Plastic blender vs Glass blender, which one is better in 2020?

Blender is a familiar and necessary tool in every familys kitchen. Blender helps us puree food quickly, easily, and effectively, helping homemakers simplify the processing process. With a blender, you will have delicious, nutritious smoothies, batches of pureed meat to cook porridge, you can grind whole onions, garlic to make eye-catching sauces.

On the market today, there are many types of blender models diverse, more efficient grinding function. However, there are two main types of blender, mortar blender made of plastic and made of glass. These two different mortar materials have advantages and disadvantages? What type of blender is better? Should choose to buy any kind? Lets answer these questions through the article below!

Pros and cons of mortar blender made of plastic

Plastic is a material with many advantages such as lightweight, high strength, hard to break or crack during use, if you accidentally drop the jar, it will not break if it is made of advanced plastic materials.

Characterized by being lightweight, durable, difficult to break, the blender movement becomes easier. During use, the operation will become softer. This will also be a great choice for trips away because it is very handy to bring along.

In addition, plastic material helps users to easily clean after use, the parts are removable from each other.

Moreover, the price of a mortar blender made of plastic is usually lower than that of a blender made of glass.

Blender with a blender made of plastic material usually has a large capacity, can meet high food volume. However, on the market today there are many different plastic materials for making mortars, you should choose for yourself a good plastic, with heat resistance, good strength, durable during use.

The disadvantage of this type of blender is that when you use it for a long time, it will be easy to blur, dirty, no longer transparent as before. When grinding food coloring, easy to stick to the mortar.

Pros and cons of mortar blender made of glass

The blender is made of transparent glass material that will have good strength, hardness and resistance to cracking from external agents, but not as durable as plastic. When you accidentally drop the mortar, there is a high chance that it will break.

The blender is made of glass with good heat resistance, so it is safer when grinding hot food such as porridge, sauces, etc.

Because the main material is glass, the weight of this series is often larger than that of plastic mills. Therefore, the process of cleaning the machine is also more difficult, takes more time, moving to another location is more inconvenient than the plastic line.

The advantage of the glass blender series is that when using this type of blender, users can observe inside the grinding process. With a beautiful design and glass materials, this machine will bring elegance, modernity, glitter and extremely exquisite.

Glass blender is highly resistant to scratches, so after a process of using the machine still retains its original beauty. This is the optimal choice for those who like luxury.

In terms of price, the price of glass mill will be higher than that of plastic mortar, so you should consider before making a choice to suit your budget.

As such, both types of blender have superior characteristics. You should consider your needs, your financial ability to make the most accurate decision. And importantly, you must look to reputable addresses to buy yourself quality products.

Best glass grinders to choose

Below, we would like to introduce to you the latest grinder models, with many outstanding advantages favored by customers.

Philips HR2051 Blender 

The Philips blender operates at a capacity of 350W, with a blending speed and a filling speed, suitable for grinding fruit, smoothies, fruits, giving you delicious and nutritious drinks for summer refreshments.

Philips blender has one plastic mill that does not produce toxic substances for users health. It is also convenient, durable, safe to use, and easy to clean. The jar has a capacity of 1.25 liters to meet the grinding needs for families of 4-5 people.

The Philips HR2051 has a sharp stainless steel blade that helps you grind all types of food easily and quickly, saving you time, giving you cool, delicious drinks with the smoothest texture you want.

The machine also comes with a safe shut-off mode to ensure stop working when it is too hot, grind too much food, or too hard food to maintain the machines durability and safety for users.

Electrolux EBR7804S high-end blender 

Electrolux is one of the vendors offering many high-end blender models alongside Philips, Kuvings, and Panasonic. In particular, Electrolux EBR7804S is the most typical model of the company today.

With its exquisite design, the silver-white cardboard glass mill not only ensures hygiene and safety, but also contributes to adorn your familys kitchen become more luxurious. The design meets quality standards from Europe.

The combination of a powerful 900W power and a breakage resistant plastic mill with a large capacity of up to 1.63 liters, combined with a sharp blade makes it easy to grind fast and smooth foods in a short time.

If you need a versatile device that not only blends regular smoothies but also assists in crushing ice, or drying particles, then the Electrolux Blender EBR3416A is definitely an option that you need to prioritize.

Philips HR3652/00 – 1400W Blender 

Philips HR3652/00 is designed with a stainless steel blade with 4 extremely sharp edges, thus it can puree all foods including ice cubes.

In addition, the combined blender with a powerful capacity of 1,400W helps to grind material fastly to make smooth, and thick drinks.

Blender has a glass mill with a capacity of 2 liters. Material glass jar advanced scratch-resistant, safe to contact with food, simple to clean after use 

We have given you some information about the pros and cons of glass blender and recommended some good glass blender as above. Hopefully, you can choose the most suitable product for your family.

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