15 kinds of fruit and vegetable juices help women lose weight effectively.

A good diet combined with the right use of fruit and vegetable juices not only helps women lose weight quickly, but also improves skin and health. So how do you choose and use fruit juice to lose weight properly?

Not all juices will help you lose weight; otherwise, choosing them will cause side effects. So, in the first step, you need to know the list of fruit juices, vegetables that help keep shape, lose weight, at least the following 15 types:

Watermelon juice

Watermelon is very low in calories, but 90% of the water is going to help you stay full. However, their glycemic index is quite high, so you need moderate watermelon juice and no added sugar.

Grapefruit juice

Just like Watermelon, 90 percent of grapefruit is water. Especially one-quarter of grapefruit contains only 39 calories but provides up to 65 percent of vitamin C to the body, not all when this fruit has a super low glycemic index, close to not releasing sugar into the body. Grapefruit is the first fruit that you can eat and squeeze water to drink to support weight loss, maintain body shape, and, in particular, toned abdominal area.

Apple juice

Apple juice is the first choice for believers to lose weight with 116 calories to help their body feel full and consume fewer other foods, especially junk foods.

Orange juice

Oranges are rich in vitamin C and help you feel four times longer than regular cookies. However, oranges are quite rich in fiber, so in addition to juice, if youre not too busy, you should eat oranges for better effect.

Grape juice

Many people believe that sweet grapes should not be effective for weight loss. Still, the grapes contain resveratrol, which stimulates the activation of adiponectin, a substance that forms fat cells. Drinking grape juice just enough will help you lose weight effectively, especially by increasing the antioxidants that are good for your skin.

Celery juice

Not only has the effect of preventing acne, but celery juice also helps improve the physical health that many women choose. However, this juice is difficult to drink, so you can mix it with other juices to make it easier to drink.

Pineapple juice

Pineapple juice is super delicious and also helps to reduce weight effectively. Note that when pressing, women should not add sugar, preferably ripe pineapple, yellow, and should only drink 2-3 cups a week.

Cherry juice

Just 130 g cherries provide 87 calories for the body. They have an extremely low glycemic index, a sour taste, so some often add a little sugar, which does not affect too much the process of keeping your body and losing weight.

Tomatoes juice

Tomatoes are juicy and rich in fiber and vitamins. As a result, this fruit is used by many women every day to use water to both support weight loss and improve skin tone.

Cucumber juice

Cucumbers are extremely low in calories, not only encouraging weight loss, but are also considered to be the “companion” of many women in the body detoxification process. Sisters should mix the cucumber juice with some other sweet fruit to make it easier to drink.

Carrot juice

Carrot juice is a great drink for the skin and the body. However, this type of juice is quite picky for drinkers because the taste is not too attractive (if not familiar) especially when it is necessary to add no sugar.

Bitter melon juice

Bitter melon juice has many uses, one of which is the ability to metabolize fat, reduce fat, and control calorie intake. Note, with bitter melon. Women should mix with a little more honey so that they can drink more easily.

Strawberry juice

With strawberries, you should make a smoothie instead of juice that helps you absorb fiber, water, vitamin C, and nearly 30% of manganese to support weight loss effectively.

Passion fruit juice

On average, one passion fruit contains only 17 calories, but it has the effect of filling you for a long time, effectively controlling your appetite.

Kiwi  juice

Although kiwis contain sugar, their glycemic index is quite low, resulting in a slower release of sugar to the bloodstream. This fruit is often made smoother than juice.

70% of women losing weight fail to drink juice in the wrong way

Choosing the right juice determines the 50 percent success of your weight loss. The remaining 50 percent depends on how you use it. Here are the notes that you should grasp if you want to lose weight effectively with fruit juice.

When to drink some juice?

You can drink fruit in the middle of your meal, but its best to drink 20-30 minutes before your meal to increase your weight loss. Limit the drink of juice in the evening.

Fresh or bottled juices?

Fresh juice is recommended here. However, women need to make sure that the fruit they choose does not contain chemicals and pesticides if they do not want them to be harmful to their health.

For bottled fruit juices, you can look for organic juice brands (such as Rabenhorst) that are extracted from 100 % natural fruit. Using modern technology, no chemicals, no preservatives, no added sugar (except sour cherry juice) combined with long-term bottling technology to help keep the juice well and taste delicious over time.

Do not heat the juice; do not take medicine with juice.

In order to avoid affecting the quality of the juice as well as its health, women should not warm the juice, mix it with milk or drink with medicine. It cannot replace tapped water.

Do not abuse yourself.

Fruit juice may support your weight loss process. However, every day should only drink 1-2 glasses of juice, this amount of juice is sufficient. Overuse does not help the body to lose more fat as you think, but can cause weight gain, affecting your health.

Juice cannot replace food and exercise.

A safe weight loss regime will help you to repel weight, but still ensure tough health. Women should, therefore, only use fruit juice as part of the weight loss roadmap, not fasting (especially skipping fiber) or skipping exercise.

In short, if you know the combination of a reasonable diet, a healthy lifestyle, the choice and use of fruit and vegetable juice, will help you lose weight faster and more effectively. Luckily, with the above sharing, you will have a better understanding of the role of fruit juice, how to choose and use fruit and vegetable juice efficiently.

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