Should we choose a hand blender or a traditional blender?

You are going to buy a blender then you consider between a hand blender or a traditional blender?. This article will send you the answer to this question as well as help you gain more experience to choose a blender that suits your family and your needs.

So lets find out details about each specific type of blender to get the right choice and use the blender properly.

Hand blender

It can be said that the hand blender is currently rasing and is used by many women instead of a traditional blender.  On the market, there are many types of blender such as Kangaroo blender, Philips, … Of course each type of Kangaroo blender or Philips, … will have its own specific advantages.

Hand blender is one of the household products that is gradually becoming popular in todays life. With the advantage of weight as well as small size, the machine easily exerts many extremely convenient capabilities that the large series of blender can not do.


— The most portable blender is a quite mobile machine with many outstanding advantages that many housewives with children who are reaching the weaning age. 

  • Versatile to use: This product allows you to blend ingredients in a pot, bowl or cup without having to switch to a desktop blender or food processor upright.
  • On top of that, the hand blender is very compact in size, easily removable in parts. So you can conveniently store them in kitchen drawer drawers without having to worry about large space and placement like a desktop blender.
  • Another benefit is that you can clean and clean them faster. With a desktop blender or vertical food processor, you need to disassemble and wash each stool. However, with a hand blender, you simply remove the crane and rinse it. Help you save time effectively.
  • Most people think an electric blender will be a heavyweight device, but that is completely wrong with a hand blender. In fact, they are very light so you can take them anywhere, such as cool trips, tours and more.

The proper use of a hand blender will help you improve machine efficiency, ensure safety for users and improve product life. Ways to Use your hand blender


However, there are also many disadvantages to the hand blender. 

  • The price of a hand blender is quite high.
  • There are also several different types of machines. 
  • In addition, this hand blender can not grind food or hard fruit like a blender.

  • Using a single-hand blender with only 1 function for the purée of baby food, the food will be too smooth. Later, your baby will have trouble eating rice. At that time, the hand grinder would no longer be an appropriate option. So now mothers can adjust the smoothness and roughness of baby food with a multi-functional hand blender with many other handy features.

How to clean a hand blender?

As well as cleaning the refrigerator, cleaning the blender is essential.

The refrigerator The cleaner the food will be, the fresher the blender will improve efficiency and not affect the things you want to grind. Cleaning the hand blender is very simple, too. 

  • All you need to do is pour a little water into the blender and press the button. 
  • The machine will invert the food still stuck under the jar for cleaning, without having to disassemble or clean your hands. 
  • Therefore, this is the best choice for families with young children. 

Which brands of hand blenders should we choose?

There are many brands of hand grinders available on the market, such as Braun Hand Blender, Saiko Hand Blender, Philiger Hand Blender, Bosch Hand Blender, etc. 

If you want cheap but good quality hand grinders you should choose from Korean hand grinders, hand grinders imported from Europe or other hand-held blenders.

 Particularly Braun hand grinders are always highly valued by consumers for their design and quality.

Traditional blender 

A blender (sometimes referred to as a liquidizer in British English) is a kitchen and laboratory appliance used to mix, purify, or emulsify food and other substances. The stationary blender consists of a blender with a rotating metal blade at the bottom, powered by an electric motor at the base.


Although the traditional blender is no longer the choice of mothers who feed their babies as much as before, the blender has sold well over the past year because it can be used not only to grind fruit but also to blend whisk, mix food, chop finely chopped to make soup from many different fruits and vegetables.

  • Traditional blender suitable for large families with many different needs, a large quantity of food required. 
  • This large capacity, sharp blade is expected to grind many types of food quickly. 
  • Blender can completely grind foods with a hardness that a hand blender cant do. 
  • Blender is generally cheaper than a hand blender. 
  • Moreover, you only need to know how to use a blender properly and efficiently as you can prepare your whole family of delicious smoothies every day. 
  • The price of a multifunctional blender ranges depending on the needs of each family. 


  • Disadvantages of a blender or a multifunctional blender that are very bulky so that they cant be taken anywhere. 
  • Hygiene also faces many difficulties due to food being shot at the blade, a cup that has caused quite a lot of losses. 
  • Each scrub has to disassemble every detail and take a lot of time. 
  • The food consists of the blender can not be equal compared to the hand blender.

Which brands of hand blenders should we choose?

Many families still prefer to use traditional Philips or Braun blender brands such as:

  • Philips Blender

  • Or the Braun blender. 

Now,  probably you know whether to buy a hand blender or a traditional blender after reading this article. For families with young children, you can choose to buy a hand blender because of its convenience, easy to grind baby snacks and quick and easy cleaning. 

For families with more people than you can use a traditional blender with more advanced features. Using the right blender will save you a lot of time and make more delicious food for the whole family!

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