Best juice for nutritious smoothies – Have you tried them?

The effect of regularly taking smoothies

Not only is a refreshing beverage on a summer day, but besides fruit nutritious smoothies, vegetables also bring many beneficial health effects that we do not know about. So what is the impact of making smoothies?

 Good for the digestive system

You are a person who loves to drink smoothies, and making smoothies every day is very necessary for you. Therefore, you are the one who will rarely encounter gastrointestinal diseases. Because your daily smoothie habit not only provides the amount of vitamins and minerals possible, but because of the fiber content of vegetables and many, especially in liquid form, the ability to absorb into the body. A lot of words that help fight digestive diseases, especially taking vitamins will help prevent constipation suitable for pregnant women and children.

Strengthen the immune system

In addition to being a beverage, vitamins are one of the foods that help supplement nutrients, especially essential vitamins and minerals such as iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, calcium. They are considered metals that not only provide and protect strong bones, but can also boost the immune system against common diseases like colds and fever. Taking vitamins also helps wounds heal faster by promoting and producing collagen to help heal wounds quickly.

Help prevent cancer

As you know, fruits contain a lot of nutrients necessary for humans. Therefore, when using fresh fruit for processing vitamins will bring some effectiveness in supporting treatment and preventing cancer effectively thanks to the mineral content in smoothies. Drinking vitamins also provide the body with several high antioxidant components that help eliminate and inhibit the growth of some cancer cells such as oral cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer.

Has a beautiful skin

Not only has an excellent refreshment effect and health benefits, but it also gives women some additional effective beauty methods from this drink. Fruit contains a lot of nutrients and water, so when we mix a variety of hybrid fruits, it not only adds excellent flavors but also enriches the amount of nutrients.

Nowadays, instead of using some types of cosmetics and use smoothies as a natural beauty skin drink that ensures absolute safety from the inside. For women in their 30s, this is the most potent skin aging process, and the way to slow down the aging process is to drink vitamins every day. Berries in smoothies contain many of the vitamin C components in fruits that will not only slow down the aging process but also have a whitening and stretching effect, in smoothies also contain high levels of citric acid to help promote excess. The whitening process is faster. Smoothie is a very easy to drink and suitable for summer days.

Help to lose weight

Losing weight is a must that requires perseverance of each person because we have to cope with very unpleasant cravings, but if eaten, the dizzy weight gain occurs. With many diet methods to lose weight but not succeed, now just need to drink smoothies every day in combination with a reasonable exercise regime can help you control your weight very effectively.

Fruit contains many nutritious ingredients, so just drinking a smoothie every day will help you reduce cravings during the day. Because the body then gets all the nutrients, it needs from fruit, vitamins, and nutrients-rich vitamins would be the perfect choice to recharge and still not need to eat as much as before. Also, drink smoothies will replenish water from fresh foods will help your body retain moisture and fullness longer. This is also the type of drink used when exercising and sports to help lose weight beauty very effectively.

Is drinking smoothies every day good?

One day the body needs to be provided with a lot of vitamins and minerals for the body, but to ensure full requires us to eat a lot of this is not possible because at the same time eating a lot of foods, there will be a risk of abdominal pain, diarrhea. The most effective way is to use fruits to make smoothies that have a refreshing effect but also ensure an adequate supply of nutrients for the body.

Not only that, but taking vitamins also has many practical effects on the body, but vitamins are also an enormously effective beauty method that many women have used. Therefore, taking vitamins every day is essential and very good that nutrition experts recommend every day.

Ten easy-to-make smoothies to cool off the hot season

Vitamin not only helps people cool down but also has many health benefits. Here are ten delicious smoothies, a straightforward way to make this summer.

Avocado smoothie

Preparation: 1 avocado wax, one carton of sugary yogurt, two teaspoons of condensed milk, small ice.

Method: Split the avocado, take the meat, then put the butter + yogurt + condensed milk + ice cubes in a blender. Mom grind for about 30 seconds, see a smoothie, then turn off the machine and pour it into a glass for your baby to use. Each week, she can let her use one time to cool down.

Chocolate banana smoothie

Preparation: 2 ripe bananas, two teaspoons of chocolate or milo, 100ml of fresh milk with sugar (or without sugar), small ice.

Method: Remove the peels of banana, slice the sliced ​​meat into small slices, then put the banana + chocolate + fresh milk + ice in a blender and puree. When you see smooth smoothie, golden brown taste, pour into a glass to enjoy. If the baby likes sweet, the mother can add sugar.

Orange, lemon smoothie

Preparation: 2 teaspoons of lemon juice, one orange, one carton of sugary yogurt, one teaspoon linseed oil.

Method: Peeled oranges, remove seeds, take meat. Then she put a mixture of lemon juice + orange + yogurt + flaxseed oil and some small ice in the blender. When you see the smooth puree, pour it into a glass to enjoy. If you want a sweeter smoothie, you can add some condensed milk.

Pineapple smoothie

Preparation: 1 ripe pineapple, three teaspoons of sugar, fresh milk without sugar 1 cup, small ice cubes.

How to: Peel the pineapple, remove the eyes, chop. Then, mix the pineapple, sugar, fresh milk, and small ice into a puree. If your baby likes to eat sweet, you can give it sweetened milk.

The pineapple-sour, sweet-sweet smoothie of pineapple is very appealing to the baby. Pineapple is considered the “queen” of the fruit because it is rich in vitamin C, proper cooling, delicious taste.

Strawberry Yogurt smoothie 

Preparation: 10 ripe strawberries, one box of sugary yogurt, small ice.

How to do it: Mother washed ten strawberries, then put fruits + yogurt + small ice cubes in a blender. So the baby had a delicious yogurt strawberry smoothie.

Banana butter smoothie

Preparation: 1 waxy butter, two ripe bananas, one box of sugary yogurt, 60ml of sweet fresh milk, one teaspoon of lemon juice, one teaspoon of honey.

Method: Bananas peeled, cut into small slices. Avocado peeled, shredded and chopped. Combine bananas, butter, lemon juice, honey, fresh milk, yogurt, and ice in a blender. Mom grind for about 1 minute, see the smooth, smooth mixture, pour into a glass and let the baby use.

Smoothie mixed cream, mango, banana

Preparation: 1 small vanilla ice cream, 200g pineapple, mango 200g, 500 ml orange juice, one teaspoon honey.

Method: Remove the peeled pineapple, cut the flesh. Then, add all the cream, pineapple, mango, orange juice, honey, and little ice mixture into the blender. When you see smoothie is smooth, then pour into a cup for baby to use. Mothers can give babies this smoothie in the morning to increase their energy.

Strange butter chocolate smoothie

Preparation: Avocado 1, 1 teaspoon chocolate powder, whipped cream, two teaspoons condensed milk.

Method: Butter, peel, chop the meat, then put in the blender with condensed milk, chocolate, shaved ice. Grind until the mixture is smooth, slightly sweet, then pour into a glass. Continue pouring whipped cream, then mix up the whipped cream and enjoy.

Yogurt smoothie, melon

Preparation: Half melon, one box of yogurt, mint leaves, sugar, small ice.

Method: Mother took the melon flesh, removed all intestines. After that, she cut the melon into small pieces, depending on how much she likes to eat more or less, but she put it in a blender more or less. Then, put in a small amount of water, yogurt, two mint leaves, sugar, small rocks, and drunk. When you see the smooth, smooth mixture, pour it into a glass to enjoy.

Papaya smoothie with honey, lemon

Preparation: A medium-sized papaya, one teaspoon of honey, one spoon of lemon juice.

How to do it: Mother takes papaya meat, cut a small piece, then put all the mixture of papaya, honey, lemon juice, little ice into a blender. Mom grind about 2 minutes, see the smooth dough, then pour into a cup for baby to enjoy.

If you want to change your babys taste, you can make papaya smoothie with coconut milk or fresh milk, vanilla ice cream, depending on your babys palate. 

Through the above sharing hope you will have more knowledge about this nutritious drink. And answer the question about Is smoothie daily good? Alright then.

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