Choose to buy a blender for families with children

Many moms are wondering how to choose a blender to match and use it well with their families when they have young children. Currently, on the market, there are three main types of blender are ordinary blender, multifunctional blender, and hand blender for families

Types of blenders for families

  • Ordinary blender 

Blender for families usually has a simple structure, often will have one body, one mixer, and can have 1-2 more dry mills, suitable for children who need to eat pureed food (food fresh).

Besides, if your family needs to use a blender that favors the familys refreshments and supports the cooking, this is an appropriate choice.

  • Multifunction grinding machine

Multifunctional blender also includes one body but comes with many other accessories such as many blades, many types of mills to grind, squeeze, squeeze.

This type of blender serves diverse needs for family from fruit juice, orange juice, blender, or grind nuts and grind puree porridge (cold porridge) like a regular blender.

  • Hand blender

The hand blender has a straightforward design with just a handheld body with a control button, a knife handle with a blade, a cup-shaped mill.

With this machine, mothers do not have to depend on the type of mortar used but can grind food right in any pot, bowl, cup, which is very convenient.

Compact machine should move conveniently and use anywhere. However, it only grinds soft and thin food, so it is suitable to grind porridge for children, prepare soups or smoothies to serve the simple needs of busy mothers.

Other factors to consider

  • Choose the capacity

  • Ground food for babies should be consumed in one go to ensure safety and nutrition. So if you mainly use grind porridge, soup, snacks for children, the mother should choose a small capacity blender.
  • Want to combine to serve other needs of the family can choose the large capacity blender.
  • Usually, 1 – 1.5-liter containers are suitable for both needs.
  • Particularly for handheld mills, no capacity is required as any container can be used as a mill.

  • Choose the wattage

  • Foods for children are usually soft foods, so mothers can choose a small power blender (Under 300 W) to save electricity consumption and still use it effectively.
  • If you want to grind more hard particles, grind small, you should choose a more substantial capacity of 300 W or more.

  • Choose mill material

  • Material mortar made of glass is quite heavy and awkward to preserve, but not scratched, easy to clean, can grind hot food (should be limited because it can damage rubber seals).
  • Plastic material is also quite light, durable, and safe. Still, it must ensure the quality of goods purchased as well as pay attention to the food, must be relaxed when used to ensure safety for the health of the baby and the family.

What mom should note when buying a blender for families


To get a blender that ensures quality, durability, and safety for children and families, moms should choose to buy products from reputable brands that are popular in the market such as HappyCook, Philips, Panasonic, Supor. And moms should look to buy at reputable stores, supermarkets, electronics stores to buy products with clear origin, quality assurance, and warranty.

Additional features

Self-disconnecting safety: will help mothers feel comfortable using the blender without worrying about engine damage due to overheating, increasing product durability.

Self-cleaning: The Auto Clean feature is available in some product lines to help mothers shorten the time to clean the blender after use, especially with multi-purpose grinders.

Stuffing function – Pulse: some blender equipped with this feature will bring the blade to rotate at the highest speed in a short time, quickly mix the ingredients before grinding, help grind faster, avoid jams. This feature is useful when moms grind large amounts of food. Each additional element is helpful, but they will increase the price, depending on the needs that the mother chooses to buy.

What is weaning?

Weaning foods are nutritious foods for babies. Weaning is a period in which your baby will become accustomed to raw foods over breast milk. Weaning is not intended to replace breast milk in the first year. During this period, there is a difference between babies, usually weaning starts from 6 months to finish as one year old.

Besides, the weaning period is divided into Early, Mid, Late, End periods based on the state of the babys age and food. There is another time that is not even mentioned as the Preparatory period for weaning. Based on the babys developmental stage, the way to proceed varies but is usually based on the month of age as a standard.

Divide weaning period

The standard month of age is 5 ~ 6 months. How to swallow food to the throat with the tongue. Create easy-to-swallow liquid foods without chewing, such as crushed porridge—standard dilute porridge varieties. Reduce one breastfed time, instead of weaning.

Middle period

The standard month of age is 7 ~ 8 months. The operation of the tongue is activated; the language and chin crush the food. Standard hardness is the same as tofu. Standard 1 day is three times breastfed, two times weaning. About fish should choose red meat fish. For meat, minced chicken is commonly used due to its low-fat content. Cooking oil or spices can be used, but it should be processed very light.

Later period

The standard month of age is 9 ~ 11 months. The operation of the tongue has worked harder; it is possible to grind the food with gums. Hardness standard is the hardness of bananas. Standard 1 day is breastfeeding 5-6 times, eat three times. Cereals gradually change from porridge to soft rice. Add some chicken egg (white) as possible. Children who have behaved their hands to feed themselves, from this stage, can see this behavior.

The period ended

The standard month of age is 11 ~ 15 months. The tongue was able to act freely, in addition to the teeth had also grown, the activity of contact with food also developed. Hardness of the food is a little more robust than the previous period; the standard is the hardness of meatballs.

From this stage, it is not breastmilk or formula that moves to the next step. About cereals, switch from soft rice to white rice so that you can eat it like an adult. Foods taken from an adults meal may be offered, but it is essentially a light meal.

From the above information, hopefully, users, especially moms, have the answers to the questions about which grinder should be purchased best. Thereby helping mothers to prepare baby food to ensure safety and also provide nutrients for the development of children.

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