Are we supposed to drink a smoothie every day?

Fruit smoothies are incredibly healthy if used scientifically. A lot of women wonder, is it good to drink every day? Continue to follow the article to find answers to improve your health for yourself and your family.

Uses of smoothies

You need to prepare fresh fruits and vegetables to have delicious smoothies. Then purée them in a blender to make a mixture of liquid or paste depending on the type of fruit you can prepare more types of fresh milk, condensed milk depending on the taste and enjoy it directly.

The smoothies are blended with natural fruits, making them safe and healthy. Here are some special uses for smoothies.

  • Drink smoothies for the digestive system: Smoothies contain as many vitamins and minerals as possible. The fiber content of vegetables is very abundant.; In particular, it is present in a more absorbable liquid to help fight digestive diseases, especially taking vitamins to prevent constipation.
  • Taking smoothies boosts the immune system: fighting common diseases such as colds, fever. Taking vitamins also helps wounds heal faster, thanks to the process of promoting and producing collagen to help heal wounds quickly.

  • Smoothies contribute to the development of blood cells, bones, and teeth. You can choose foods such as carrots, spinach, bananas.
  • Each smoothie introduced into the body also functions to regulate the function of the heart and nervous system in order to be stable and to enhance the eyesight. You can use a smoothie every morning to provide energy for a long, tiring day.
  • Drinking vitamins to prevent cancer: providing the body with a number of high antioxidant components that help to eliminate and inhibit the growth of certain cancer cells, such as oral cancer, lung cancer, and liver cancer.

  • Vitamins also play a catalytic role in biochemical reactions and energy conversion to help cells perform functions that are essential to human health.
  • In addition, vitamins also support the bodys use of minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and water.

Are we supposed to drink vitamins every day?

Each day, the body needs a lot of vitamins and minerals for the body. But to ensure fullness, we need to eat a lot, but not everyone can load food into the body continuously and in large quantities.

The most effective way to do this is to use fruit to make smoothies that have a refreshing effect but also ensure an adequate supply of nutrients to the body.

Not only that, but taking smoothies also has a lot of effects on the body. It is, therefore, essential to take vitamins every day, and it is very good that nutrition experts recommend every day.

When is the best time to drink smoothies?

A smoothie refers to a drink made from fresh fruits by pouring with crushed ice, adding sugar, milk, or other spices to give it a color or a delicious, easy-to-drink aroma.

Smoothie is a nutritious drink rich in vitamins that are very good for health. The fruits are often used to make smoothies such as strawberries, carrots, avocado, mangoes, bananas, pineapples, papaya, watermelons, custard, apples. So when is the best time to drink smoothies?

Here are the advice of dieticians when drinking  smoothies:

  • You should take smoothies between two main meals or half an hour before meals. Smoothie contains many organic acids, aromatic substances, and enzymes to stimulate eating, good for digestion. 
  • Should drink slowly, do not drink too much at once, you can drink smoothies with meals to enhance nutrition for the body.
  • Smoothie is rich in inorganic salts such as potassium, iron, chromium, and antioxidants such as trace elements, vitamin C, beta-carotene. Drinking water is also good for the bodys iron absorption. In general, the ability to absorb iron from food is very low. Our bodies only absorb 1% of iron in rice, 3% of iron in bread. But if you eat food with the same juice, it will increase the bodys ability to absorb iron by 3-6 times.

  • Smoothie is suitable for all ages, from young to old. Children 3 months of age should begin to drink vitamins to supplement vitamin C.
  • Do not take the pill with smoothies: Parents often give the baby to drink with a smoothie, but the fruits, in general, contain lots of vitamin C and acids that resolve the drug earlier, detrimental to the small intestine absorbing the drug. Some medications can cause side effects when combined with these sour substances. Children should only drink smoothies after taking the drug for about one and a half hours.

Principles for making delicious fruit smoothies:

  • Add ice at the end: If you start from the beginning, smoothies will be as thin as water due to the ice being ground and melted. Wait until the final grind and add ice. Smoothie will be thick and cool.

  • Choose fresh fruits: Prioritize the selection of fresh fruits first, types of syrup, flavorings, synthetic substances.o
  • Cooling before grinding: You should chill the fruit before grinding, especially soft types such as bananas, mangoes. Your smoothie will have a deeper, more delicious cold.

Steps to follow:

  • Water (vegetable juice).
  • Refrigerated fruits, additives, ice, and finally fresh fruits.
  • Fresh fruits: Raw fruits, fresh fruits are added in the end not to lose flavor when grinding with other frozen ingredients.
  • Use coconut water to make ice: You will have ice cubes with very sweet and delicious taste.
  • Add sour taste: Add sour taste from passion fruit juice, orange, pomegranate will make your smoothie more flavorful.

*Note: You need is a simple blender, works well, easy to use—no need to spend money on complex functions.

People who are not supposed to drink smoothies

  • Drinking smoothies every day is very good for everyone. However, smoothies should not be taken for those suffering from conditions such as celiac disease, acute and chronic gastritis. 
  • There have been some cases of drinking smoothies with diarrhea, which are caused by indigestible carbohydrate compounds. 

  • In addition, people with kidney disease may or may not drink smoothies at night to prevent swollen limbs from waking up due to excess nutrients that have not been previously released.

Do not take smoothies with drugs

Many people have a habit of drink smoothie with pills, but this is not recommended at all. Because in general, fruits are high in vitamin C and acid when taken with the drug, these substances will lose the effect of the drug or resolve the effect sooner, causing the bodys absorption process is not good and harmful to the digestive system.

You should only take vitamins for an hour and a half after taking medicine to have a better effect.

You can change different fruits and vegetables to avoid boredom. You need to take care of the quality of the vegetables and choose the quality blender for a delicious smoothie. You can choose from a number of different blender types below:

  • Midimori Blender and food processor MDM-002

  • Panasonic MX-V310KRA (600W) 

  • Braun MQ 5000 Vario Soup Blender 

Hopefully, the above information has provided you with useful knowledge to help protect your healthy body. Lets make delicious smoothies today to refresh and improve your health and the whole family.

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