Review Top 5 Best nut milk makers in 2020

Nut milk is always a very good nutrient for the body, bringing many nutrients and vitamins to you daily. The types of processed, canned nut milk outside do not suit your taste, or sometimes you feel that they are not safe in food hygiene. Therefore, you want to create your own milk cup according to your style and preferences. If thats a case, just think of a grain nut milk maker.

In recent times, the grain milk machine has been searched by many consumers. However, many consumers are still wondering how to buy the best, durable, and safe grain mill machine; the following review will help you do this.

What is a grain milk maker?

The grain milk machine is similar to conventional grinding machines, but has a higher capacity, a sharp blade and is more durable, combined with automatic cooking mode as soon as the seeds have been pureed, basically a milk processing machine. The seeds are quite similar to the soy milk maker, but they have more features

Structure of a grain milk maker

The grain milk maker is like other types of blender made of the following basic components

  • 1 The body of the machine consists of an engine and adjusting parts
  • 1 glass jar with a blade included.
  • 1 stuffed bar
  • 1 filt sieve
  • 1 steamer
  • 1 cleaning brush
  • 1 cup is equal to 100 gam seeds
  • 1 user manual

The advantages of grain milk maker

A grain milk maker is a versatile machine, so the main feature of this machine is to grind the nuts and cook them in the mill, but in addition to this feature, they also have many attractive features as follows.

Blending and processing nuts into milk is similar to processing soy milk. This way, we can choose many different types of nut flavors, different sugars to suit the taste of the maker.

Another feature of the Nut Milk Maker is that many women use this machine to grind and cook foods for babies to eat miles or porridge with vegetables, fruits, and then grind them in the machine without going through other complex stages.

Grain milk machine also has a porridge cooking mode, dedicated soup. Many nutrition porridge stores also use this type of blender.

Another feature that many people love is that the machine is also used to make smoothies like a specialized blender, which can grind even ice, which is something conventional grinders do not.

The grain milk maker also comes with a dedicated steamer, which is used to steam food, high-quality plastic steamer, food safety, and high-temperature resistance.

In addition, the grain milk processing machine can be used to steam, stew, and cook tea. These are the recipes we usually make, making your kitchen work simpler and more convenient.

The benefits of nut milk for human health

Cows milk has many vitamins and good qualities for health, but not all of them are in cows milk, so we need to use nut milk to replenish nutrients for the body. The great benefits that nut milk brings to our health are undeniable.

If we use cashew nut milk, it will be good for health because the milk contains anacardic acid that can prevent cancer.

Nut milk is rich in compounds containing potassium and magnesium, two compounds containing metal that are very good for the body, helping muscles work smoothly and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Lutein and zeaxanthin are found in cashews to enhance eyesight, supplemented with cashew milk that will make your eyes healthy every day.

Vitamin K is good for blood clotting. This vitamin is rich in cashews, so cashew nuts milk always makes consumers excited.

Cashew milk helps reduce cravings for sweets, so blood sugar is also lower, which is good for people with diabetes.

Cashew milk is rich in copper, a mineral that regulates the production of skin proteins, such as collagen and elastin. Insufficient amounts of this protein can cause the skin to age prematurely.

Nut Milk, especially from cashews, can help your body boost its immune system effectively by preventing cell damage caused by free radicals.

Top 5 grain milk making machine

Ranbem 732G grain milk maker

Ranbem is a famous brand of the Chinese domestic market. The machine is a durable, beautiful design. This is the latest model of the company in 2020, and is also the best-selling grain milk machine line today.

Ranbem 732G granulated milk machine is very Hot on the market. With dozens of useful features and prices that anyone can buy, they become the hottest product of 2020.

The Ranbem 732G grain milk maker has a powerful capacity of 800W and a mortar made of tempered glass, very good heat resistance. The machine has many features such as making grain milk, making blender, grind porridge for babies. Very strong blade with 8 edges made from stainless steel, durable can grind ice.

The machine has a self-cleaning mode, can adjust the cooking time and timer. The machine has a steam rack and a predefined recipe to help you prepare food more quickly and conveniently.

Multipurpose Ranbem 769S grain milk maker 

Multifunction grain milk machine Ranbem 769S is also the most popular domestic Chinese line, and so far, the attraction of this product line has not cooled down.

The multifunctional grain milk maker Ranbem 769S has an 8-blade blade structure that helps to grind better and grind snow, mortar is made of tempered glass, withstands bumps, withstands high temperatures, and has a lot of Processing of various dishes.

With the domestic Ranbem 769S multifunctional grain milk product line, you can make grain milk, make baby food weaning, or make smoothies, steam, and display in a simple and convenient way.

The machine has a capacity of up to 1.7L, which helps you grind and process more food, it has many default settings, all grinding and cooking operations have been set, you just need to prepare. And the boot is done.

Jiplai JL-518 

Jiplai is a brand from Thailand that has a manufacturing plant in China with outstanding product lines such as grain milk maker, handheld grinder, or split rice cooker that is highly appreciated for the quality and form of design. of the machine

Jiplai JL-518 Multipurpose Granulated Milk Machine Thailand Technology is a versatile grain milk machine with powerful capacity of 1000W. The mill is made of high-quality glass, which is good at bearing capacity and at high temperature. The machine is integrated with many different recipes.

Jiplai JL-518 Multipurpose Granulated Milk Machine Thailand technology uses a super sharp and durable 6-blade blade that can grind and turn very well, smooth and quiet. Especially, the machine has a warranty period of up to 24 months to help users feel more secure in the long run.

Elmich BLE-1850 versatile grain milk maker

Elmich is a well-known brand of household and kitchen electrical products from the Czech Republic. The company is known for many product lines such as stainless steel cookware set, non-stick pan, and hand blender. Elmich goods have beautiful designs, exquisite and durable.

Elmich BLE-1850 multifunction milk machine is a high-class multifunctional milk processing machine with a high price, but it offers a better experience for users such as a powerful capacity of 1000W. The jar has a capacity of 1.75L made from high-grade glass, capable of bearing well, safe for food.

The machine has a special blade structure with stainless steel material, 6 blades with sharp teeth ensure to crush all food, including ice, so that it can be a specialized and good blender. For every family, the machine is also used by many mothers to make weaning foods for babies.

Bluestone is an American brand with a manufacturing plant in China. This brand has many quality product lines, which are highly appreciated, such as juicer, oil-free fryer, and flour mixer.

Bluestone SMB-7328 

Bluestone SMB-7328 grain milk maker is a single-grain milk machine, mainly for grinding and cooking of all types of nut milk, mainly used for making soy milk, the machine has a powerful capacity of 1000W, the capacity of the bottle. 1.2L. It has the ability to cook the food right after grinding.

The machine has a sharp edge, durable, capable of pureeing nuts, but they can not be blended and grinded or processed foods for babies such as versatile grain milk machines.

The Bluestone SMB-7328 grain milk maker has pre-programmed cooking modes, which makes it easy to control and do other tasks, the machine will automatically disconnect when the cycle is complete, the machine has additional screens to filter later. When finished grinding, besides, the machine has a warranty of up to 12 months.

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