Reviews Top 3 Nutribullet blender and Nutribullet blender set

Nutribullet is one of the most modern and best blender available today. With the design and technology of American copyright production, Nutribullet blew every housewives requests.

With the busy and busy life today, the quality factor, fast and light, are the factors that consumers are most interested in today. Nutribullet food extractor can meet all your requirements, just every morning, you put in the fruit and turn on the Nutribullet blender, and you have the delicious fruit smoothies for the members in your family.

Today, we will give you some Nutribullet reviews to help you get the most exact information.

Genuine Nutribullet blender

Nutribullet blender can grind all the food from raw to fine smoothness that no regular grinder on the market can do.

What is the structure of the Nutribullet blender ?

The device is designed to include:

  • A powerful main motor blender

  • 3 blades including 2 double blades and a single blade made of stainless steel, not worn

  • Including 3 cups: 1 large cup and 2 small cups, including the lid.

How to operate Nutribullet equipment

  • Essential extract mode:

You just need to put the ingredients in tall or short cups.

Turn the cross blade.

Place the cup on the base of the electric motor, press down, and tighten to lock the engine.

You can see the extracting process going on. Pay attention to the consistency. Your nutritious drink is ready, and your drink looks smooth and creamy!

  • Grinding mode:

The blade is used to process dry ingredients into flour. The blade is suitable for grinding oatmeal nuts and nuts.

Put the ingredients in tall or short cups.

Turn the mill blade

Place the cup on the engine base, push down and tighten to lock the engine.

Blend ingredients until the necessary fineness is achieved.

How to operate Nutribullet with extract and grind mode

  • Shaking technique:

Sometimes if you overfill the cup or do not produce enough water, the result may increase the consistency of the mixture. This makes it difficult for ingredients to reach the top of the blender to spread down the blade. If some ingredients are hard to come down the blade,  you only need to apply the technique of shaking and stirring:

Remove the cup and the knife base from the engine base.

The handle and the knife to shake the cup like a cocktail shaker. Then put the cup back into the motor to continue.

  • Clapping technique:

For stubborn ingredients that stick to the wall of the cup instead of turning back into the sliced ​​area, you just need to apply the pat technique.

Remove the cup and the base of the knife from the motor and gently, knock the cup and the base of the knife on the counter to remove the ingredients from the blade

Put the cup and the blade base back on the engine body and continue processing.

Uses of Nutribullet food blender and its advantages

Uses: The machine is designed not only for grinding or pressing foods, but thanks to the powerful motor of the main grinder, Nutribullet can extract food, break the crust, and smooth food, etc.


  • Engine runs smoothly, does not make noise

  • Compact machine easy to use, high safety

  • The cup is made of hard plastic without harmful BPA

  • Durable rubber gaskets do not deflect.

Specifications of Nutribullet blender :

  • Designed and owned by American technology copyright

  • Power supply 220V- 240V, 50 / 60HZ.

  • Capacity: 600W.

  • Box size: 20 x 30 x 34.5 (Cm).

NutriBullet blender set

  • Nutribullet is the worlds first superfood extractor. Grind all kinds of food from raw to fine puree that no conventional grinder can do. 

  • Extremely powerful motor (600W). 

  • Fast speed (10,000)

Product information:

The Nutribullet blending machine is the worlds first superfood extractor. Grind all kinds of food from raw to fine puree that no conventional grinder can do.

This food processor with the worlds best nutritional food extractor with breakthrough technology brings a healthy and active life to you and your family members.

Extremely powerful motor (600W), fast speed (10,000 rpm), 2 special extracting blades.

Easy to process NutriBlast nutrition. Only 1 glass of NutriBlast per day will improve health completely for 6 weeks.

The plastic parts of Nutribullet are high-grade, impact-resistant, durable plastic, BPA free, absolutely safe for health.

Easy to use, execution time only a few seconds, compact, convenient storage, easy, quick cleaning.

The machine is designed to include:

  • A powerful main motor blender.

  • Including a double blade and a single blade made of stainless steel, not worn.

  • Including 3 cups: 1 large cup and 2 small cups, including the lid.

  • 1 motor base.

  • 1 cover with convenient handle.

  • 1 removable lid, 2 lids keep food fresh for a long time.

Power supply: 220 – 240Vac, 50 / 60Hz.

Power: 600W.

Product dimensions: 31 x 14 x 14 cm.

Box size: 34 x 32 x 20 cm.

Weight: 2.95 kg.

Top 4 best Nutribullet blender today reviews

NutriBONS 8-speed blender

NutriBONS 8-speed high-speed blender uniquely designed to break down the cell walls of organic ingredients, this 600-watt blender extracts more nutrients from ingredients than any other. Other mixing equipment. Its stainless steel blades with swirling rotation no problem when crushing hard fruits and vegetables and even nuts and ice. The included equipment includes a tall cup, a short cup, a lip ring with handle, a lip ring for the cup, and also a recipe book to guide you hundreds of unique smoothie recipes. In addition to its self-cleaning and juicing functions, the blender also provides the ability to crush ice to create perfect smoothies.

NutriBONS Pro blender

Designed with an impressive 900-watt motor, this 9-piece blender set is the perfect gift for all those who love smoothies. Using a powerful motor and blade made of swirling stainless steel, it quickly crushes all fruits, vegetables, and nuts into an easily digestible and nutritious form. The 9-piece set includes a high torque base, a 32 oz cup, a 24oz cup, a blade, a lid to cover when you want to bring a smoothie when going out, around lip with handles, a lip ring for the cup, nutrition book and recipe book. With dishwasher-safe components and a 1-year manufacturers warranty, youll use it without hesitation every day of the week!

10-piece NutriBONS Rx blender set

  • Name: blender 
  • Size: 12.1 KB

If you follow a strict diet and want a professional-quality blender, there is no cheaper option in the whole operation of this blender than the 1700-watt 10-piece blender. One of the outstanding features is the SMART technology, and its heating cycle helps to cook hot soups and sauces in just 7 minutes. Two sizes of smoothies and lids jars are also included. In addition, a comfortable, comfortable lip ring, and a bottle cap to keep your smoothie fresh in the jar.

NutriBONS 12 high-speed blender

This NutriBONS 12 speed high-speed blender has a 600-watt motor and patented potentiometer blade with a vortex effect. In just a few seconds, the blender listed on this list will break down the fat cell walls of foods to create the most delicious and nutritious smoothies. With 1 tall cup and 2 short cups, you are free to prepare a single or multiple serving smoothie for the whole family. What makes it more special than some other grinders is, the blade is different from the regular grater for grinding grains, herbs, and nuts. With 2 sealed caps provided in the packaging, your drinks will stay fresh even if you dont want to use them right away.

  • Name: blender
  • Size: 10.9 KB

NutriBONS Pro 13-piece blender

This impressive NutriBONS Pro 13-piece blender comes with its powerful 900-watt motor. It includes 2 large cups, 1 extraction tongue, 2 lids, 2 lip rings for the cup, 2 lip rings with handle, nutrition book, formula book and instructions for use With a torque base High twisting and stainless steel blades, it can produce the best smoothies, shakes, nut butters in less time than most other mills out there. Its compact design makes it suitable for any kitchen size, while its parts are also dishwasher friendly.

Above are the Nutribullet reviews. In this article, you probably know the basic facts about Nutribullet and take the appropriate considerations before buying it.

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