The 8 great benefits of green juice in 2020

Green juices, juices from vegetables and tubers, allow us to eat a lot and a variety of fresh vegetables, in a short and simple time because the digestive system does not take much energy to absorb.

The benefits of green juice are countless, if I summarize them, I will list them as follows:

Substance and nutrition of Green Juice

If theres any way to help me eat a whole basket of raw vegetables in the fastest way, its green juice.

If there is a beverage that is the most natural, the most nutritious, purest from plants, carrying the most life energy, carrying the most chlorophyll, in short, it is the BEST, that is green juice.

When you drink green juice, you will feel what is said above.

Vegetables and fruits are the most important food for a healthy person, especially raw vegetables with not many stages of processing. Immediately after drinking green juice, you will feel the energy and impact of it in your body, because that is what it needs. You will feel ‘fresh’, more alert, more radiant skin, and more energetic. The feeling that no drink and no cream can be better. 

Green vegetables have very low natural sugar levels, are very purifying and detoxifying, helping the body to eliminate waste. Green vegetables are one of the most nutritious foods. They contain chlorophyll, the phytonutrients that make up the green color of vegetables, the most abundant in green leafy vegetables. The darker the green, the more chlorophyll and the more antioxidants help protect human cells in the same way they protect plant cells.

Chlorophyll is an essential element to help the body detoxify faster and prevent the absorption of pollutants from the environment. Chlorophyll has been studied to have the same molecular structure as hemoglobin. While hemoglobin is a molecule in the body, precisely a protein, it transports oxygen to tissues and cells throughout the body, where oxygen is needed for the cell to function properly and effectively. Therefore, providing the body with more chlorophyll will help produce healthy red blood cells and regenerate weak blood cells.

In addition to increasing the bodys ability to distribute oxygen and being a leading nutrient to balance pH, chlorophyll provides an alkaline environment for the body instead of excess acid from modern lifestyles. The great benefits of chlorophyll range from building red blood cells, purifying the liver, detoxing, balancing blood sugar, increasing blood circulation, improving digestion, reducing inflammation, and reducing body odor. 

In addition, green vegetables also contain iron, lutein, zeaxanthin, carotenoids (found in dark green vegetables) which have also been shown to help prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

And when your body absorbs so many nutrients from green juice, it will not crave for other less nutritious snacks. Make sure anyone who drinks juice will have no need to mess around during the day. 

Fast and convenient

In addition to allowing green juice to allow us to absorb large amounts of raw vegetables, it is also quickly and easily absorbed. Because it is in the form of a liquid, the pressing process basically breaks down the plants cell membranes, so it is like starting to digest them for us. The large amount of that nutrient gets absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly. That is why when you drink green juice, you will find that people have a lot of energy, but do not have heavy sluggishness like when eating a full meal.

So juice is both quick to absorb and convenient for the body.

Allow diversification of vegetables

There are many kinds of vegetables that you will never chew. Thats when juice allows you to consume more types of vegetables, even for the tough ones (if you know how to mix juice properly, it still tastes good). When making juice, we need to change the green vegetables alternately, and most green vegetables and tubers can be juiced. Usually, I prefer vegetables that I seldom eat in my daily meals.

Talk a little more about fiber. Because we drink juice, it should be a daily supplement, not a regular meal break. So there is no need to worry about ‘no fiber’ because you still eat meals. 

Safe and sustainable weight loss

When we use green juice with very little fruit or no fruit, only green vegetables and tubers, this is the best drink for those who want to lose weight safely. Even if only drink 1, 2 cups of green juice a day and still eat the same way (of course, it is best to eat a balanced diet), you can still lose a little weight (if your body is overweight). In addition, if it’s the juice cleanse (purification of fasting only drinks juice during the day), it allows for deeper weight loss, more impact, but you need to learn carefully to perform effectively.

In short, I think green juice is an easy and safe way to lose weight. But often when we have a habit of drinking green juice, our tastes change and also tend to prefer vegetables and fruits, and less nutritious foods. So its a pretty solid, slow but steady solution, not a fad diet.

Increase resistance

This is quite a natural effect from green juice. Because when the body is loaded with the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, it will increase the resistance to disease itself. There has been a lot of research talking about the immune-boosting power of vegetables like broccoli, collard greens, and leafy greens.

Increasing alkalinity for the body

Probably more or less, you also see people talking about alkalinity and acidity in the body, about modern eating habits with a lot of industrial foods, frying oil and grease through many processes away from the self. It naturally causes an excess of acid in the body environment. We can even measure blood pH to know if our body is in balance, or excess acid, or alkaline. And we are advised to keep our pH levels within a certain number range.

Of course, eating plenty of acidic foods and excess acidity is not good, and of course, there are many factors that determine the pH balance of the body. One thing for sure, however, is that green juice can always help the body keep alkaline.

In fact, all kinds of diseases and inflammatory cells thrive in an acid environment. While juices from vegetables like greens, cucumbers, celery and fruits are extremely alkaline body. Drinking green juice provides you an alkaline body and reduces inflammation resulting from excess acidity. That is why alternative treatments have used the juice for their cancer patients to enhance their alkaline environment, because cancer cells are difficult to grow in a highly alkaline body environment.

Beautiful bright skin Green Juice

Rich in antioxidants, rich in both vitamins C and E, green juice keeps skin healthy. In addition, vitamin A, essential in cell renewal, is the most abundant in plants that we juice. In fact, getting beautiful after regular juice is an extremely natural ‘consequence’ of people who drink juice. When the body is purified, loaded with antioxidants, better resistant to free radicals, digestion, and excretion, the skin – the largest organ of the body – will show it too.

Above are the benefits of green juice. Is it enough to start drinking green juice as a daily routine? Do you like to drink green juice? Let’s try it to have a healthy life. 

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