Review Top 5 Best Cold Pressed Juicers in 2020

Are you looking for the best cold pressed juicers in your budget? Well, in todays discussion, we break down the top 5 best cold press juicers that are available on the market. I made this list based on my personal opinion, and I try to list them based on their price, quality, durability, and more. 

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Tenergy Masticating Cold Pressed Juicer

At number 5 is the Masticating Cold Pressed Juicer from Tenergy. Tenergy masticating juicers, as a machine that is perfect for making all kind of juices from squeezing fruits to frozen fruit and veggies. This is a wonderful way to press juice that’s both nutritious and tasty. It makes a fluid containing completely no waste 

Your body is your temple, with its nutritionally rich juices, support the structure to boost your overall lifestyle. The BPA-free parts are easy to assemble and disassemble to be used faster and cleaner! Cleanse your body without cleaning your wallet, as the savings for this juicer machine are comparable to the purchase of 5-day clean bottles. Clean up, infinitely!

The powerful motor assures a smooth and quiet operation along with the cleansing outcome. The masticating speed is 55 rpm and protects all the vitamin and mineral from extraction source.

It thus assures that all fluid from veggies is squeezed, leaving behind nothing but dry residue. In addition to that, you can always disassemble the whole machine for quick and simple washing. It also has two vegetable entrance canals so that multiple fruits can be put in simultaneously.

SKG A10 Cold Press Slow Masticating Cold Pressed Juicer

At number 4, SK G8n cold-pressed slow masticating juicer. This SKG device is almost noiseless and highly effective. The designer made a very smooth and portable work here, making the machine looks very attractive. Very small space is needed so you can store the juicer anywhere in your kitchen, very convenient. Furthermore, the beautiful silver colour doesn’t take much effort at all to clean thanks to the stain and scratch-resistant characteristic of the material.       

Masticating juicer SKG A10 can produce different products, including carrot, kale, apples, oranges, etc. You are equipped with an upgraded fine filter to meet your juicing needs (for purer juice) and a coarse filter (for more pulp). Your good life is more worth it. Unlike many of its competitors, setting up SKG A10 juicer takes just a few simple steps. Each piece is designed to provide a fast and efficient cleaning process, making it apart takes even less time. The unit requires a cleaning brush.

It rotates steadily at RMP 36, very ideally for protecting both vitamins and minerals from plants. Most specifically, the machine comes with a rotatable chute. The size of three-point one five-inch of the chute allows a whole pear or peach to fit in. The parachute can also auto-close to prevent the fruits and vegetable from splashing out during masticating. 

Mueller Austria Ultra Cold Pressed Juicer Machine Extractor

At number three, we have Ultra Juicer Machine from Müeller Austria. If comparing, there are not many better choices than this one. Price-wise, the product has a very reasonable price for its quality, which is under $100.

It is not a high price at all to get some healthy and tasty drinks for your whole family, isn’t it? Whatever plants you choose will be masticated well as long as they are smaller than the 3” chute. The device also has another chute designed for smaller pieces of plants.

This device will save you a lot of time and effort concerning the fruit-slicing step. With the spinning speed of 60 round per minute, the juicer steadily extracts juice from fruits and vegetable without losing much vitamins and minerals. The juice this device made is 60 per cent higher in TP comparing to the other juicers, which means your freshly pressed juice will be tasty and high in nutrition at the same time. 

Omega J8006HDS

At number two, it is Omega j8006HDs. This health-centered juicer from Omega operates steadily if measured in round per minute. In that way, all the original flaveur is preserved perfectly, creating a pleasant flavour for your juice. In addition to that, the steady spin also make this device safe to use thanks to the minimum heat produced during operation.

Beside great mastication, this Omega juicer is also diminutive-sized to fit in any spot of the counter top. The durability also highly remains with its rubberizing basis under any shaking and spinning. Cleaning after use is very convenient thanks to the waste tray that receive all the fruits and vegetable residue. You will get a huge amount of juice and left behind nothing but all the dehydrated wastes with this Omega juicer.

Caynel Slow Masticating Cold Pressed Juicer

At number one, it is Caynel slow masticating cold-pressed juicer. Behold the best juicer for cold pressing on our list!

Our champion holds the best performance in every criterion from design, operation, durability, and user experience. It has a sturdy black and red look that suits the modern kitchen perfectly. Any small space on your countertop can be utilized for this compact device.

Additionally, due to its rubberized basis, the durability is incredible. With or without repairing it will work perfectly for a long time. It also has two mastication chute that fits every fruit – one chute for small, thin pieces of fruit and one for the bigger, harder ones.  

Up to 80% of juice from fruit or vegetables is drained using this Caynel juicer. After juicing, you can easily empty the trash tray because all the trash is dry and compact. 

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