How to use the Wheatgrass Juicer Easiest

Today, we will review the best wheatgrass juicer “Healthy Juicer”. What is a manual wheatgrass juicer? Why is it so popular? In this article, the author will introduce to you the product of hand crusher is very useful in life. It helps you have nutritious wheatgrass juice to prevent many diseases, including serious diseases such as cancer.

Introducing manual wheatgrass juicer

Manual wheatgrass juicer-Healthy Juicer

When we think of juicing vegetables, fruits, we often think of juicer. However, with tough vegetables or tubers, hard fruits require a more specialized product.

Wheatgrass juice is good for health. Therefore, the need to grow wheatgrass and get juice to drink is huge. Wheatgrass juicer is a specialized product that can squeeze wheatgrass and vegetables.

Apart from the use of wheatgrass, this manual crusher can also produce pennywort. A type of cooling drink quite popular in Vietnam. Healthy Juicer wheatgrass juicer can also be used to juice tubers, hard fruits, and a small amount of water.

Pure and pure wheatgrass juice. 1.5 times more water than a conventional juicer. In addition, the juice is also rich in vitamins and fiber, starch.

We are introducing some of the best manual juicer products available today. The product helps to squeeze vegetables, tubers, fruits very well. The machine can also squeeze wheatgrass easily.

The best juicer today

In addition to manual wheatgrass juicer, there are many types of electric juicers. The best products today are Hurom juicers and Kuvings imported from Korea. Water-squeezed products derive much of the nutrients found in fruits. The durability of 10 to 20 years is still good. Price from 6 to 15 million depending on the model.

More affordable prices have a lot of options. You can refer to brands Tefal, Korihome, Philips, Panasonic, etc.

Can a blender be able to squeeze wheatgrass?

Most families have a blender or a hand blender. Many people, therefore, want to make use of to squeeze wheatgrass. However, this type can not be pressed and low efficiency. You should use more specialized presses.

The best manual wheatgrass juicer today

In the article hand juicer also mentioned very deeply about this product. In particular, Healthy Juicer wheatgrass crusher is the best customer rating today.

Healthy Juicer wheatgrass juicer is imported from the USA. Product of the American wheatgrass association. Healthy juice is manufactured from high-quality ABS plastic on modern technology lines. When pressing wild vegetables, tubers, hard fruits, do not warp. Healthy Juicer wheatgrass juicer is strong and safe to use.

  • Import USA

  • Use the crank

  • Squeeze vegetables, tubers, fruits

Advantages of wheatgrass juice

Wheatgrass is still very new in Vietnam, but in developed countries around the world, it is a very good food for health. Wheatgrass is easy to grow, easy to use, wheatgrass provides many nutrients for the body such as chlorophyll of vitamins B-12, B-6, K&C, etc. In the US, wheatgrass is included in chapters. The health care program is easy to grow and easy to grow and has many health benefits.

Wheatgrass juice

Growing wheatgrass not only creates green space, decorating houses. Wheatgrass juice has many beneficial effects on the body, such as:

  • Liver detoxification

  • Clean the colon

  • Strengthen the immune system

  • Purify the body

  • Cancer prevention and treatment (according to a study by Dr. Ann Wigmore, wheatgrass has 97 enzymes, vitamins, phytochemicals, and minerals)

  • Increasing resistance to the body

In the program of health, food safety in the United States, England, people often mention wheatgrass. There are many supporters and many studies on wheatgrass. Studies show the excellent effects of wheatgrass. Today you can find out on the internet about wheatgrass and the advantages of wheatgrass for a health care solution for your loved ones.

Growing wheatgrass is very simple. You can grow or buy a kit for growing wheatgrass sold at Tri Hung company. In addition, Tri Hung company also provides wheatgrass seeds at affordable prices. Now, lets join hands for the health of family members as well as for the health of the community.

To effectively juice the wheatgrass, use a slow speed juicer. A conventional juicer does not squeeze or produces very little water. There are also thousands of premium products for the family. Here are some products that serve the needs of the mill you may be interested in: Household meat grinder / Orange juice extractor / Egg whisk

Wheatgrass juicer “Facare – Healthy Juicer”

Facare – Healthy Juicer: vegetable juicer in America

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are popular, in addition to being delicious, fruit juice is also an excellent source of nutrition. For a delicious and nutritious glass of juice, the juicer plays a very important role.

Today the line of conventional presses, using the blade system and centrifugal rotational force, is no longer used as much as before. Instead, it is a slow speed pressing technology, using a forced screw system (LSTS), which is increasingly loved by the convenience and quality of juice.

Using a slow speed juicer produces a much larger amount of water than a conventional machine. Vegetables are used to the fullest, the pulp often dried. But most important is the quality of the juice, which retains the same nutritional content as fresh fruit.

This is a comparison between Facare – Healthy Juicer and conventional juicer.

Facare juicer 

  • The screw rotation speed is slow, but produces a large amount of juice, dry and very little residue.

  • Pressure roller, no friction, no heat generation, vitamins and nutrients remain 98%

  • Preserve the color and flavor of the fruit

  • Easy to disassemble, clean

Conventional juicer

  • The rotating speed of the grinding tray is very large, nearly 2400 rpm, producing 2 times less juice, while the residue generated increases by 2, and a lot of water is left.

  • The tray creates a strong friction against the fruit, generating large heat, vitamins and nutrients only 20% -30%

  • The color and taste varies a lot

  • Glassy, ​​complicated in assembly, cleaning

Facare – Healthy Juicer is a low-speed, non-power-compact, compact machine that can be easily removed and cleaned. But most especially, the efficiency and quality of juice

The Facare – Healthy juicer can effectively juice any type of vegetable, tuber, or fruit with the highest juice quality.

With this juicer, you can effectively squeeze any vegetable, bulb, or fruit.

Facare – Healthy juicer is rated as the best juicer using slow speed juicing technology, the forced screw system (LSTS) works best and produces the best juice quality.

Facare – Healthy Juicer is a non-electric specialized Juicer and Wheat Juicer. The device is made of stainless steel and plastic that is safe, non-toxic, and super durable that meets FDA standards of the United States.

Hand-held scientific design, long and strong not tired hands for the user

Core drill, super durable, can squeeze all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Meets FDA standards of the United States

Facare – Healthy Juicer is sold and recommended by the Institute of Optimal Health and the Hippocrates Institute of Health – USA in the Wheatgrass Educational Development Program (Wheatgrass). With more than 600 retailers in the United States and distributors in many countries around the world, the Facare – Healthy Juicer juicer is the best-selling product line and highly appreciated by consumers for quality.


Using the Facare – Healthy Juicer juicer is easy and simple during assembly, cleaning, and pressing juice from fruits and wheatgrass.

Using Facare – Healthy Juicer juicer keeps 100% of the nutritional value of wheatgrass and fruit.

The Facare – Healthy Juicer machine produces a larger amount of water from the wheatgrass and fruit, and the juice quality is better than any other juicer.

Surely you will be really satisfied when using Fruit Juicer and Wheatgrass Facare – Healthy Juicer.

Wheatgrass juice is a good source of nutrition for human health.

Above are our suggestions for the best wheatgrass juicerHealthy Juicer. A healthy juicer will surely satisfy you with superior advantages compared to other types of machines so that you can enjoy 1 cup of delicious wheatgrass juice.

Hopefully, the above knowledge will help you buy the right manual wheatgrass juicer. Do not forget to share with friends and relatives about this useful information. Sincere thanks and wish you and your family healthy.

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