Review Top 5 Best Juicers for carrots in 2020

If you want to start or maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to invest in a smart, juicer concept. Juicers distill fruits and vegetables in a simple-to-eat drink which makes it easier than ever to have all your nutrients in the daytime. Carrots are among the healthiest juicing choices and the most delicious.

And there is one thing. If you’ve been exploring the juicer world, you may know that some products are far more effective than others in creating delicious , healthy juices.

That is why we looked at the world of juicers in a detailed way and listed five of the best carrot juicing choices there. We did our work, did some tests (delicious tests) and brought our findings together in your guide.

Breville 800JEXL 

We continue with the Breville 800JEXL. Buyers spending some money on this purchase may want to continue their search and complete their search for this one.

Suggesting that this juicer is decent would be an understatement. The machine features double-speed settings (13,000 or 6,500 RPM) for a wider variety of juicing options, impressive die-cast steel housing for optimum durability, and a 1,1-quarter capacity that allows you to distribute juice to many at once.

The package also includes an extra-large chute to help you add whole sizes, uncut fruits or vegetables easily , making the unit even more time efficient.

With regard to drawbacks, it is right to remember that this is one of the most expensive juicers looking good today (although there are definitely machines out there that far exceed it in cost). We have also listened to users’opinion who reported prematurely rusted housing; however, it’s hard to tell exactly why without a more thorough knowing about their home setup.

Besides that, we also believe it is the best carrot juicer in 2020.


  • Steel Cottage
  • Two Speed Options
  • 1 Resource 1 Quart
  • Ultra Big Drops


  • Pricy compared with other choices on the list today
  • Many accounts of rusting out rare.

Omega J8006 

The Omega J8006 is an outstanding, high-end chewing juicer that, thanks to their impressive performance, has landed a spot in our second slot. The Omega works quietly in the morning for an pleasant, relaxed atmosphere and is easy to vacuum, thereby saving you time during your juicing sessions. It also seems fairly user friendly, which is not always the case when thinking about chewing juicers.

Yet chewing juicers often come together with inconveniences special to them. For example, the Omega J8006 does not consider whole fruits and vegetables, unlike the last choice we’ve been looking into. You have to finely chop your ingredients with this machine to extract juice, and then feed them gradually through the chute.

Needless to say, if you try on a busy morning to make a lot of juice, that’s going to be a little overwhelming. But aside from these issues, the Omega J8006 offers an excellent alternative choice for buyers not sold on the Breville.


  • Operation Silent
  • Easy to wear
  • Quick to clean


  • Needs finely chopped ingredients, which add more time to the juicing sessions

Hamilton Beach 67601A 

The budget must also be the prevailing purchasing consideration. In conditions like this it is nice to know that out there are items like our best for money choice, the Hamilton Beach juicer. This choice is a little easier than we’ve been looking at the last few, but there’s plenty to get it right, too.

The Hamilton Beach juicer is easy to clean, it features a large chute that allows you to use whole fruits and vegetables at once, and it has access to 800 watts of power to make your juicing sessions enjoyable and fast.

All that said we picked up on a couple of things. As one thing, this juicer struggles with high volume vegetable loads a little bit. Considering the size it’s not entirely shocking, but it’s also important to keep in mind.

The juicer also fails against fruits and vegetables which are dependent on liquids. We found the juices would be especially pulpy when we were using liquid-rich ingredients.

Besides that, he’s a decent beginner juicer at a quality that would be really difficult to beat.


  • Big Crash
  • Best for Cash
  • Quickly


  • Lives with Volume
  • Luttering with ingredients based on liquids.

Breville BJE200XL 

The Breville juicer is sitting in our penultimate slot, but unfortunately this tool falls a long cry short of the last unit in Breville that we were looking at. So let’s go over what the app is doing well, before we get into the problems.

This device is actually very similar to the first Breville we’ve seen on the road. Its cleaning is quick. It features a large chute and a heavy-duty construction that will ensure that it’s time test standing.

The question is our top pick isn’t going nearly as well. We note that it seems to be affected by bigger fruits and vegetables leaving behind a very wet pulp that still retains plenty of potential juice.

We find the leafy greens fail immensely, but do not seem to have any difficulty slipping through the pulp bin.

While this sounds like a cheap alternative to the Breville 800 JEXL, the truth of the matter is that in products like our best for money range, customers on a budget can find higher quality alternatives.


  • Easy to tidy
  • Big Crash


  • Luttering with leafy greens
  • Not quite thorough

NutriChef PKSJ40 

In last position is the Nutrichef. Sadly, this drug just wins its place on the list, with a output that doesn’t suit any of the other juicers we’ve seen today.

Obviously it’s not all evil. One thing we really enjoyed about this juicer was that it’s easy to use and still very easy to clean when the job is all said and done.

Nonetheless, other inevitable inconveniences prevent it from achieving the same heights of productivity as we see in other products.

The machine itself is small, the juice it produces is pulpy and from other users we learned that its lifetime was less than a year..

While there are some things the NutriChef gets right; there are still some problems that need to be ironed out before it can more seriously compete with other top juicers.


  • Easy to tidy
  • Simple to use


  • Yummy juice
  • Hard to buy
  • Spanish for Short Life


You’ve read the Carrot juicer comments. Now it’s time to find out which of these gadgets will make you a healthier and happier household.


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