Review Top 8 Best Bullet blender in 2020

The bullet blender is a remarkable machine that can be used for many purposes, such as cutting, blending, purring. There are many Magic Bullet blenders you can find on the market, but getting the best blender model can be a challenge.

After extensive analysis of different blender models, we offer the best Magic Bullet blenders today, lets find out.

NutriBONS PRO blender

The device has a very powerful 900-watt motor, meets everything you need, it has an efficient and reliable blade, and has a special blade designed to create a spiral, thus finely chopping vegetables and fruits.

This is a good choice for milkshakes, smoothies, crushed ice, and more. The parts are simple to use and clean.

Magic Bullet blender

This blender is reasonably sized, and it is bullet-shaped. The high capacity and torque make this grinder suitable and convenient for normal use.

It blends vegetables and fruits and everything like ice so that you can create festive dishes like guacamole, smoothies, and more.

All you need to do is use one of the cups and press down on the console, and it will do all the rest in 10 seconds. The device is also simple to clean, lids and cups can also be washed in a dishwasher.

NutriBONS blender

This NutriBONS is a handy and high-speed blender, built with a powerful 600 watt motor and a blade made of stainless steel. It is designed to do what you need quickly, for example, cut fruits, vegetables, ice, etc.

Magic Bullet Hamilton Beach 51101BA blender 

The Magic Bullet 51101BA is perfect for making baby formula, mixing salads, smoothies and shakes. Its quite small; however, it has a powerful 175-watt motor, enough to get you going, and it works very well.

SharkNinja Master Prep blender

The QB900B Master blender is one of the best blenders you can find on the market. It is equipped with a powerful 400 watt power block and a special programmed steel blade to grind ice continuously.

This blender is capable of crushing the fruit to enjoy smoothies and also comes with a 48-ounce mixing bottle that you can simply pour out the hose to drain. That is done with the click of a button for the best control and enhanced ease of use. It is also simple to maintain and clean.

Magic Bullet Hamilton Beach  58148A blender

The 58148A blender has a 700-watt mixing capacity, and it was created with multiple mixing options with four buttons for ease, it can grind both frozen fruit and ice in a very short time, gives you an interesting cold drink.

Blender capable of making shakes, smoothies, etc.

Magic Bullet BLSTPB-WPK blender

This is a high blender. Oster BLSTPB-WPK is designed with a sporty appearance, and you can produce your favorite drinks and drinks.

It is integrated with a powerful 250-watt motor that is reliable and works perfectly. When the blender overheats, you should not worry as it has a fuse that can protect the motor from overheating. The device has a button for the most convenient and simple to use.

Magic Bullet Ninja BL660 blender

This is a great blender with a capacity of 1100 watts for mixing and mixing drinks. It is very useful and will assist you with crushing, mixing, grinding, cheese, etc. This blender has an integrated crushing improvement that helps break the ice, vegetables, fruits, and this is done in just a few seconds.

In addition, it is made of a well-crafted large dispensing cup for up to 5 people at the same time. This professional blender is made from BPA free plastic.

Instructions for choosing Magic Bullet blender 

Strength: You need to know how to use the Magic Bullet before you buy it. Youll love buying a blender that can do all the tasks you require, so choose a powerful motor blender to get your job done. For example, if you are looking for a full-sized processor, choose a processor with more than 600 watts;

Speed ​​of the motor: Many high-speed Magic Bullet mixers often cost a premium. You can perform more tasks thanks to the higher speed;

Price: This is one of the primary considerations. Whenever you are looking for a great blender with high customer ratings, you should check out Cuisinart and Kitchenaid product samples.

Instructions for using Magic Bullet blender

Magic Bullet is a small multifunction blender that appeals to homemakers with the convenience of cleaning, flexibility, and ease of use. According to the Magic Bullets official website, the complete Magic Bullet kit (accessory) has 21 items (also in Vietnam, the Magic Bullet distributors only have the kit with 19 items), including blended cups. Different sizes, two cutting blades, and various covers.

Devices base is about the size of a coffee cup, which saves a lot of space on the kitchen counter. However, with these 21 items, it can be more complicated to use than a traditional blender. Here we will introduce you to the necessary steps of using this interesting kitchen appliance.

Manual operation mode

  • Choose the appropriate cup with the ingredients you need to grind. You have both a low cup, a tall mug and a party cup to choose

  • Put the ingredients in the selected beaker. To grind ice or abundant foods, leave room for ice or other ingredients to move around freely

  • Choose the most suitable blade, either a four-blade blade or a flat blade. The best four-blade blade for cutting, blending foods like cheese, meat, and smoothies. The best flat blade to stir and grind things like ice cream, spices, coffee and herbs

  • Screw the selected blade into the provided beaker until it is tightened

  • Turn the cup upside down, fold the tab, end of the blade, into the socket

  • Push down the cup to turn on the engine

  • Release pressure on the cup to stop the tool

Lock mode (hands-free)

  • Choose a cup that best suits your needs

  • Put the food in the selected cup

  • Select the appropriate blade

  • Screw the blade into the cup to tighten

  • Set the cup and put on the base of the machine

  • Push down the cup and turn it clockwise to lock the tabs along the edge of the engine base. Magic Bullet will stay until you press down and turn counterclockwise to remove the cup.

Note: Hands-free mode is suitable for processing soft drinks such as making ice cream, smoothies, etc.

Above are best bullet blenders, how to choose and use Magic Bullet blender that we want to introduce to you. We hope you can pick the best bullet blender for your kitchen. 

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