Review Top 5 Best Masticating Juicers must-have in 2020

In this episode of 10 best ones, we are going to check out the reivew top 5 best Masticating Juicer in 2020. I made this list based on my personal opinion, and I tried to list them based on their durability, quality, and more. If you want to see the price and find out more information about these Masticating Juicer, you can check out on the internet. Ok, so lets get started!

Best Masticating Juicer – Tribest Slowstar SW-2000

At number 5, we have the Masticating Juicer – Tribest Slowstar SW-2000. The Tribest Slowstar SW-2000 as two-in-one vertical slow juicer and mincer that since its initial release has quickly established itself as an ideal option for everyone who wants to have a device that does an excellent job in providing all the necessary vitamins and minerals for you. 

From a design perspective, this unit has an elegant red and black BPA-free body that comes with a three-stage speed reduction gears, a so-called dual blade double-edged dagger. An included mincing attachment will let you have a greater control over the juice flow and prevent spillage regardless if youre opening or closing the cap multiple times. 

Before we move to the next section, Id also like to mention that when you open the box, you will also find a cleaning brush plunger pulp wiping assembly a juice and pulp containers, which is quite good because you will be ready to start using this device right away.

Now lets talk about the performance a 200-watt motor powers the Tribest Slowstar SW-2000. And thanks to its three-stage speed reduction gears, this device can produce up to 30 feet pounds of torque which is extremely useful because this amount of torque will not only prevent jamming and delays, but it is twice the crushing force produced by other slow juicers according to the manufacturer. Also, this device runs at a low speed of 47 rotations per minute, which is yet another great thing because the heat wont destroy all the essential vitamins and nutrients, but instead they will be maintained so the juices you drink will taste natural and will be exceptionally healthy. 

Last but not least, the dual blade has been heavily praised by the customers as well. Main because of its ability to provide a continuous cutting and crushing to distribute higher yields. So I think that you will love having such a powerful device into your home. 

To conclude, if youre looking for a quality two-in-one masticating juicer and mincer, then the Tribest Slowstar SW-2000 is the one for you.

Best Masticating Juicer – Kuvings NJE-3580U

Moving on at number four, we have the Masticating Juicer –Kuvings NJE-3580U. The Kuvings NJE-358U as versatile and easy to use a masticating juicer that has received numerous positive critiques from the customers. And youve likely encountered this name on the internet multiple times as you are searching. Well, thats why lets get started and find out whats so special about it.  

From a design perspective, this unit sports a black and stainless steel finished construction that is accompanied by a soft handle that will offer you a stable grip as youre using or moving the juicer. Seven multi-purpose nozzles accept for fruits. You can use them to make baby food pasta and more. As well as sturdy feet that will keep this unit stable on virtually any surface. However, keep in mind that this device isnt dishwasher safe, which at the same time as my only remark regarding its construction. But you shouldnt worry much because this unit can be dismantled and reassembled very easily so you wont have difficulties in terms of cleaning. 

Lets talk about the features the N3580 u incorporates a quiet 170-watt motor that outputs 80 rotations per minute to reduce the heat buildup and oxidation as much as possible, and this by default means that all the vitamins and enzymes will be preserved. Moreover, this device has a pulp ejection system as well, which means that that the pulp from your juices will be separated on one side. While on the other this device can provide a continuous juicing up to 30 minutes, which is amazing. Id also like to inform you that you can extract juice from fruits and vegetables or use it for grinding crushing mincing and extruding pasta by taking advantage of its seven nozzles. 

According to most of the users, the results are truly impressive, or to be more precise, the textures and the taste of the juices are tasty and rich.  You will feel an immediate energy boost that will keep you throughout your working day. Overall, I straw only recommend this product because of its highly effective versatile performance that will never disappoint you if you ever decide to purchase this unit. 

Best Masticating Juicer – Omega Juicer J8006

Next up at number three, we have the Masticating Juicer –Omega juicer j8006. The Omega j8006 is among the best, and most purchased products on the market and dozens of users are purchasing it from the day it has been released on the market thanks to its high-end performance that will impress you from the moment you turn on its button. 

From a design perspective, the j8006 features a handsome polished chrome body that consists of a large chute for supportive circular feet that keep this unit stable while it is working. Two juicing screens and six nozzles will help you prepare virtually everything starting from juices and up to baby food, but we will talk more in the following section. 

Lets talk about the performance the j8006 is armed with a quiet 150-watt motor that distributes 80 revolutions per minute and a high-power GE Ultem auger that has a gear reduction equivalent to the power of a 2 HP motor. So as you can see, this device does offer a great value for its cost. 

Moving on thanks to its dual-stage juicing system, the vegetables and fruits are firstly crushed and then tightly pressed to ensure that you will get the maximum juice of every fruit and vegetable. Another interesting thing about this juicer is that it produces less foam, and this is important because the juice will be drinkable for up to 72 hours. Moreover, you can experiment with your recipes, as Ive mentioned earlier. So for example, you can make frozen desserts a homemade salsa make a natural homemade peanut butter and even grind coffee in the morning. So you will never feel restricted on anything. 

When it comes to the cleaning process, Id like you to know that you can break this unit into four parts, starting from the chute blade auger and the collection bin. But keep in mind that except for the drill, all the other parts can be cleaned with the hot water. To conclude, the omega j8006 deserves your attention because it offers a great value for its price tag. So you wont have to spend a fortune to get such a quality juicer for your home. 

Best Masticating Juicer – Kuvings B6000P

Moving on at number 2, we have the Masticating Juicer –Kuvings B6000P. The Kuvings B6000P would be an excellent option for you if you want to invest in a whole slow juicer that uses a masticating technology to ensure that your juices will have all the necessary nutrients which will drastically improve your overall health status. 

From a design perspective, the Kuvings  B6000P mosts a luxurious glossy red body with black accents that are present along the front the top and at the bottom. So when you see it as a whole, it does look gorgeous, and it is highly suitable for every kitchen decor. At the upper part of its body, you can notice a silver finished multifunctional button that will let you choose between the forward-reverse and off mode. So in terms of usability, Im sure that you will never have any issues. Also, this unit has a smart cap that will reduce the occurrences of leaks on the one hand. while on the other it will let you combine juices, but lets not forget the rotating cleaning brush, which will reduce the time spent on cleaning. So for now Im unable to find any remarks. 

Now lets talk about the features. The Kuvings bee 6000 p integrates a powerful 240-watt brushless motor that outputs a high-end torque which is responsible for crushing whole ingredients. So regardless of how tough your fruits and vegetables are, this device can do its job pretty well. 

Moreover, thanks to the low-speed masticating technology, this juicer can squeeze fruits and vegetables at 60 revolutions per minute while preserving the natural enzymes so that every juice you make is going to be filled with all the necessary vitamins. I would also like to mention that its feed chute is large enough to accommodate different sized fruits and vegetables. So you wont have to chop them before placing them in the feed, and if you ask me, this is not only convenient, but you will also save much time on preparation. 

Finally, you can also make frozen desserts if you want. Since all you have to do is to replace the filter with the included blank strainer, and thats it. Overall the Kuvings bee 6000 P as a must-have option, so check it out and assure yourself of its quality and finally.

Best Masticating Juicer – Omega Juicer NC900HDC 

At number one, we have the Masticating Juicer – Omega juicer NC900HDC. The Omega juicer NC900HDC is a high-end masticating juicer that would be a perfect option for you, especially if you want to invest in a versatile high-end juicer that can do miracles with hard fruits and leafy greens. So lets not waste any time, and Ive strictly into action to reveal wise this juicer ideal for you. 

From a design perspective, this unit has a horizontal chrome finished construction that houses BPA-free parts. So by default means that this juicer will not occupy much space on one side. While on the other the food that will be in contact with its parts will be safe for your health, so you shouldnt worry literally about anything. Besides, the extra-wide feeder chute that is positioned on the top is extremely useful as well because you wont be obliged to cut your ingredients before inserting them inside the chute. While at the bottom, you can notice its feet, which have proven themselves as reliable support, especially when the juicer is working. 

Now lets talk about the performance. One of the biggest highlights regarding this product as its adjustable end cap that will offer you five settings of which you can take an advantage and have a greater control over the juice output and extraction. 

For your information, the NC900HDC comes with a silent, low-speed motor that outputs 80 rotations per minute. And whats so special about this motor is that it has a gear reduction equivalent of a two hp motor. 

Moving on, this device will let you extract your juices vegetables extrude pasta grind coffee mince herbs whip up soy milk and make frozen desserts. So as you can see, you can do everything you want. I would also like to add that the NC900HDC incorporates an automatic pulp ejection as well. This means that you will taste the benefits of having a juicer that can offer you a continuous juicing for your ultimate user experience. 

Overall Id recommend you seriously consider the Masticating Juicer –Omega NC900HDC because it has everything needed to ensure that your health will be elevated to a whole new level.

Here are the Top 5 best Masticating Juicer in 2020. Hopefully, this information above will help you choose the right masticating juicer, which is suitable for your budget!

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