicer, users should focus on some outstanding features such as press system with large material pipes (with a 3-inch wide surface); hash plate with filter mesh to help exploit the maximum juice along with a hash disk made from heavy metal alloy combined with titanium to ensure sharpness in the long run, limiting the abrasion in the process of using; the juice jug with the capacity of up to 1 liter, the bubble cup with the pulp tray up to 3 liters to support the user in the best way. Also, the features of the machine include the motor protection that will turn off when overheated or overloaded.

Breville juicer – 820XL

Finally, the Breville 820XL juicer, the advantage of this product line is the ability to make both juice and fruit smoothies simply, easy to use. Breville 820XL uses a knife to extract the maximum amount of juice from soft ingredients such as blueberry, raspberry, banana, etc. quickly and effectively.

Compared to conventional presses, the Breville 820XL can save up to 30% of raw materials. In particular, Breville 820XL is equipped with 5 different compression speeds, which help handle all the toughest materials. Reminded about the design, the body of the Breville 820XL juicer is also cast by a solid heavy alloy with an extremely luxurious design, which enhances the beauty of the machine. In terms of juice quality, experts say that Breville 820XL can produce 100% natural fruit juice from soft ingredients such as blueberries, raspberry, strawberries, or bananas, etc.

In terms of structure, compared to other product lines, Breville 820XL fruit juicer is designed with a wide tube section, which helps users to put fruit into the fastest way and save users time. Along with that, users who use a sharp set of specialized blades support each different grinding mode from softer materials, with a grinder that will use puree disc and for rescue materials, use a blade Hash cutting disc dedicated.

Above are the top 3 types of best Breville juicer on the market today, hope the information above will help a lot for you.

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