Top 8 Green vegetables smoothies women should know

Green smoothie has many direct benefits for your health. Ingredients of green vegetables smoothies  can include many different vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, kale, herbs, combined with parsley, watercress to increase the flavor. You can use any green leaf you want. Bananas, apples, pears, avocados, and mangoes can be mixed, making it easier for you to get used to the green vegetable smoothie . Lets take a look at the most important benefits of greens smoothies with the best-proven studies and the best Vegetables smoothies below.

9 Benefits Of Green Vegetables Smoothies

Greens smoothie provides a lot of essential nutrients

The vitamins that green Vegetables smoothies provide depends on which vegetables and fruits are used in combination. Most vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins A and C, along with many other important nutrients. For example, guava contains a lot of folate (natural amino acid, which is an essential compound in hematopoiesis process), or avocado provides a lot of good fats, potassium, and magnesium.

All types of green Vegetables smoothies provide large amounts of vitamins A, C, E, K, and fiber, among other micronutrients.

Green Vegetables smoothies are better than fruit or vegetable juices

When drinking fruit juice, your body receives vitamins and minerals. Still, no fiber, essential substances to help strengthen the digestive system, as well as balance the amount of sugar in the body. Meanwhile, all vegetables and fruits are pureed in green Vegetables smoothies, helping to provide a lot of fiber in every smoothie.

Green Vegetables smoothies help you eat a lot of vegetables deliciously

Most people like fruits, but many people do not like to eat greens and rarely eat enough servings of vegetables every day. When you drink green Vegetables smoothies, the vegetable flavor is often overwhelmed by the fruit flavor, helping you to eat more vegetables without even noticing that you are eating vegetables.

Processing Vegetables smoothies is very simple

The only tool you need is a blender (and a jar if you grind a lot and want to save it for multiple uses).

Green vegetable smoothie helps children eat more vegetables

Children or adults, everyone loves a green vegetable smoothie  every day.

To make it easier for children to get used to green leafy smoothies, you should start with a more significant percentage of fruits (70/30 for fruits/vegetables at the start, gradually bringing them to 60/40 after that) until babies are used to and love new smoothies.

Green Vegetables smoothies provide a durable and balanced source of energy

Fruit provides a lot of energy, however, if you only eat fruit, this source of energy will be used very quickly (fruits contain a lot of sugar, and sugar is metabolized very quickly in the body). Meanwhile, with the large amount of green vegetables, green Vegetables smoothies help balance the amount of sugar and energy it provides.

Green vegetable smoothie  contains very few calories and helps with weight loss

Fresh, cool, and very nutritious-a glass of green vegetable smoothie  every day keeps you young

Green Vegetables smoothies are high in water and fiber, making you feel like youve eaten a whole meal. If you are trying to lose weight, green Vegetables smoothies can help you overcome hunger easily, help you quickly lose excess fat, while providing essential nutrients.

Green vegetable smoothie is easy to digest

The ingredients in green Vegetables smoothies have been finely ground and dissolved, so green Vegetables smoothies are digested and absorbed very quickly. The body does not need much time to break down food before absorbing the nutrients. People with indigestion should use green Vegetables smoothies.

Green Vegetables smoothies help you provide enough water needed for the body

Each person needs to drink eight glasses of water a day to provide enough water for the body, but experts believe that most people do not drink half of the above. One of the reasons is that many people dislike filtered and tasteless water. If you are one of them, increase the amount of water in the green vegetable smoothie . You will naturally drink more water.

8 kinds of green Vegetables smoothies

Spinach smoothie

Just prepare ingredients including 1 cup of spinach (spinach), 2 frozen ripe bananas, 1 fresh kiwi, and 1 glass of water. After that, put all the ingredients in a blender, then grind until smooth, and have a smoothie to enjoy.

Lettuce smoothie

  • Wash thoroughly a handful of lettuce, 2 cucumbers, juice of half a lemon, ½ peeled pineapple

  • Use a knife to chop the ingredients, put in a blender, pour 200ml of water.

  • Press the grind button until the mixture is smooth, pour out the cup.

If you want to have a delicious meal, you should keep the refrigerator for 15 minutes to cool. This drink will be extremely great.

Pennywort smoothie

  • Picking 500g clean pennywort, drain, and cut small pieces of 500g. Next, put in a blender, pour 500ml of water to grind and filter the juice.

  • To make smoothies better, you should add one teaspoon of salt, stir and divide into 2 cups to drink in the middle of the morning and mid-afternoon.

  • You should add less sugar to make it easier to drink if you do not need to lose weight.

Fish mint smoothie

Enjoy a beautiful glass of drinking water from fish mint smoothie as follows:

  • Take 100g of fish mint washed, then add 100 ml of filtered water and put it in the blender. + When the blender is puree, pour it into a glass and add 3 tablespoons of pure honey.

  • For better, put some ice cubes in, stir well and enjoy.

Katuk smoothie

Beautiful body and beautiful skin with simple green Vegetables smoothies from home vegetables as follows:

  • Get about 300g of katuk that have been washed, then add 300ml of water and puree.

  • Grind until the mixture is homogeneous, remove the pulp or leave it alone.

  • Finally, put in a cup and drink half an hour before each meal.

This green vegetable smoothie  has a very high content of vitamin C and vegetable protein. So, both help to beautify the skin and keep fit.

Celery smoothie

Blend in 200g celery, 1 apple all chopped along with 200 ml of water to puree, and add 1 teaspoon of honey to get a delicious smoothie.

Horseradish smoothie

  • Use 1/2 teaspoon of crushed horseradish powder, combined with seasonal fresh fruits of your choice such as avocado, pineapple, mango, strawberry.

  • For a delicious smoothie, when you grind instead of water, add sugar-free vegetable milk, such as quinoa or organic coconut milk.

  • When you see the smooth puree, pour out a cup and add ice and enjoy.

Vine spinach smoothie

This green vegetable smoothie  will surely delight you right away, with a rich, easy-to-drink flavor:

  • Prepare 1 peeled pineapple, 1 crushed grated ginger with 4-5 crushed leaves, and squeeze half a lemon to get water.

  • After that, put all of the above ingredients in the blender, then add a little water and puree to get a delicious smoothie right away. Add some ice to enjoy right away. It would be great.

Above are the uses of green Vegetables smoothies and 8 best green Vegetables smoothies that we recommend, readers should refer to the implementation to take care of your health and your skin.

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