Review Top 5 Best Mini Blender A to Z of 2020

Should you buy the best mini blender? In today’s discussion, we are going to present the best blender with a compact design which allow being moved easily around the kitchen. Primarily, the use of rechargeable batteries is being hunted by office workers recently. And please don’t hesitate to share this information with the people you love!


Blender is a useful product for life. There are many options for families such as a multifunction blender, handheld blender, desktop blender. A Mini Mixer is very lightweight and compact, which allows you to take it comfortably to the workplace and use it at any time. With this item, you can have a green drink easily at any time.

In this discussion, please draw attention to the important product details for assessing which mini blender is great. The central problem here is to assess item not only on the basis of quality, materials, layout but also on the cost.


What is a mini blender?


You must first understand the definition of the item to know which mini mixer will work for you. It can be noted as a specialized tool used to combine small-sized and soft weighted fruits and vegetables into a mixed drink. It is greatly flexible and convenient to be carried around and usually has a maximum grinding volume of 500 ml.


This is a small, portable and low-cost model that turns soft food into drinks by grinding.  Mini blender provides the ideal choice if you’d like to make your own drinks during business trips, vacation, picnics.


Anatomy of a mini blender


The drinks that used to take you a lot of time, space and effort to make can now be easily created with a mini blender while nutritional consistency is still guaranteed. A mini mixer combine:


The body


Typically, it is made from plastic with buttons, heat slots, anti-slippery and anti-vibration rubber on the outside. The engine, the circuit, the cables, the driving plate and the navigation pane are on the inside. The key component of a mini blender is the engine.


The engine  


The shell typically consists of transparent plastic or glass to help users track the amount of food inside of the blender. The knife is made with premium, carbon fibre material and is very slick, with 2 designs of 4-knife and 2-knife. The top layer has a plastic cover with rubber joints, which avoid leakage of water during moulding. Removable knives are very convenient for cleaning after every use.


  • Operating theory of the mini mixer 

The electric engine rotates and pushes the chopper to cut or shake the food when the machine is switched on. While operating, the structure of the blade actively alters the food to achieve a perfect mixture.


With a mini mixer, you have to slice food before you place it in the mixer to better the efficiency as well as enhance the durability of the motor and knife. You can also place a hand onto the mixer when grinding. And bear in mind that this tool is only designed to mix smoothies, soft fruits and not a multi-functional mixer.


  • Advantages and Disadvantages

The quality of the machine must be assessed according to your need. It is believed that the quality of the device is the benefits it gives the consumer, from which to decide whether or not the product should be purchased.




Medium size mini blender with simple structure, compact, easy to clean with stainless steel blades. With an easy design, simple , cost-effective machine compared to today’s grinders. The product can be easily taken for business or travel with you.


Homogeneous food mixes can be formed by large-scale devices with large rotational speeds. The machine has small capacity for various food processing requirements for users. Grind porridge baby easily and drink fruit daily. You can adjust the speed as you like when using the device. The price of a product is very low, which is today appropriate for the income of most families. The machine operates smoothly, guaranteeing the user absolute safety.




As you know, there is a small knife in the mini-series so that you can’t handle hard foods like bones and meats. This means that in foods only soft ingredients, the use of the product is restricted.


Not only can the mini-machine grind less food at once, as the jar volume is small. If you want to melt large amounts of food, that takes a long time to complete.


What types of the mini blender are there?


You need to know what kind of device it is before you catch a good mini blender. This is the basis for the evaluation of the product and the choice of which one meets the user’s needs. Mini mixers are usually based on the power and structure of the mill.


  • Mini blender uses battery

Highly versatile device suitable for travel, picnics, or camping. But the drawback of this series is the battery life and durability is limited, capacity and grinding capacity is low.


  • Mini grinder using grid

There is still a compact design, light, and easy to clean but can only be used where there is electricity. The machine operates with a large capacity, the ability to grind smooth and no need to worry too much about charging or battery damage.


  • The jar mill uses a mini grinder

This line is extremely practical; only the lid can be lifted and the lid can be used as a bottle after the mixer has finished. It helps save time and reduces the quality of the company.


  • The mini mixer is connected to a blender

Installing smoothies in another bottle or cup after using to ground it, instead of using the jar as a tub. You may even drink directly in the mortar because of its limited scale. You have to pass smoothies to bottles if you carry them with you.


What is the best mini blender?


The mini blender has a compact design, fully functional convergence of a basic blender. Here are some families of electric mini-blenders and mini-hand blenders that are highly appreciated in the market, trusted by housewives.


Xiaomi mini blender


The first is Xiaomi’s mini blender product. This type has a very compact design, easy to carry bag to work, picnic. Xiaomi uses rechargeable batteries in a mini blender. Each charge is about 4 hours and continuous use about 15 times (grind 15 smoothies).

Lock & Lock mini blender


Next is a mini blender brand of Lock & Lock. As well as Xiaomi Lock & Lock blender has a compact portable design. The product uses a rechargeable battery that can be charged using the computer USB port. Maximum capacity of about 500ml. This is a Korean brand with a lot of good quality products. Some familiar products such as thermos bottle, office lunch box, oil-free fryer, electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, vacuum cleaner, juicer, mop, etc.

Philips hand blender


Philips is a famous and familiar brand name in the Vietnamese market from the Netherlands, specializing in the supply of leading household appliances and electrical equipment in the world. Applying advanced and modern technology in each product, Philips offers consumers the best products to meet the needs of users around the world. The products are quite familiar for the kitchen like egg whisk, dough mixer, orange squeezer, oil fryer.

Each model has an affordable price and a good guarantee policy so that Philips home appliances in our country are always popular. So consumers do not hesitate to choose Philips brand when it comes to which mini blender is fine. The Philips HR1600 model is a device that many people use for the mini mixing segment. The luxurious, integrated sensor machine design provides a flexible speed control according to each food ingredient property.


Braun hand blender mini


The famous blender brand that many people like to use is Braun. Braun MQ545 is the best-optimized version of the MQ535, capable of grinding dry grain and beat eggs. In addition, it is equipped with Powerball technologies which limit the ability to sprinkle food while grinding, to keep the kitchen smooth, without having to clean a long time. For personal care goods, Braun in Germany is well established in Vietnam. There are hair remover machines, shaving machines, electric toothbrush, juicer and more, as well as handheld grinders.

The device has a non-slip handheld design that makes holding the camera more secure even when operating at the highest speed. A large number of supported milk products, such as meat, smoothie, pepper, porridge, and egg whisk, can be processed. The components are simple to uninstall, quick to disinfect, and save time.


Vitamix S30 mini blender


The brand of Vitamix has a long presence in the world market, is a familiar product, and is selected by most American families when looking for any good mini blender. Vitamix has released numerous versatile and powerful models, which are always the most effective tools to support the ideal cooking process.

Vitamix S30 is, in particular, the most typically compact, yet powerful, sharp blade engine. The press will smash a variety of different foodstuffs with continuous activity, even without a motor stand, the engine always runs smoothly. This is due to the radial cooling fan design that solves these problems, so the service life is quite long.


Bigsun mini blender BB – 179


Equipment manufactured under Japanese technology, quality and design are highly appreciated by consumers. The product set includes one grinder and two grinders made from glass material with good heat resistance to ensure safety for users.


The machine has three different grinding modes with a capacity of 250W suitable for basic blender needs. Especially, the machine has built-in automatic shut-off mode when the amount of raw materials is overloaded. The advantage is that, but the price of the product is very low and is suitable for consumers with low income.


A good mini-mixer is always a question many consumers wonder about before they choose to buy it. I hope you will be able to answer this question more or less by sharing this article. Concurrently, have more product knowledge to make the selection of a guaranteed quality line easier.

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