Review Top 6 best KitchenAid blender in 2020

KitchenAid is a famous blender brand and is loved by many customers around the world. They always market quality blenders, but the price is low so it is suitable for the economy of the user. Let’s find out What is the best  KitchenAid blender in 2020? to have a better understanding of this brand and choose for yourself the best blender!

Buying guide

There are a few things to consider when buying a  KitchenAid blender. We created a purchase guide to help you know what to look for.

  • Size

How much space must you work? Do you have to store your blender in the wardrobe? When looking at the different size options, it is important to take these into account.

You may even have to know whether the blender fits well with the top cupboard, depending on the position of the electrical outlet in the kitchen. Conventional blenders are always bigger than personal or handheld mixers, so it is important to store and operate space.

  • Power capacity

The stronger the mixer, the higher its power. Usually, these blenders work faster and can quickly liquefy food ingredients.

Powerful mixers are usually made to last longer than machines with lower capacity, but they are also bigger , stronger and more costly.

If you often want a blender that can crush ice or turn nuts into fine grained butter, you ‘re going to want a 1,500 watt or more high-powered engine.

If you do not need a large-capacity blender, then a machine with an average power of about 1,100 watts will also work close to demand. It is perfectly possible to grind ice or grind nuts, although they will not be as smooth and smooth as a high power blender;

At the bottom of the power segment are around 600 watts, but obviously, they don’t handle the ability to crush ice or grind hard foods like fruit seeds.

  • Speed

You will find that the mixer on our list is very fast, along with the possibility of pulsing or running constantly. Some even have additional features with presets for certain drinks or foods. These include ice breaking, cooking soups or smoothies mixing.

  • Cleaning

The blender can be cleaned extremely easily. All you need to do is add water and a drop of soap, turn it on and clean the mixer. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry, and the next time you have to use it, it shall be ready.

Some mixers also have safety dishwasher. However, this is usually only a jar because you do not want to scratch or bend the blade when you put it in the dishwasher and hot water.

  • Type of mill

Blender jar made of tempered glass or plastic.

Although glass may be better because it does not stain or absorb food odors, it may become a danger. Small glass can break easily, particularly if you try to mix hot food. Thick glass is safer, but may be a little heavy.

Many mills are using high-quality plastic jars instead. There is no risk that these bottles will shatter and are usually extremely durable, safer and lighter.

Top 6 best  KitchenAid blender in 2020

KitchenAid Refurbished 5-Speed Classic Blender -KBS560ES

KitchenAid blender ksb560es is integrated a smart control panel is very convenient. Its buttons are seamless and there are no gaps, so you won’t have to worry about leaking water in the dashboard and engine. 

It uses a powerful and compact 0.9 horsepower engine. Between the motor and the mill, there is a hinge that powers the blade of the machine.

There is a heat sink on the bottom of the device, which prevents the device from overheating when used continuously for long periods of time. 

The blender’s blade has a thick and sharp design so the ability to grind it is very high. Its mill has a capacity of up to 56 ounces, the material of the mill is hard plastic and has been removed from BPA and harmful substances that affect user health. 

The blender has a wide design so it is not too high, so you can store it in your kitchen cabinet easily. However, after a long time of using this machine, there was a wall of leakage at the mill.

KitchenAid Five-Speed Classic Blender – KSB1570SL

This is a smart blender with lots of different working functions. So it has a lot of control buttons, this can be difficult at first use but you can read through the instructions to be able to get used to and used easily. 

It is pre-programmed with 5 different speed levels for you to choose to suit your dish, each push of a button will be equivalent to a speed level. This machine possesses a powerful engine that meets the ability to grind very quickly and efficiently. 

However, the engine of this machine can not last long at the same time, if used for a long time the engine will be hot and create a burning smell. The blade of this machine is made of stainless steel and has a design that is bent upwards and half bent downwards alternately. This makes it possible to blend food better and its mixing ability is much better.

KitchenAid Power Plus Blender: Thermal Jar

This is a blender using a powerful motor up to 3.5 HP. Featuring a special blade section, the two sides of the blade are not symmetrical, making it possible to mix foods effectively and avoid jamming of the blades. 

The machine has 11 different speed levels for users to choose, control operation on the knob is very easy and convenient. The base of the machine is made of monolithic metal, so it is very strong and minimizes the shaking when used.

KitchenAidDiamond Blender-KSB1575ER

This machine has a very powerful engine and stainless steel blades, so its performance is very good and fast. The blender uses a 60-ounce mill and is made of BPA-free material to ensure the safety of users’ health. 

Its control section is very convenient and easy to operate, on the buttons are denoted to indicate specific functions for users to understand. 

It has 5 different speed levels to choose from to suit your needs. The downside of this machine is that it often leaks at the base, making it very difficult to clean the machine.

KitchenAid 3-speed hand blender- KitchenAid KHB2351CU

This machine has a very powerful engine capable of working very well and fast. 

The design of the machine is very beautiful and modern, its mill is solid and creates a very good mixing, so the mixing of the food of the machine is very good. 

The handle of the machine is equipped with good anti-slip ability to help you feel the most firm grip when using the machine. Controlling the speed of the blender is very easy with just one push button.

KitchenAid Magnetic Drive Torrent Blender

KitchenAid has a Magnetic Drive Torrent Blender for a unique, stylish option. You can select a setting and discard. When the mixing is done, the blender automatically switches off.

The engine has a solid mid-range capacity at 1.8 HP. It has a special magna locking system that locks the bottle in place and makes it easy to assemble.

Four mixing programs for juice, smoothies and soups are also included.

It’s a large , heavy blender, so it’s hard to maneuver and takes up a lot of space in your kitchen. It also tends to leak. The engine is noisy and easily breaks.

Above are the top 6 best blender from 2020 from the brand  KitchenAid, I hope that through this article you can find yourself the best and most suitable  KitchenAid blender.


Our best overall selection is the  KitchenAid Blender ksb560es as this is a mid-range blender. It has a large, safe, breakage container with a dishwasher. It also has a 0.9 horsepower engine capable of performing light ice crushing tasks.

KitchenAid KSB1570SL 5-Speed is a choice because it has many great features: a 5-speed container, a 56-ounce container and a preset that makes choosing an optimal mixer speed easier.

Our reviews of what is the best KitchenAid blender in 2020 and purchase guides help you to create your own list so that you can find the best product to meet your requirements.

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