Review Top 10 best bottles for juicing in 2020

The habit of drug abuse is gradually being replaced by the use of juice and fruit for effective disease prevention and treatment. This is a drink that stimulates your immune system naturally and safely. Thats why more and more people are using juices of all kinds from apple juice, carrots, oranges to tomato juice, kale, celery, etc. 

If you want to use fruit juices, but putting fruit juice in a thermos, plastic, or glass jar is a concerned question, the following article will help you answer these questions. Also, the following article will help you find the best bottles for juicing that suit your needs. Lets refer!

Should fruit juice stored in stainless steel thermos?

Fruit juice is very good for health, many of you have a habit of carrying it to school or working in a thermos bottle. However, keeping the fruits and acidic smoothies in the thermos bottle is reasonable or not. Discover now in the following article to protect your health.

The use of thermos bottles for juicing

The main use of thermos is to keep the drink close to the original temperature. The bottle holds a good heat, using high-quality materials capable of keeping warm for 6-8 hours and can keep cold for up to 24 hours continuously.

You can use a thermos bottle to store hot water or ice, tea, and coffee. Especially in the winter, it can be used to hold ginger tea to warm the body.

In addition, you can also use a thermos to store food items such as porridge, soup, tea, etc.

Experience of buying a good thermos bottles for juicing

A good thermos bottle must ensure a good appearance and good quality. When choosing a thermos bottle, you should consider the material as well as its ability to retain heat.

Structure of a thermos bottles for juicing

A good thermos bottle is usually made of 2-3 layers. The inside is stainless steel – in the middle is a vacuum insulation layer – the outer layer may be plastic, but the quality will not be as good as that of metal. The number of layers will determine a lot of time to retain heat as well as the ability to lose temperature heated outside.

So you should not choose the type of thermos one layer will not preserve drinks for a long time.

Pitcher design:

The lid of the bottle is also important, but many people dont notice it. When choosing a thermos bottle to take to school, to work, you should note:

  • A good thermos bottle has two layers, with an inner lid with silicone gaskets that help tighten the mouth of the jar, blocking the residue.

  • To ensure tightness, avoid water leakage in any situation (moving, tilting, shaking, etc.), the cap needs to be designed as a spiral screw close to the mouth of the bottle instead of just a simple push cap.

Heat holding time:

Normally, the average temperature will keep about 8-24 hours. Some high-end can keep heat over 24 hours or even 48 hours.

  • If you need to keep the heat during the day to go to school, go out, explore, the bottle can keep heat from 8 to 24 hours will meet the needs of users.

  • If you want to use a thermos bottle to go to sports and gym, a bottle that can hold the heat for 6-8 hours would be reasonable.

  • A type of thermos bottle with an inner silicon layer helps increase heat retention time to 48 hours, but note that it should only be used at temperatures of 70 degrees C.

Choose a reputable brand:

You should check and choose to have a branded thermos bottle and a clear place of production to ensure safety such as Elmich, Lock & Lock, Thermos, Carlmann, Delites, etc.

You should choose a reputable brand product

Should fruit juice be kept in a thermos bottle?

A cool glass of juice or smoothie to enjoy is wonderful. However, according to many experts, you should limit or preferably not contain acidic juices in a thermos bottle.

According to Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hai Nam – Head of Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Hanoi University of Pharmacy), people should not use stainless steel bottles as well as stainless steel thermos to store acidic water like juice.

Because these types of water will stimulate the release of heavy metals in stainless steel, leading to chemical reactions that create carcinogens.

GS. Hai Nam recommends that consumers carefully review the instructions for the use of the thermos before purchasing. If these types of products are clear about their origin, are legally imported and traded, the quality will be guaranteed.

Also, GS. Nam noted that housewives absolutely should not use stainless steel jars or large plastic jars to soak fruit juices year after year such as apricot juice, strawberry juice, cat apple juice, tomato juice, orange juice, lemon juice, grapefruit juice, apricot juice, crocodile, etc. highly acidic foods such as pickles, sour soup, etc.

The acids in these liquids will quickly and strongly dissolve heavy metals left in the bottle, especially arsenic, copper, lead, and mercury, all of which are harmful to the body.

According to many experts, juice should be stored in plastic or glass bottles.

The thermos bottle should only be used to keep boiled water or preserve ice during school trips or picnics.

From the above information, you already know whether you should hold fruit juice, especially the highly acidic ones in the thermos bottle. Definitely not.

Plastic juice bottles – Keep the juice fresh.

Juices & Vegetables – New trend of modern life

  • Beautiful skin, vitamin supplements & easy to drink so fruit juice is not only pleasing to girls more and more men also gradually prefer. Delicious taste, natural color & eye-catching are the outstanding advantages of fruit juice, vegetables.

  • Quality of life is improved; the demand for juice is also increasing. The biggest obstacle that prevents them from exploding instead of carbonated soft drinks, coffee, etc. is that storage & removal is limited. The hustle and bustle of life make customers want but hard to find a delicious bottle of juice, handy.

And it seems that using a plastic bottle containing juice is one of the best solutions to help your customers. Fast, easy to use & keep the delicious taste are the factors that allow your store to win the hearts.

Plastic bottles for juice – beautiful design 

If you do not know, taking vitamins like E, D, C, etc. is very beneficial for your health. Especially, vitamins from natural fruits have strong antioxidant capacity, anti-aging, soothe the stomach, prevent intestinal diseases & improve skin pigmentation.

Natural products will surely take the throne in the next 3-5 years. The demand for Organic drinks has never decreased in todays life. More than ever, consumers will increasingly care about their health. Trading fruit juice, fruit juice will surely explode soon.

Vitamins are easy to lose or lose during processing and storage if not done correctly. So if you want to bring the highest value to your customers, you must seriously choose the best way to preserve them.

  • Drinking water in plastic bags, in disposable plastic cups, will undoubtedly be replaced by health concerns. Moreover, they are not convenient & safe.

Use a good quality plastic bottle that you wont have to worry about. Preserving vitamins & juice, keeping the body, – Choose a quality bottle!

Choose the best bottle for juicing

  • After sale-time, I discovered the juice in pet plastic bottles is the most beautiful. This is a transparent bottle so you can see the drink inside. Plastic bottle world with many categories, just for this bottle line, will help your drink look more attractive.

  • Unlike other products, you just need to store the juice in the bottle in the most minimalistic way. No need to be fancy, but still make sure your drink looks delicious.

  • However, you still have to choose well. Because packaging always reflects the price, brand & your mind when doing business. Anyway, you have to make sure the bottle you want is pet plastic, but also quality & safety.

And here are some tips for you to choose for yourself the best bottle for juicing.

Bottle shape

Similar to plastic bottles for milk tea, they are just a simple bottle with two colors of black & white lid. But you should pay attention to the diameter of the mouth & the neck of the bottle. That affects which juices you should put in them. What you should pay attention to the shape of the bottle is slim, compact & modern design. Usually, customers will prefer smooth and smooth juice bottles on the body. You should avoid using old-fashioned bottles such as bottles with very bad texture.

Capacity & design

One of the highlights of this bottle is the size and shape are incredibly diverse. You do not have difficulty finding a model you like, just worry that in front of many beautiful models you will be fascinated.

Usually, stores prefer the volume: 250ml, 330ml, 500ml. You should also consider these volumes offline!

Some advices for you

You should be careful when choosing bottles to hold your juice. Not all products are delicious – nutritious – cheap but good quality.

Good bottles must be hard, transparent & uniform in shape when containing water to highlight the color of the drink. The color of water through the bottle must be impressive enough to attract customers. It is important to be safe with health – something many types of bottles floating on the market cannot meet. Use a good bottle of juice, and you will be completely assured.

  • Choose a beautiful, bright & hard bottle. You will feel so satisfied that you also think your drink looks better. So you have to choose the right criteria above! A good bottle can effectively preserve the juice, bring it away very solidly.

  • It must be said that choosing a good bottle line & a reputable brand will contribute significantly to your business effectively. Now you just need to care about how to make your drink as delicious as possible, ignore the worries about preserving the flavor, how to choose the most suitable packaging.

One more piece of advice for you is when choosing to buy the product. You should check to see if the package is secure or not.

Introduce to you a good brand of fruit juice bottles


LOGO has more than 12 plastic bottles of juice for your choice. At LOGO plastic bottle, I want to update trends & trending trends. You will find a product like that, from juice bottles to detox plastic bottles, milk tea, etc.

What makes a difference?

  • After the success of manufacturing and distributing disposable plastic cups, LOGO plastic bottles are brand new and developed by our team and overcome market disadvantages in the factors: design, quality & price. Since then, our brand is increasingly trusted by customers. To date, the product has been sold in 64 cities and provinces across the country.

  • The bottle of fruit juice is provided to ensure the main ingredient is healthy plastic with the vision of becoming a brand of plastic bottles dedicated to natural beverage products such as vegetables, fruits. The team is always active in researching and producing good products, nice designs & low prices.

  • Currently, our products have been trusted by more than 2400 stores & ordered regularly. Commitment to dedicated advice, providing the most useful information to help you choose a product that is not only good but also suitable for actual needs. No matter what store you are, whatever your drink is, there is a bottle line that meets all requirements.

Good & nice plastic bottles are easy to find. Most importantly, you need to understand some information about them. Hopefully, through my article, you can choose the most suitable plastic juice bottle for your store. It is not necessary to choose cheap products because it is not sure that the effect is as expected. You should choose the right product & an adequate price to get the best results.

Hopefully, the article above has provided you with useful information about the best bottles for juicing to help you choose the best bottle to protect the health of yourself and your whole family.

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