Review Details:Magic Bullet 21 blender: Lots of accessories

Surely youve heard somewhere that: The Magic Bullet 21 accessories blender are a cheap multi-function blender worth buying. 

You wonder not to know:

  • What is the design and composition of the Magic Bullet multi-function blender?
  • What features does it have? Why is it a handy multi-function blender?
  • Is the blender Magic Bullet 21 detailed good? What accessories does it come with?
  • How does it compare to competitors in the same segment?
  • If you want to buy, where to buy? How much?

To get the most accurate and objective answer, we have ordered a Magic Bullet 21pc with accessories for practical experience. In this review, lets find out the answers to the above questions!

Open the blender box Magic Bullet 21 details

Lets start by admiring some of the actual product opening pictures!

The product is packed in a huge box. It is also made quite eye-catching

This side of the box contains key features this product can do

This side prints accessories on the inside. Just looking alone makes me feel dizzy!

Open the box, and we will see how to arrange the accessories inside. All carefully wrapped in plastic

Lift all the accessories and place them on the table, half of the surface of your desk

The user manual is fully printed. And its also quite thick!

Main specification

  • Type: multi-function blender
  • Capacity: 200W
  • Made in China
  • Six months warranty or not, depending on the vendor
  • Only one level of speed, when you want the machine to operate you just press the mill down the body

Extremely different accessories, including:

  • 2 impact-bearing plastic mill
  • 1 fruit blender with filter, comes with fruit stick
  • 4 cups with plastic handle
  • 4 round lids for cups, 4 lids with different shapes
  • 2 sets of stainless steel blades. One has 2 sides and one has 4 sides
  • Machine body
  • Features: Blender, pulverized smoothie (it is similar to fast pressing fruit juice), dry food, wet food, ice, meat.

Review Magic Bullet multifunctional blender 21 in detail

Machine body

The entire body, as well as accessories, are made from plastic. The body is quite compact, but it is also quite heavy for its size

This part is for connecting millstone. When you want the machine to operate you just press the mill down

The rear side has a heat sink slot for the engine

Under the base is the air intake system for the cooling fan. 4 corners with 4 anti-skid feet help the machine stand more firmly on the table

The machines wires are flat wires with a 2-pin round universal connector.

Magic Bullet Blender Accessories: A lot!

I also opened the box, evaluated quite a lot of multifunctional blender, but I have to say this is a cheap machine with the most accessories I know!

Below is a detailed picture of the accessories that come with the device:

The first is a small capacity mill with a 2-sided blade. This type is used for food processors, meat grinders. You can also use it to grind ice

Texture of the underside of the blade

This is a blender with a sieve

You can completely disassemble the parts of this blender for cleaning

Blender using a 4-sided blade. You can remove this blade to attach it to other grates or cups easily

The underside of a 4-sided blade is similar to a 2-sided blade

The accompanying filter is made of stainless steel

A push bar for fruit when you want to use a smoothie to remove the pulp

The machine comes with 2 mills. One big, one small

There are 4 blending cups; even it comes with 4 loops of different colors

Not yet reused there, the Magic Bullet equips us with 4 lids for 4 cups. Including 2 closed lids, the other 2 are perforated

You can completely fit the cup into the blade to blend smoothies directly into it

Even if you want to fit a 2-blade or 4-blade into the blender cup, it fits

Very versatile

This is a very versatile machine, especially considering its price. You can hardly find a versatile blender that cheap.

With this magic bullet, you can do many different things.

  • Blender directly into the beaker: Put the ingredients in the beaker, fit the blade properly, into the body of the blender. Then you just need to remove the blade, and so bring the whole cup to use as a container without always switching to another cup. This saves time and also helps you clean faster.
  • Blender filtered pulp: This feature is quite similar to the feature of fast juice. However, it is a bit “rudimentary” a bit more. Anyway, I find it very convenient in some cases

  • Grind dry food, grind wet food, grind spices, grind meat
  • You can use it to grind ice but its ability to grind ice is not really good. But it can do it anyway!
  • One thing I really like is that the machine comes with 4 instant cups. You can blend directly into the cup, and each family member will have one for immediate use without having to separate for labor.

Blending smoothies directly into 4 cups comes very convenient

Experience practical use

Some personal reviews after about 1 week of actual use of Magic Bullet 21 blender details:

  • Good design, good finishing compared to the price
  • Lots of accessories
  • High flexibility, suitable for many needs
  • The device works smoothly, making quite a bit of noise compared to competitors of the same price range
  • The ability to grind well, grind fairly smooth and smooth

  • Blending smoothies directly into the blender comes very convenient
  • The blender has a pretty convenient filter. But cleaning this mortar is also quite tiring!
  • Because the machine has only a one-speed level, it is also somewhat limited when grinding different types of food. If it has 2 levels and the stuffing mode is more convenient
  • You can completely grind ice in case of need. Of course its ability to grind is not really optimal, but still usable!
  • Many accessories also have good but also bad. Sometimes so much that I find it a bit entangled and do not know how to store it!

Detailed instruction for using Magic Bullet 21

Using the Magic Bullet blender usually has 2 modes, 1 is manual operation 2 is electrical operation (hands-free) Depending on the time and suitability when cooking, you choose the appropriate mode.

  • Manual operation mode:

1. First, for each material, you must choose an appropriate type of grinding cup according to the instructions of the machine. There are 2 types of cups: low cup, tall cup and food cup.

2. Put the ingredients in the selected beaker. To grind ice or large foods, leave room for ice or other ingredients to move around freely.

3. Choose the most suitable blade, either a four-blade blade or a flat blade—the best four-blade blade for cutting, blending foods like cheese, meat, and smoothies. The best flat blade to stir and grind things like ice cream, spices, coffee and herbs.

4. Screw the selected blade into the provided beaker until it is tightened.

5. Turn the cup upside down, fold the tab, end of the blade, into the socket.

6. Push down the cup to turn on the engine.

7. Release pressure on the cup to stop the tool.

  • Lock mode (hands-free):

1. Choose a cup that best suits your needs.

2. Put the food in the selected cup

3. Select the appropriate blade

4. Screw the blade into the cup to tighten

5. Put the cup up, put it on the base

6. Push down the cup and turn it clockwise to lock the tabs along the edge of the engine base. Magic Bullet will stay until you press down and turn counterclockwise to remove the cup.


  • PROS

Rugged design, compact body

Easy to use, safe

Accessories are very rich

Blender directly in the blender comes very convenient

Very versatile, suitable for many different needs

Cheap rates

  • CONS

Storing difficulties

Only one-speed level

With the use of the simple Magic Bullet blender and accessories introduced above, just a little more research, you can use the Magic Bullet blender cup expertly to make every meal with type this blender. From smoothies to savory dishes. Good luck!

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