Top 5 commercial juicers for restaurants and cafés

You want to diversify the menu for drinks with more delicious juice, meeting the needs of the restaurant while saving investment costs. But you are wondering how to choose a juicer, which juicers are best to serve the restaurant in the best way. Below are the best commercial juicers to choose from for your cafés and restaurants the most suitable one.

How to choose a juicer for restaurants and cafes

– Because you need juicers for restaurants, cafes, you should make sure that you choose juicers that can juice a variety of hard, large fruits and leafy vegetables.

– The machine with a large capacity will help you juice faster, drain more water, and smooth match. The fast juicer has a large capacity but produces unexpected juice quality. The juicer is small, saves electricity but produces perfect juice in both quantity and quality.

– If used for restaurants, you had better choose a juicer with a large storage capacity for convenience, so you will not have to manipulate many times and it will also meet the needs of more customers.

– You can choose the commercial juicers according to the design and color you desire. The juicer should have a power adjustment button. In addition, a juicer should best have additional features such as timer, automatic shutdown when the machine is hot, and safety lock. 

– You should choose the juicer of famous brands today such as Panasonic, or famous household brands Philips, Hurom, Tefal, Kuvings, etc. This helps you have good products and a long-term warranty than other brands.

– You should choose a juicer with the longest warranty period. Currently, the warranty period of the juicer is usually from 1 to 3 years. Especially with Hurom, the juicer has a warranty period of up to 10 years for engines. And with Kuvings, it is 5 ​​years warranty.

Top 5 commercial juicers for restaurants and cafes

Commercial Juicers – Hurom juicer HZ-SBE17

Hurom juicer HZ- SBE17 is a hot product on the market today. Not only do the customers highly appreciate it for attractive appearance but also for its intelligent design as well as advanced technology.

Hurom HZ-SBE17 is luxuriously designed, using new water extractor technology instead of conventional blades to bring more concentrated juice and keep the taste and nutrients that are good for customers’ health.

Using the technology of screw pressing with a rotation speed of 43 rpm, it can retain 90% of the minerals and vitamins contained in the food, and dry out more juice than conventional juicers.

It ensures the safety with auto-disconnect mode and one-phase induction motor with maximum power consumption. The juicer also operates smoothly with no noise. Its simple design is convenient for disassembly and cleaning.

Especially, the machine is equipped with a 2-in-1 feature, an additional ice cream mesh unit that helps the owner to diversify the menu of the shop.

=> The product is suitable for cafes that want a variety of menus and attach great importance to the quality of drinks.

Commercial Juicers – Kuvings C7000 juicer

Kuvings 7000 juicer is a product of Korean imports currently leading with slow press technology today. With accessories to help make smoothies and ice cream, it becomes one of the best juicers on the market today.

Although it has a simple design, it can catch the attention with sharply subtle details. The mortar capacity of up to 40ml makes it possible to create dozens of liters of juice continuously within 30 minutes.

Along with the capacity of pressing up to 50 cups an hour and the screw speed of up to 60 rpm, the press can crush and squeeze fruit thoroughly without causing heat or friction, which helps to ensure the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in fruits and vegetables kept intact.

The noise produced when using a slow juicer is also smaller, only 40% compared to when you press with a regular juicer, very suitable for restaurants that require quiet space.

Commercial Juicers – Hurom juicer HU-1100WN- M

The first thing that can be noticed in this commercial juicer for this restaurant is the convenience and improved functionality that makes fruit juicing more convenient than ever.

The plus point is that the smart design helps you squeeze the fruit with just one operation, have another time to work when the Hurom juicer is perfecting the juice completely.

Maximum utilization of the screw helps crush the fruit at a slow speed of only 43 rpm, without causing heat or friction to retain more than 90% of the minerals and vitamins in the food.

It always makes sure that the amount of nutrition is kept intact while the amount of juice is much more than other conventional juicers.

Commercial Juicers – PHILIPS HR1916 juicer

With an impressive capacity of up to 900W, Philips is also one of the perfect recommendations for smoothie cafes.

Using a durable steel blade structure, it can squeeze even large fruits without cutting them into small pieces.

The machine has a fine wire filter that makes it easy to remove residual fibers on the filter easily. In addition, the machine also integrates with a waterproof function that allows you to stop between presses to keep the counter surface from getting dirty.

But the drawback is that the machine operates with a large capacity so it creates a loud noise affecting the space of the shop.

Commercial Juicers – Braun J700 juicer

If you are looking for a high-speed juicer for your business needs, Braun J700 is the perfect choice for you.

Braun J700 juicer is manufactured on modern German technology lines with elegant style.

Luxurious and convenient design is the biggest plus point that any owner wants. The most outstanding advantage of this shops juicer compared to other conventional machines is the powerful engine, which allows operating at 2 different speeds to suit fruits and vegetables even they are hard or soft. It is also improved with a super large water cup and pulp container for easy disassembly and cleaning.

Above are the top 5 best suggestions for your shop, hopefully, after this article, the owners can choose the most suitable commercial juicers for their cafes and restaurants.

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