Professional pennywort juicers for families in 2020

Today we will introduce to you the best juicer for greens , specifically the pennywort juicer. But before introducing this juicer for greens, lets learn about the advantages of green vegetable juice.

What is green vegetable juice?

As simple as the name, green vegetable juice is the solution you get when juicing green vegetables (and tubers, maybe a little fruit) and removing the insoluble fiber, done with a juicer (not a blender). Green juice is a nutrient-dense liquid with low sugar and loads of chlorophyll.

Green juice is not too new. Judging from the way people use herbs and squeeze their juice to heal and make use of the medicinal properties of vegetables in many aspects of life, its really not too far-fetched between our ancestors and us.

However, the use of green juice as a beverage and to really drink it regularly daily has been quite new in the last century. The person who started the movement to drink green juice in the 1930s was pioneers like Norman Walker, Dr. Max Gerson, with his famous cancer treatment, Jay Kordich – juice man, etc. The first people spread the benefits of juice in treating diseases (and they use lots of green vegetables when making juice).

Why should we drink green vegetable juice?

If you have followed the article Why you need to drink your juice, you will partly understand why we should drink green juice.

When we force ourselves to get water, we are creating a vibrant blend of nutrients, fresh extracts from raw vegetables, carrying vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and live enzymes. And vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, contain loads of essential nutrients for humans.

Firstly: we need food in raw form, as they retain close to the nutritional value, especially enzymes and vitamins that are easily lost through cooking and high temperatures.

Secondly: we always need to eat more vegetables. But not everyone has the habit of eating salads or salads. Not to mention eating raw vegetables without sauces or adding nothing to it. Whereas when you juice them, they will only get a small amount of juice.

Therefore, juice allows us to absorb more vegetables. In liquid form, more easily absorbed by the body (because the body does not lose energy to digest like when eating whole), juice enters the body very quickly and can feel immediately after drinking. Moreover, juice allows us to absorb a wider variety of vegetables, because there are many types of vegetables we never like to eat.


Professional pennywort juicers for families

You are having trouble grinding the pennywort to get water. In this article, the author introduces some types of effective pennywort juicer that will help you easily get a cup of juice after a few minutes.

Professional pennywort juicer

Best professional pennywort juicer

There are many types of cheek juicers for families. You can use a blender, juicer to squeeze pennywort. However, the effectiveness is not as high as that of professional juicer. First, please refer to the best selling products today.

The above products have been used by many customers to juice pennywort. Most are satisfied. In addition to squeezing the pennywort, the machine also squeezes celery, mustard, etc. Or tubers, hard fruits that a normal juicer or juicer does not.

The effect of pennywort juice on health

Pennywort juice is good for health. Besides the cooling, detoxifying of pennywort, it also fosters and cures a number of diseases such as dysentery, pimples, etc. In beauty, pennywort has a beauty effect on the skin to maintain youthfulness to keep youth forever. You can eat pennywort, but squeezing pennywort to get water is a popular method.

Pennywort is still being studied and widely applied in many countries around the world. Pennywort is very easy to find, cheap in Vietnam. Drinking water on the cheeks every day helps you look beautiful and healthier.

How to juice pennywort with a large capacity blender

You can juice your pennywort using a household blender. However, use a large capacity blender. If the machine is small, capacity can lead to burn by a very tough pennywort. If you still want to take advantage of a blender, you can choose a young pennywort and chopped it before putting it in the machine. In the process of grinding pennywort, you add a little more water to make the machine easier to operate.

Some types of large-capacity juicer can juice pennywort.

Here are some industrial juicer that can juice pennywort. Many customers are using the products. You refer to this kind of juicer got.

German G2001 Pennywort blender

German G2001 has a capacity of up to 2200w, and this industrial juicer can juice the pennywort easily. The juicer also crushed ice cubes in just 30 seconds. This is one of the products favored by accessible prices and good quality.

  • Made in China

  • Capacity 2200w

  • Warranty 12 months

OmniBlend industrial blender

The Omniblend juicer is also one of the other popular large capacity blender. The product is widely used in cafes, bars, etc. You can easily get a smoothie with just one button.

  • Made in China

  • Capacity 2200w

  • Warranty 12 months

Squeeze the pennywort using a household blender

Some types of juicer and handheld juicer have the juicering function. A lot of people take advantage of the juice feature to squeeze the pennywort. However, because the design is for household use, this type has a low capacity. Therefore often grinding out the status of machine stopped for overload. Worse than the machine may get burnt motor.

You can also use a meat juicer to juice the pennywort if you juice in small quantities, then no problem. And you should give less water and remove the body before operating. In some cases, you have to cut it before you put it in the device -the advice for you to use a dedicated cheek blender.

The fruit juicer can juice  the pennywort?

Many customers use juicer to squeeze pennywort. However, like a blender, this product is difficult to obtain. The treadmill is frequently stuck and often damaged by juicering the pennywort.

There is now a juicer that uses low-speed juicing technology that can squeeze pennywort. This is good news for many homemakers. The author will detail these products in the next section.

Squeeze the pennywort by using a slow juicer

For normal slow speed juicer, you should use only fresh vegetables and remove the stalks. This makes the machine easier to operate and does not affect the engine. Ideally, you should use a more specialized type of low-speed juicer.

Tri Hung Company is supplying Lexen and Healthy Juicer, which are imported from the United States, to produce pennywort. Both types are very water depressing. Tests on the Healthy Juicer and Lexen juicer show that the juice volume is 1.5 times higher than the regular juicer. In addition, the juicer also derives most of the nutrients found in vegetables and fruits.

The best today is the Hurom juicer and the Korean Kuvings juicer

Products are imported CBU. The machine can squeeze vegetables. However, with pennywort, you should remove old stems. Because the cheeks are very tough, the machine may get stuck.

 Best pennywort juicers

The dedicated pennywort juicer makes your job a lot simpler. This type has a special design that makes it easy to squeeze vegetables, weeds, and hard fruits.

 Healthy Juicer vegetable juicer

The healthy juicer is a specialized non-electric juicer machine. Sturdy design, this powerful vegetable juicer can squeeze the most tough, tough fruits and vegetables. Thousands of customers have responded well to this product. 

  • It does not use electricity.

Pennywort juicer, pennywort blender-Healthy Juicer

 Lexen vegetable juicer

The Lexen vegetable juicer is designed for more use. Electric machines, you can continuously juicer in large quantities. Like the Healthy Juicer, you can use the Lexen to squeeze vegetables, tubers, and fruits. This powerful juicer can be used to juice pennywort professionally without much worry.

  • Power 1800w

  • Five-year warranty

Pennywort juicer, pennywort blender-Lexen

Philips HR1889 vegetable juicer

The Philips HR1889 juicer is also one of the products used exclusively for juicing vegetables, tubers, and fruits. Similar to this Lexen machine, this product can juice well chewy vegetables or hard fruits easily, especially pennywort.

  • 150w power

  • 2-year warranty

Pennywort juicer-Philips HR1889

The above is useful information about the best juicers for greens, in particular, pennywort juicer. We hope that with this article, you will learn more about the benefits of green vegetable juice and find a pennywort juicer that suits your needs and your familys needs.

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