Review Top 6 Best Oster blenders that worth your money

If Oster is a familiar name to you, then surely you will agree with the following points. And if the Oster blender is a new name, a little of your time will help you understand more about the line of blender with many advantages coming from the US. And hopefully, you can choose the best Oster blender that suits your family.

Learn about the Oster brand

Oster is a household brand founded by John Oster in the United States in 1924. The first product that the brand launched was the Osterizer blender in 1946.

Throughout the manufacturing process, Oster has always been changing and improving technology, giving consumers impressive quality products. Thanks to that diligence, the company has achieved a strong development not only in the US but also in the world. 

General assessment of the quality of the Oster blenders

Strange, unique designs:

Oster is very meticulous in the work of shaping his blender when creating each blender has a special design, fancy, and highly “unique.” It seems that the exterior design has no duplication; each one looks very different, creating a deep impression on users from the first time they met.

Beautiful colors: 

The color of the blender is usually dark, shiny, and the color usually makes you remember it only by once glance

Very strong machines: 

Not only complete the work of grinding fruit, smoothies, it seems that any product can be crushed. 

Can meet users’ needs thanks to its multi-function:

Each product usually has many pre-installed grinding modes for users to use. You just have to press the button or rotate (if it is a spin button) to choose the level of grinding food for soups, making smoothies, making rolls,…

Slightly noisy: 

The fairly loud noise is characteristic of the Oster brand blender. However, the noise is only buzzing, not annoying roaring like some other brands blender. Therefore this defect can still be “too bundle and acceptable.”

Made in China: 

It is an American brand, but because it has a factory in China, it seems that the blender all have the words “made in China.”

High price: 

The price that this blender is listed for sale is often quite expensive on e-commerce shopping sites and chains of stores, electronics, and appliances.

Their price is equivalent to the price of a high-end blender of major household brands such as Lock and Lock, Panasonic, Braun, Bosch. But it is easily accepted thanks to the aforementioned advantages.

Top best Oster blenders today

Oster Versa Blender BLSTVB – S (very strong)

Product information:

  • Product name: Oster Versa BLSTVB – S

  • Capacity: 2L

  • Number of mortars: 1

  • Mortar material: Tritan plastic is safe for health

  • Capacity: 1400W

  • Speed: 1 stuffed button, 3 pre-programmed modes (making soups, smoothies, sauces)

  • Made in China

  • Brand: USA

Outstanding advantages of the product:

If you are bored with all the blender, then the Oster Versa BLSTVB – S blender- one of the best Oster blenders will help you to recall the inspiration in using the blender in all cooking tasks of the family with the advantages. 

  • The sharp, hard, sharp six-pointed blade smoothed everything in an instant, not counting the mortar or mortar

  • The puree mode is pre-programmed according to the speed, you only need to press the 1 button for grinding soup; button 2 for making blender and 3rd button for making sauce.

  • Soybean crushed, make instant milk: grind crab, meat, rock deliciously without worrying about blunt knife, broken mortar.

  • The bowl has smart, convenient design points for adding food to the jar even when the machine is grinding at high speed; at the same time help users hold the mortar easily thanks to the handle has high friction, wide straps.

  • Strong plastic body, high anti-sticking, easy to clean even when stuck by hard-to-clean foods such as grease, tomatoes, cooking oil, sauces.

  • Rugged body, strong grip, and anti-shake in all cases.

  • Power up to 1400W but not noisy.

 The only downside of the product: the price is very high

Oster 8 Speed ​​BLSTMG blender

Product information:

  • Product name: Oster 8 Speed ​​BLSTMG

  • Capacity: 1.25L

  • Number of mortars: 1

  • Capacity: 450W

  • Speed: 8 grinding speeds and 1 kneading button

  • Made in China

  • Brand: USA

Outstanding advantages of the product:

  • Modern design, small but still strong and luxurious.

  • Light, wide handle, easy to handle, easy to use deep mouth.

  • The jar lid has a feeding tube.

  • The blade is strong, but the capacity is not terrible, but still ensures to grind small ice.

  • Can grind meat, soy, crabs, and fishes with a single mortar.

Disadvantages of the product: high price and quite noisy.

Oster Ball Jar Blender 

Product information:

  • Product name: Oster Ball Jar Blender

  • Capacity: 0.5L

  • Number of mortars: 1

  • Capacity: 400W

  • Speed: 1 stuffing button, 2 speeds, and a power button.

  • Made in China

  • Brand: USA

Outstanding advantages of the product:

  • Fancy appearance. Compact, easy to use and store. Best Oster blender for small family and for traveling.

  • The mortar body is very stable, do not worry about slipping off the plane to the mortar.

  • The blender has a handle in the shape of a cup, users can use the mill to make a cup if you prefer when making a smoothie. The jar has a lid, convenient for carrying sports smoothies, or stored in the refrigerator.

  • The bowl is specially used for blending smoothies, so the making of meat and cereal grains is more limited.

  • Small capacity, no big noise when grinding.

Disadvantages of the product: 

  • Upside down design makes it difficult for you to grind. At the same time when just a little deviation of water can flow out very unhygienic.

  • High price of products.

Oster Myblend Personal Blender

Product information:

  • Product name: Oster Myblend Personal blender

  • Capacity: 600mL

  • Number of mortars: 1

  • Capacity: 250W

  • Speed: 1 button

  • Brand: USA

  • Made in China

Outstanding advantages of the product:

  • Sporty, compact, and full of unique looking style.

  • Safe plastic material, stainless steel for long-lasting durability.

  • The capacity is not too high, but it makes the fruit puree in a snap.

  • Large capacity, allowing users to make enough vitamins for 6 people in just 1 grinding.

  • Quickly use with just one button.

  • Easy to dismantle and assemble, take just a short time to clean.

  • Small noise and no vibration while using.

Disadvantages: relatively high price compared to other products.

Oster Professional Beehive Blender BPST02

Product information:

  • Product name: Oster Professional Beehive Blender BPST02

  • Capacity: 1.25L

  • Number of mortars: 1

  • Capacity: 400W

  • Speed: 1 stuffing button, 2 speeds, and a power button.

  • Made in China

Outstanding advantages of the product:

  • Impressive luxurious stone pattern design, easy to clean no matter how stubborn the stain.

  • Light plastic jar, high transparency, and anti-adhesion. Allow users to track the change of food in the most realistic way.

  • The mouth of the mortar is deep and large, so pouring food is very easy, especially when you divide smoothies into small bottles without having to go to the funnel.

  • High power, very small ice, very fine hard candy, smoothie to over 1000 types.

  • Medium capacity, suitable for both the family and the inn.

  • Machine running smoothly, no vibration, no noise.

  • Great price range, on par with the high-end Japanese domestic blender lines.

 Oster 4655 blender

Product information:

  • Product name: Oster 4655

  • Capacity: 1,5L

  • Number of mortars: 1

  • Capacity: 600W

  • Integrated grinding features

Outstanding advantages of the product:

  • Design of floating metal body, luxurious elegance.

  • Clearly split pitchers, which help high precision in the stages of processing, mixing food and drinks with high accuracy in volume.

  • The floating feeder, which allows the handling of fruits, vegetables, or any other ingredients in the jar, is safely and quickly maintained even when the jar is operating.

  • The knob is sensitive, but a bit small, so the speed adjustment needs greater meticulous than the blender with a large knob.

  • The power cord is long, ensuring convenient access to power in every corner of the kitchen.

  • The small pot is nice, you can use it like a special smoothie.

  • Material safety according to American standards.

 Disadvantages of the product: The price of the product is high.

Conclusion: The Oster blender is the number 1 choice for those who want to own a healthy, beautiful, durable blender. I hope that this article could partially help you to find out the best Oster blender for your needs.

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