Review Top 5 best ice crush blender in 2020

When using a blender, manufacturers often recommend that users should not put hard foods in the machine to avoid damaging the engine. So many people wonder if a blender can grind ice. The type of industrial ice crush blender often used in restaurants, hotels, collective kitchens. It can grind very well. However, for all household products

Blender has now become an indispensable item in every family. With this machine, homemakers can quickly grind different types of food from vegetables, tubers, fruits to meats and fish to make delicious and nutritious dishes for the family.

How to choose to buy ice crush blender?

To buy a blender for family, users need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Choose a multifunction blender to ensure it has many different grinding functions, in addition to the regular blender function; it is also possible to grind a variety of foods with different hardness.
  • Choose a large blender to ensure the engine is strong and powerful enough to grind hard rock. You should note that the higher the capacity of the machine, the machine can scrape large ice. If the size of the device is low, you should crush the stone first so it can be easier to puree the ice. However, with household blender products, you should only use ice cubes, marbles, crushed rocks to ensure the durability of the machine.
  • Choose a computer with a mill made from high-quality plastic material to ensure durability, not to break when impacting with hard rock while grinding. You should not choose products with blender parts made from polyester resin because this material is easy to crack, while the jar made from glass is thick, durable, but very fragile when subjected to impact strong force.
  • Choose a blender with a sharp blade made of high-grade stainless steel material to ensure the module is strong, strong, hard, capable of grinding ice, and not being rusty, affecting the quality of the grinding stone or warping during grinding.
  • Choose machines from reputable brands such as Philips, Sharp, Panasonic, Braun, Sunhouse to ensure the product is of good quality and can grind effectively.

Which ice blender should you buy?

We would like to suggest several good ice crush blender products are popular in the market today:

Sharp EM-ICE2V Sharp blender

Sharp EM-ICE2V Sharp blender is a product of the Sharp brand (Japan) and is manufactured in Thailand.

The machine has a rugged design, made from dedicated plastic material for health safety. The power of the machine is up to 450W and has a 5-blade blade with a serrated design made of stainless steel, offering good crushing ability, helping to puree fruit and ice to create cool smoothies healed.

Sharp EM-ICE2V Blender has three grinding modes, suitable for many different foods, including coffee beans, cereals, dry grains … The product also has a mode to automatically disconnect when too The load, as well as the safety lock mode, only allows the machine to operate when the spindle and the food processor match, helping to ensure maximum safety for users and the electrical system in the home. The device has a youthful and elegant white color, bringing convenience to the family kitchen.

Blender Philips HR2118

The Philips HR2118 Blender is a product of the Philips (Netherlands) brand, made in China with a warranty period of up to 24 months. This blender has a fresh green-white tone, bringing a youthful, modern look to the kitchen.

The machine has a strong capacity of up to 600W, has many different operating speeds, is made from high-quality PP plastic that is safe for health and has blades made of stainless steel, including blades four blades help to grind and smooth. This blender has the ability to grind well to create nutritious cups for the whole family.

Brackets with anti-vibration design help the machine operate smoothly, make less noise, and the machine has the function to automatically cut off the power when overloaded to increase product life.

Sunhouse multifunctional blender SHD5340

Sunhouse Multifunctional blender SHD5340 is a multifunctional blender of the Sunhouse brand. The device is made of durable plastic material, durable, no break, BPA free, ensuring safety for user health.

This machine has a large capacity of 500W, has a dual-layer stainless steel blade to help grind ice extremely fast, extremely smooth. It also comes with a blender – drinking smoothies made of titanium material, which makes it convenient to grind, drink directly and preserve smoothies more easily.

The tripod is also vibration-proof, and the machine has a self-disconnecting mode to ensure absolute safety during use. The product has a luxurious black color, bringing a more modern and convenient look to the family kitchen.

Panasonic MX-V310KRA desktop blender


  • Panasonic – Japan brand
  • Made in Malaysia
  • Genuine warranty: 12 months
  • Capacity of 600W
  • Belonging to a desktop grinder comes with two mills:
  • Large bowl: Made of crack-resistant plastic, 1.5-liter capacity. Used to make smoothies, grind food, mix food
  • Small bowl: Made of glass, the capacity of 0.2 liters. Used to grind dry food, spices
  • The machine integrates four different modes of blending and mixing
  • Support separate stone grinding mode. Good grinding ability, can grind small ice easily
  • Stainless steel blades have a special texture that makes them smooth, smooth, and mix food easily
  • Stable performance, solid design, good finishing
  • Bring a sense of security when using
  • Using simple
  • Simple and quick cleaning
  • Durability is highly appreciated

Omniblend V TM800A industrial blender


  • JTC brand
  • Made in Taiwan
  • 24-month warranty by vendor
  • Working capacity: 1,200W
  • Motor power: 3HP (about 2238W)
  • Voltage: 220V-50Hz
  • Steel transmission shaft for high durability
  • Mill capacity: 1.5 liters
  • The jar is made of Polycarbonate bearing plastic
  • 6-sided stainless steel blades
  • Adjust rotation speed of 3 different levels. Able to timer 30, 60 or 90 seconds
  • Equipped with stuffing function
  • Equipped with a thermal role, which helps the machine disconnect itself when overloaded or overheated
  • Rugged design, good finishing
  • Able to blend vitamins, food, hard seeds
  • The ability to grind very well thanks to its large capacity and dedicated design for stone grinding
  • Enduring operation to meet the high demands of the restaurant, professional chefs
  • Because of its large size and weight, mobility is limited
  • When operating, there is a very loud noise. You can fix this by buying a sound box

This is an industrial blender, so its ability to grind ice is indisputable. However, due to its large size, heavyweight, specialized for blender, loud noise, high power consumption, it is most suitable for service. Buying for home use seems a bit redundant!

Smoothie is a delicious and nutritious drink that many people like. A handy blender that can blend even small stones will help you reduce fatigue, and your smoothie will taste better when using the ice blend. The selection of a quality blender, suitable and grind is something that many housewives are interested in. Hopefully, the above information has helped you better understand the ability of the blender to grind ice as well as some types of quality blender grind on the market.

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