Review Top 6 Best Hurom juicers you must-have in 2020

Hurom is a line of juicer not only famous and most popular in Korea, but this brand is also popular over the world because of its quality. But even though the Hurom press is really good, that doesnt mean that all of their products are of the same quality. That is The reason why it is necessary for you to read some Hurom juicer reviews before deciding to purchase one

If you want to find the best Hurom juicers, dont miss this article. According to our assessment, these are the best 6 Hurom presses in 2020. Please consult and buy now to feel their professionalism!

Learn about the Korean Hurom brand

Eating fruits is good for health. Not only good, but the fruit is also very safe. Nowadays, to make use of vegetables, fruits, people have invented a juicer. Products are very popular and gradually present in most families.

Since 1974 Hurom has been working on the juicer. Since then, the slow-press technology has been granted a patented patent. After years of continuous improvement in design and technology, the Hurom slow press is now available in more than 100 countries. Products have been enthusiastically welcomed by the great benefits.

Introducing the Korean Hurom slow speed juicer

As mentioned above, the Hurom slow press is one of the best products available today. Products using low-speed pressing technology is only 43 rpm. In addition, the device also owns many exclusive designs that bring luxury and convenience. Here are some outstanding features of this juicer line:

  • Speed ​​is only 43 rpm

  • Press water 1.5 times more than conventional machines

  • Keep lots of carbs, fiber, vitamins

  • Juice has natural color and taste

  • No noise when operating

  • Nice, handy design makes it easy to prepare juices

  • 10-year warranty

6 best Hurom slow juicer

Hurom Juicer – Hurom slow juicer HUROM HZ review

Hurom HZ has everything you could want from the juicer.

Customers may first notice that it has a durable stainless steel casing that protects both wear and tear and creates the look of a modern machine.

It also has elegant LEDs that allow you to adjust and control the settings, a complete set of ingredients for fruits and vegetables.

Basically, its also quite quiet, delivering the smooth, noise-free operation that most people would expect from a juicer and blender.

However, the best aspect of this juicer is probably its speed.

The Hurom HZ juicer rotates at just 43 revolutions per minute to mimic the slow-motion of juicing manually.

 Hurom H-AE slow juicer machine review

Much of what makes this juicer so special is also found in Hurom HZ.

Its very thorough, easy to clean, it has an elegant design (although in this case, Hurom claims to have designed the juicer in the spirit of a supercar) and it also mimics the way the flower presses. fruit by hand.

Although H-AE really attracts a lot thanks to its design and performance, we still have a bit of noise and a slight bump compared to the HZ slow juicer above, which means some The juice is flowing a little bit out.

Hurom slow juicer HH-SBF11 review

The Hurom HH-SBB11 earned a good position in the Hurom line of presses thanks to its affordable price, while still being competitive with quality.

The motor on this juicer is a very quiet 150W motor, rotating at a fairly low speed of 45 RPM. The low speed brings a lot of benefits to the fruit juice extracting process and protects the engine.

Of course, there are many other features youll notice, including the self-cleaning brush that seems to be redesigned so you can clean it easily, the funnel lid ensuring the juicer remains clean when You do not use, self-cleaning feature.

In total, HH-SBF11 comes with two filters including a fine and coarse filter, a fruit pulp container, and two juice jars.

Although this device does not fully capture the sensitizing effect of these two presses, it operates at a very gradual and thorough speed to produce the juice with the fullest flavor and nutrients.

It also has a safety lock mode to ensure the device will only activate if all parts are fastened according to the instructions.

Hurom HU-100SB slow juicer review

Using the companys patented Slow Press Technology, Hurom HU-100SB helps extract maximum juice (from pulp) from a variety of vegetables and fruits, both soft and hard.

In fact, SST technology allows the juicer to gently squeeze the ingredients, nutrients, and natural flavors of the preserved juice. Nutrients of fresh fruits are sensitive to heat but with this machine, both Vitamin C and A are also retained due to the low 80RPM pressing speed.

The Hurom HU-100SB has an average engine of 150W of power and rotates at eighty RPM, HU-100SB comes with an extra coarse filter for smoothies, a cleaning brush, but also a pulp container.

Another thing youll love is the fact that it has a plastic Ultem filter tool that doesnt contain BPA, meaning you dont need to worry about your juice being contaminated with harmful substances for your health.

Hurom HU Titanium slow juicer review

Did you know that the vitamin absorption rate is 4 times higher when you consume it later in the form of fruit juice instead of in the form of fresh fruit? If that is enough to get you thinking about buying a juicer, then perhaps you need to learn about the Hurom Titanium Masticating juicer.

This is one of the best Juicer you can have and not only squeezes out nutrients from your product, but also skin and seeds to hold up to 4 times more important nutrients.

Thanks to Huroms SST technology, the Hurom Titanium juicer squeezes fresh vegetables and fruits in a raw form.

This model is 35% more capable of making juice than any of its counterparts on the market, meaning that when you drink a glass of juice made from it it has a great taste that is rich in nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins.

The Hurom Titanium juicer has a 150W motor, you can make baby food, puree, marinate, sauce, milk, etc. thanks to the drill and Ultem filter that is 8 times stronger than handles and plastic. usually, common, normal.

Hurom Elite HH-SBB11 slow juicer review

With its advanced Auto Pulp feature and dual-wing drill, the Hurom HH-SBB11 is a very advanced juicer, very effective when it comes to juicing.

Compared to previous generations, the new and improved press system with SST Technology or Slow Injection Technology makes this model very easy to use and clean. Two-wing drills allow you to get more juice from the product of your choice and thats because it grinds, then squeezes food thoroughly and evenly.

The redesigned and simplified spinning brush, filter, and chamber make cleaning easy and convenient assembly. On top of that, the silicon parts are painted black to avoid stains, while the hopper can be used in two positions.

With the Elite HH SBB11 juicer, you can squeeze a variety of fruits and vegetables including nuts, wheatgrass, greens, vegetables, soft fruits, hard fruits and also make a variety of juices, marinades, sauces, milk and even tofu, nut milk, fresh soy milk and baby food.

The HUromHH-SB11 slow press machine works very quietly.

This article hopefully gave you some interesting reviews on Hurom juicers, so that you can choose out the most suitable one. Enjoy your summer with delicious juice!

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