Which manual juicers are the best on the market today?

The manual juicer is quite handy. No need to plug in, the product is very simple to operate. If you need to squeeze vegetables, tubers, fruits in moderate quantities, a manual juicer is the best option. The product squeezes out and retains a lot of nutrition. But do you know any good manual juicer? Now lets find out which manual juicers are the best on the market today.

What is a manual juicer?

Everyone knows juicers but manual juicer is a new product. Derived from the USA wheatgrass association with a specialized product for pressing wheatgrass. The product was originally introduced with the purpose of pressing wheatgrass. However, in the process of using the product brought many unexpected utilities. Therefore more and more products are sold on the market.

The manual juicer has a very simple design. The machine uses absolutely no electricity. Instead, the transmission is designed to help grind all kinds of fruits and vegetables easily. Currently, the main function of the product in home kitchens is juicing fruits, vegetables, and tubers. This is considered a tool to assist easy juice processing.

Manual juicer with one arm. When they use this hand crank, the transmission will operate the inner helix. Vegetables, tubers, fruits will be rolled down and crushed, squeezed out of water. 

Is a manual juicer good?

Compared to electric juicer, manual juicer is not as versatile. In return, the manual juicer can squeeze tough fruits, vegetables, and juices that cannot be pressed by the electric juicer. 

Pros of manual juicer

Some pros of manual juicing lines are as follows:

  • Most manual juicers have a compact design, saving the kitchen space.
  • The machine uses force from the arm without consuming energy so that electricity costs are minimized.
  • The machine has great longevity with many outstanding features.

  • Not only can you squeeze fruits, most of the manual juicer can be used for many other foods such as vegetables, or tubers.
  • The parts of the machine are easy to disassemble and reassemble simply after cleaning.
  • The machine uses low-speed pressing technology to save maximum water. In addition, it also preserves the necessary nutrient content.

Cons of manual juicer

Manufacturers are gradually overcoming some disadvantages of this product such as:

  • Slow pressing speed takes quite a lot of operating time of the machine.
  • Having to use the force of arms too much in a long time is time-consuming and labor-consuming.
  • The design of the device is quite simple without much creativity.
  • The shaft after a period of use may be rusted or abrasive, no longer work as quickly as the original.

The best manual juicers today

There are hundreds of models of manual juicer but very few standards. Genuine products and quality claims clearly count on your fingers. So which manual juicers are the best on the market today?

Healthy Juicer Manual juicer

Manual juicer Healthy Juicer has long been trusted by housewives. When choosing Healthy Juicer, users can feel secure about the friendliness of the product. The device has been tested and recommended by the Institute of Optimal Health and the Hippocrates Institute of Health. 

Some outstanding advantages of Healthy Juicer manual juicer include:

  • The machine can squeeze a variety of fruits from tough vegetables or hard fruits in a simple way.
  • The transmission unit has a very high durability so that the machine can still retain the structure when grinding hard objects.
  • Plastic material has good anti-oxidation properties and wont corrode after a long time of use.
  • The life expectancy of the machine is very high up to 10-15 years to save maximum equipment replacement costs.
  • The pressing speed of the machine is quite slow, making it easy for users to adjust the level of food grinding accordingly.

  • Compact design, easy to disassemble quickly makes cleaning much simpler.
  • The machine fully uses user arm force to operate, does not use electricity, thus saving up monthly energy costs for the family.
  • Crank is designed scientifically with a reasonable length to reduce the feeling of hand fatigue for users.
  • The drill is manufactured from stainless steel material with a very high durability so that it remains the structure and does not scratch after a long time of use.

However, any product also has disadvantages that need to be overcome to ensure the quality and stability of the product such as:

  • Plastic material is a major weakness of this product because if the temperature is too high, it can deform the structure or be difficult to clean and reduce the aesthetics of the machine.
  • The color of the device is quite monotonous, does not bring too many options to customers.
  • Simple design does not have many creative points.
  • Pressing speed of the machine is too slow, it takes a lot of time for users.
  • Manual shooting for a long time takes a lot of user effort. This is the biggest disadvantage of the machine compared to the common automatic presses on the market today.

Yang Mu Manual juicer

Yang Mu juicer is a familiar household brand from China with a strong and unique design. The advantages that this product brings to consumers are quite special such as:

  • The rotating hand part is designed very firm and scientific. Moderate crank length to save the maximum force needed to help users not feel tired.
  • The design of the modern machine with many features brings greater pressure.
  • Strictly selected production materials ensure durability. In addition, the level of user friendliness is the top priority.
  • The life of the device is very long from 5 to 10 years.
  • The juice from the machine retains the nutritional content.
  • The machine is operated by hand so it does not consume any energy and is extremely environmentally friendly.
  • The product can be removed and installed very easily without worrying about damage to internal components.
  • The press is able to juice a wide variety of vegetables, tubers, and fruits, including high hardness foods.
  • Compact design, saving the maximum space of your kitchen.
  • The price of the device is quite cheap, suitable for low and middle income families.

Besides, Yang Mu juicer still has some points that receive bad feedback from customers such as:

  • When pressed vegetables, tubers, fruits in large numbers will cause fatigue for users.
  • The drying up of water in food is completely impossible. This causes great waste for families.
  • The speed of the device is quite low so the juicing time is very long.
  • Most of the materials used are plastic, so the durability is not high and it is difficult to maintain the aesthetics after a period of use.

JUICER JC-268 Manual Juicer

This is a very popular product line in many restaurants, bars, nowadays because the pressure is quite large, saving a lot of time and effort for users. Profit is always the top concern of businessmen, the product is the current leading choice with the ability to save costs and outstanding advantages such as:

  • The juicer uses the principle of leverage to get all the water in vegetables, tubers, and fruits in a quick time.
  • The strength of the blade is quite large and the press speed is fast.
  • The machine is durable with a life of 7 – 8 years with continuous operating time without affecting the internal apparatus.
  • Simple, compact design saves maximum the preparation space.
  • The rotating shaft is scientifically installed with an appropriate size to help users minimize the feeling of hand fatigue and discomfort.

Despite being highly appreciated, leverage juicer still has shortcomings that need to be overcome as soon as:

  • Currently, the device can only be used to squeeze soft fruits such as oranges, tangerines, etc.
  • The nutritional content of raw materials is not completely retained.
  • Aesthetics of the product after a period of use is not appreciated.
  • The price of the product is quite high, only suitable for business units.
  • The colors of the device are quite monotonous, including black and white and there are not many options for customers.

Above are a few to share on the topic “which manual juicers are the best on the market today?” . Hopefully, the information provided in this article can help you choose the manual juicers that best suits your needs.

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