Review Top 3 Best juicer-blender combos in 2020

Juicer blender combo is an indispensable household appliance in the kitchen of every family. Instead of having to invest in 2 machines with separate grinding and pressing functions, now, with just one product, customers will be able to perform a variety of functions such as meat grinders, fruit grinders, smoothies … So do you know what are the best juicer blender combos in the market?

What is a juicer blender combo?

Juicer blender combo (multifunctional blender) is developed from a simple grinder with the main function of grinding fruit. With this versatile machine, users can grind meat, rice, cereal, fruit … in just one machine. This product is considered to be gradually replacing traditional grinders in recent times.

Structure of a multi-function blender

A conventional multi-function blender consists of the body and the mill. Currently, the mill is divided into the following main categories:

  • Dry mill used for grains, beans, hard fruits, …

  • The meat grinder is used for the grinding of pork, fish, beef, etc.

  • The blender performs the basic function of crushing soft fruit like bananas, grapes, etc.

 The operating principle 

The principle of operation of the product is very simple, when the food is put into the tray, it rotates at a fast speed as the food is ground and completely separates the water from discarded. For a blender, the blade helps to completely grind with a variety of rotation modes depending on the needs of the customer.

Is the juicer blender combo good? Should I buy a juicer blender combo?

To answer this question, lets take a look at a few advantages and disadvantages of this product.


A few outstanding advantages that the versatile blender offers users such as:

  • Multi-function blender as its name is integrated with many functions in the same product such as meat mincer, ice grinder, cereal mill, …

  • Save time and maximum power during use.

  • It is completely possible to replace traditional juicers and blenders on the market. A product but integrated 2 superior features.

  • The capacity of the multi-function crushers is quite large, making grinding simple without too much time and effort.


The existing shortcomings of this product:

  • Cleaning time is quite long because too many details, accessories are integrated into this product.

  • Quite loud noise when operating.

  • The price of the versatile blender is not cheap.

With the advantages and disadvantages mentioned above, it is easy to see that the multi-function blender is a product suitable for all families with many functions integrated into one machine. Although there are still some disadvantages, but if you choose a product that suits your needs and expected costs, all weaknesses can be easily overcome completely.

How to choose the best juicer- blender combos


Products from advanced technology countries such as Europe, the USA, Japan are always the first choice of consumers with a good warranty. Multi-purpose blenders in 3 countries in Asia, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and China are no less competitive with products from advanced countries because of the modern technology applied with the production line invested tens of billions of dollars.

You should choose products from famous brands that are trusted by many customers. Some well-known multi-purpose blender manufacturers such as Philips, Osaka, Bigsun, Comet, … There are also some favorite mid-range brands such as Shimono, HappyCook, …


Normally, when choosing a multifunctional blender you have to pay attention to the quality of the mill to ensure the standard of use or not. Plastic or glass is a common mill material. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Plastic grinders: are highly appreciated for their durability, low cost, lightweight but not guaranteeing aesthetics, easy to scratch when used.

  • Glass jar: beautifully designed, easy to clean, no worries about scratches when used but heavyweight, when used very fragile.

Operating capacity

The operating capacity of a standard multi-function blender needs to reach 200W to puree foods like meat, fish, vegetables easily. Based on the purpose of use for customers to choose the type of machine with the most appropriate capacity.

Some of the best juicer- blender combos

Some of the best versatile blenders currently rated as a suitable choice for many customers are:

Philips multi-function blender

Multifunctional blender Philips is produced on the most modern technological line from the Netherlands. During 50 years of operation, the brand has always tried to improve the quality and provide customers with the best products. Not only multi-function blender, but also all Philips home appliances are highly appreciated with the warranty, attractive incentives. Some of our favorite Philips products are handheld grinders, electric pressure cookers, air fryers, steam irons, vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, super speed kettles.

The multifunctional blender comes from the Philips brand with a set of 3 mills with diverse functions from blending, drying, and juicing. The Philips brand is so familiar to consumers because the series of blenders bring many outstanding advantages such as:

  • The blade is manufactured from stainless steel with 4 separate types for easier grinding and pressing.

  • Comes with a blender is a layer of body filter, extremely convenient residue.

  • The power supply has an automatic shut-off mechanism when the machine is left idle for too long to prevent damage.

  • The machine integrates two speed settings with the ability to grind ingredients easily whether the material is hard or soft without spending too much time and without worrying about damage after a period of use.

  • The versatile blender from the Philips brand is designed with a fairly simple use, with just one control knob, you have completely selected the model that best suits your requirements.

  • Each speed is used with separate functions. Speed ​​1 to grind soft fruits like bananas, grapes, etc. Speed ​​2 to grind hard fruits like carrots, apples, etc.

  • The base part is equipped with an anti-slip device to ensure that during grinding, pressing will not shake violently.

  • The design of Philips multi-function blender follows the luxury and sophistication trend suitable for all the spaces in your kitchen.

  • There are many mill capacity for customers to choose based on user needs such as 1 liter, 2 liter, and 3 liter.

  • During use, the versatile Philips blender clearly shows its durability with a very long life and a low failure rate when operating.

Some disadvantages according to user reviews after a period of use of all-purpose Philips blenders:

  • Compared with many other versatile blender on the market, the price of products from Philips is much more expensive.

  • Low-cost Philips blenders come equipped with only two simple types: a blender and a dry mill with an under-appreciated meat grind function.

Panasonic juicer blender combo

Panasonic is a brand with more than a century of operation with a wide range of products from TVs, refrigerators, … to household appliances such as rice cookers, multi-function blender, egg whisk, flour mixer, meat grinders, water filters, air purifiers, … The Panasonic grinders on the market today are mostly manufactured in Malaysia with modern technology provided from Japan.

The outstanding advantages of Panasonic versatile blender bring to consumers such as:

  • The design of the machine focuses on durability, convenience and certainty during use.

  • The capacity of Panasonic multi-function blenders is above 400W, which helps to save maximum operating time.

  • The blades are made of stainless steel for perfect grinding and pressing ability without worrying about rust affecting food quality.

  • The performance of the machine is quite stable with the mechanism to automatically disconnect the power when overloaded or abnormally fast temperature rise.

  • With various functions, users can grind dry foods, spices, soft or hard fruits, etc.

  • The warranty period of a Panasonic multi-function blender is up to 12 months.

  • For those who love the delicious blended ice cream and syrup, this machine is the perfect choice with good grinding ability without affecting the quality of the blade.

  • The base with anti-slip feet ensures the product is securely placed on all flat surfaces.

In addition to these advantages, Panasonic multi-functional blenders  still have disadvantages that need to be researched and rectified by the manufacturer in the earliest time such as:

  • When operating for a long time, the machine will be very hot, affecting the parts and components inside the multi-function blender.

  • The control keys are quite hard and the text color printed on the machine very quickly fades to ensure high aesthetics for the product after a period of use.

  • Compared to other versatile blenders on the market, products from the Panasonic brand have a higher price, making it difficult for low-income and middle-income consumers to own the machine.

Bigsun juicer blender combo

Bigsun is a mid-range versatile blender for customers with low to medium income. This is the perfect choice for consumers who want to find a cheap product but still ensure the quality not inferior to the high-end models. Some advantages of this product are highly appreciated by customers such as:

  • 1 liter capacity suitable for families with 3 to 4 members.

  • The body uses high-quality plastic materials to ensure durability and a high degree of certainty when used.

  • Blades from stainless steel materials with a lifespan of 3-4 years to ensure no impact on product quality.

  • All multi-purpose blenders are integrated with 3 levels from strong to light suitable for many needs.

  • Machine speed is easily controlled with the push of a button.

  • The firm foot base helps the machine always stand firm and not slippery or precarious during operation.

  • The system automatically disconnects the power source to help the machine be better protected in case of overload or abnormally fast temperature rise.

  • Products with a capacity of up to 2500W help save time grinding food 2-3 times compared to other models on the market.

  • Safety features for users suitable for families with young children.

  • Design of multi-function presses of Bigsun is quite fancy, does not follow the path like traditional products, but the shape of the machine is rounded or square from the body to the mortar.

  • The function of the multifunctional blender is diverse with the ability to grind meat, grind ice and grind hard foods, etc.

Bigsun multifunctional blender still has many disadvantages such as:

  • The device is quite hot when used for a long time affecting the durability, longevity of the parts inside the machine

  • The device is quite flammable if the power supply is not guaranteed or continuous operation for a long time.

  • If not clean, the machine will smell very unpleasant plastic smell affecting the taste of food.

Hopefully this article gives you enough information about juicer blender combos and you might choose the most suitable to purchase for yourselves.

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