Review Top 5 Carrot Juices makers and amazing benefits

We can say much about the benefits of carrot juice. This drink is rich in micronutrients and vitamins, but it has one major drawback – it is not so easy to prepare. Not every technique that can squeeze out juice will work for carrots, so you have to think a little bit about its right choice.

So far, there are many types of carrot juice maker. They differ not only in appearance and strength but also in the way the product is handled. What are the benefits of carrot juice? Which type is best suited to prepare carrot juice?

6 amazing benefits of Carrot Juice makers

Carrot juice helps you see in the dark

Carrots contain beta-carotene; An excellent dye that can convert into vitamin A when digested. Although it is found in many other crops, carrots have the highest content. The darker the carrot, the more beta-carotene there is.

So how does carrots help you see in the dark? Vitamin A activates a sensitive chemical in the retina called Rhodopsin, which regulates vision according to light. Rhodopsin is especially important for night vision because this chemical can detect a very small amount of light to help the eye regulate better in the dark. Vitamin A also protects you from age-related cataracts.

Carrot juice is good for skin, hair and dental health

Carrot juice is more effective than any anti-wrinkle cream on the market and is less expensive. The vitamin A found in carrot juice protects the skin from sun damage and antioxidants that slow down the aging of cells.

Carrot juice is also a great way to cure skin and hair problems. It is rich in calcium, so it is good for teeth, bones, and nails. Carrot juice is also good for gums and reduces bacteria. Drinking 9 carrots will give you the same amount of calcium as a glass of milk.

Carrot juice prevents cancer

Drinking carrot juice may help reduce the risk of lung cancer, breast cancer as well as colon cancer thanks to the falcarinol compound. The beta-carotene in carrots can also prevent skin cancer by attaching itself to free radicals in the body to protect them from malignant cell growth.

Carrot juice helps detoxify the liver

Carrots contain about 87% water and have a strong detoxifying ability. They help reduce the risk of kidney stone formation and eliminate toxins from the body.

Eating or drinking a lot of carrots can cause carotenemia. Carotenemia causes the skin to turn yellow. Once the body has removed these toxins, a fresh, healthy skin will reappear.

Carrot juice increases cardiovascular benefits

Carrots are not only high in beta-carotene, but also high in alpha-carotene. The carotenoids found in carrot juice as well as lutein work to reduce changes in heart disease and stroke.

Carrot juice helps to boost energy

As we age, our energy levels begin to decline. Instead of drinking high sugar drinks, you can choose carrot juice instead. It will help your body energy increase rapidly.

Drinking 3 carrots can give you enough energy to walk three miles without sweating, so imagine what 10 carrots can bring you!

Carrot juice makers

Manual Juicers work and take the form of a manual meat grinder. But pushing hard vegetables like carrots requires a lot of effort. They are more suitable for tender and juicy vegetables. But some support such billiard players. They believe that this juice retains its useful properties, does not oxidize in air, does not heat electricity.

Electric juicers are much easier and faster to use. In turn, the electric juicer is divided into citrus and popular.

There is only 1 nozzle in them – conical, not for pressing other fruits and vegetables. Universal is used to make juices from different fruits and vegetables, because the corresponding nozzles are available in the kit.

Which brands to choose for carrot juice maker

It is worth choosing expensive and famous brands. They will last longer. Cheap models exist for a short period of time, and service life ends with a warranty period. When choosing a juicer, you need to find out if it can be washed, assembled, and disassembled quickly and easily, as it transfers daily. An important role is played by the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the unit.


According to the type of crusher, the universal electric water press is divided into centrifugal and drilling.

The principle of operation of a centrifugal juicer for beets and carrots is to separate the juice from the pulp in the separator. The raw material is first scraped off, and then in a centrifuge and separated by centrifugal force. They have a more affordable price.

In screw-type equipment, the grinder is a steel screw. There may be 1 or 2. Double screw crushes and juices more effectively. According to the principle of operation, they are similar to meat grinders, vegetables are ground into the ground, and then the juice is obtained from it.

Centrifugal juicer


  • Work fast (10000-40000rpm)
  • Lower cost
  • Easy to operate
  • Wide throat – easy download


  • Hot water, while losing some nutrients
  • You cannot store the juice for more than 20 minutes
  • Juice oxidizes in air.
  • Low efficiency, some water is still in the pulp.

Auger juicer


  • The juice does not heat up due to the low speed
  • Cake is pressed completely from juice
  • Small amount of waste
  • Juice is stored for 2 days
  • The juice is not in contact with the air.
  • Silent at work


  • High cost of equipment
  • Leaf juice concentrate with pulp
  • Pre-need to cut a vegetable, because the input is quite narrow

Differences between models

Choosing a carrot juice maker, you should pay attention to its quality characteristics.

  1. Source equipment. For centrifugal products that can range from 400 to 800 watts, a 150-watt drill is sufficient. The more power, the faster the juicer.

  1. Volume containers for juices and cakes.The bigger it is, the more water there is.

  1. Body material must be reliable and durable. It can be made of metal or plastic. Metal is more practical, especially stainless steel.

  1. For centrifugal models, attention should be paid to the shape and speed of the separator. It can be cone-shaped – it squeezes out juice so inefficiently, but automatically throws off the cake, cylindrical – it squeezes quality juice, but doesnt drop the cake. The optimum speed of a centrifuge must be 8-10 revolutions. The higher the speed, the hotter the juice is.

Auger Juicer Zelmer Juice Maker.

The speed of the device is 40 revolutions per minute. It can operate continuously for 20 minutes, after which the device needs a break of 1 hour. About 5kg of carrots or beets can be processed at a time. Juicer produces high-quality cold-pressed. But for gardeners, it will be too small. The noisy level reaches 71 dB. This is equivalent to the operation of a washing machine centrifuge. With all this, the juice produces a concentrated quality without oxidation, heating and high foam. Costs can range from 7,000 rubles. It is quite expensive for the average consumer.

Auger Vitek juicer.

This device has a big mouth. Suitable for whole fruit. Working time is 30 minutes, then there is a break time of 15 minutes. Durable motor capacity is 150 watts. The speed of the job is 2 times faster. The number is from 80 to 160. It also handles cereals, grains, bones, and needles. The needle is quite hard to handle, but contains a large amount of vitamin C. Suddenly, if the drill is clogged, there is a reverse function in the machine.

Omega Juicer

Recycle everything from vegetables to grains. More efficient due to the two-stage rotation system. With it, you get 20% more water. A good recipe book is included with the juicer. In addition to juices, you can make ice cream, pasta, baby food, and even dough. Quick and easy to disassemble, easy to clean. Reliable and long service life.

Fresh juice is very helpful, especially for children. If you need a carrot juice maker for long-term and high-quality operation, then choose a model with a screw-type grinder, preferably a twin screw. They are more expensive than others, but if you use a juicer to daily use, it is better not to save. On such machines, the juice becomes better and healthier.

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