Review Top 5 Best smoothie cup for traveling in 2020

To help you find the best smoothie cup for traveling, weve selected a selection of five travel-friendly drink cup that are easy to care for, which is made to fit a variety of tastes and applications, and are good at what theyre made to do. We hope you can find out a smoothie travel cup, which is great for you.

When you dash out the door or have the mood for an afternoon treat, a smoothie is a fast, cheap, and above all healthier choice to catch prepared food full of fat and sugar that will easily benefit you, but you’re just slow and tired in the future.

Modern blenders are cool, strong, and lightweight enough for convenient access to your countertop. If you discover any smoothie recipes, you can create them in a matter of minutes, dump them in a smoothie cup of travel and carry them on board by holding fresh ingredients at hand. For fast and simple convenience, smoothie cups may frequently be made, stored, and drank in a single mug.

Features of the best smoothie cup for traveling

Of the cups on our chart, only the Tritan Nutri Ninja cup is walled as it is specifically designed with the Ninja mixers and is directly connected to the bladed part to be combined. With beverages designed with intake relatively rapidly, single-walled cups are produced as they do not retain thermal power.

The other four solutions – the tumblers of the MIRA pot, Tervis, and Simply Green Solutions and the Vitamix To-Go Bottle – have a double-wall isolation that is best used to keep liquids warm or cold in the longer term and to prevent sweating of the container or glass.



All these possible smoothie containers are constructed of plastic or stain material and are also well-insulated, long-lasting, and simple to clean. His summary of every of the top smoothy cups is hereby comprehensive.

Vitamix To-Go Cup

The Vitamix cup is twofold and may be either an extra, good quality mixing pot for your Vitamix mixer or a convenient travel jar with the cover included. This cup will accommodate twenty ounces of hot or cold drinks to create a healthy smoothie or a blended coffee to drink.

The modern, stylish design of the car cup holders suits really well with the optional flip-top cover, and it pops away to reveal that the cup spill is perfect to carry your smoothie into your trip.

I noticed that two cups were normal when I upgraded to the Vitamix S30. Quite a while now I’ve used this press and consider smoothies great. The cups have never been leaked and hold soups hot and smoothies cool.

This cup is made specifically for the machines of the Vitamix series, but it can also be used as a self-sufficient, long-lasting travel mug, and is BPA-free and suitable for the washer. A transparent plastic cup and retail for around $28 are included in the Vitamix To Go Cup.

Nutri Ninja Cup

The Tritan Nutri Ninja Cups are the most common cups created using the Ninja Kitchen program’s versatile bullet mixers. They are conveniently offered in pairs and make those busy couples or families a perfect pick.


The ingredients must only be placed in the cup, combined easily, and then you can put in one of the provide sip and seal tubes. This way, we will connect these cups directly to the blending part. They produce 24 ounces of fresh or mixed water.


Single-walled, clear plastic and two cups and cloths are durable, BPA-free, and safe in the washroom. They are made to fit all the blenders, kitchens, and compact systems of Ninja ‘s Auto-IQ range.

You pay about $35 which seems very expensive, but the price includes two cups and two lids, and those cups are worth the cost for Amazon with an average of five stars.

Tervis “Big T” Tumbler

 The famous acrylic, double-walled, isolated tapes from Tervis are a standalone brand that does not have any fusion systems but is perfect for almost any liquid you might like.

I ‘m thinking about the 24 ounces “Tall T” Tumbler cup, but it’s very fair price selection and a broad variety of types and sizes shape a significant appeal for this company.

The cups of Tervis are free of BPA and melamine co-polyester and are very versatile. They are safe to use in the freezer or microwave, and they are easy to use to wash dishwasher and clean.


This cup comes with approximately $11 and is not listed, although Tervis makes a few lid styles that can be purchased separately at a reasonable price, handy if you want a few options.

Simply Green Solutions Stainless Steel Drink Tumbler

This elegant and stylish cup has a little less than most other cups, but it is an ideal option for anyone who does not want, or needs, to hold a big cup all the time.

The cup is made of vacuum- using stainless steel and comes with a matching stainless steel deck on which the twin-walled twin-wall can be screwed (the screw thread is plastic) and a plastic straw.

The body can be washed in the dishwasher, but the lid must be hand-washed. Since the cup is made from steel, the cup cannot be placed in a microwave or freezer. This means that you need a little more attention to stay upright. The insulation works very well, especially to keep cold drinks cool – an excellent smoothie feature.

This tumbler costs approximately 16 dollars, and if you are not a plastic straw fan, you can also buy stone steel straw with your own cleaning brush.

MIRA Insulated Double Wall Steel Water Bottle

The good quality, steel MIRA bottle is a perfect choice for drinking and smoothies, which are special than the other travel choices on this page.

Mirá defines the container as “Cola Shaped,” perfectly crafted and compares to the smooth curves of a container of glass cola. The smallest option with 17 ounces of water is the two-wall, vacuum-isolated container, which is ideal for taking smoothie and can be rinsed and used for the remainder of the day as a water bottle – stainless steel does not have the scent like something you have seen previously, and the double-wall isolations hold anything you want to drink cool for six.

The bottle has to be washed by hand, although it’s simple enough not to be an issue, a few problems with the painting scratching or chipping occurred so that you don’t try to store or transport the bottle with objects that could damage the finish. MIRA bottles have BPA and Pthalates screw-top lid free and are available in a few color options. This flexible flask is perfect for someone who needs to use it for more than just smoothies at about $19.


Which of these smoothie cups is of outstanding quality and made to last, and what is right for you is a question of particular preferences and desires. Consider your cup, different characteristics like portability and thermal control, and choose a great cup of smoothie which will enable you to drink your delicious drink whenever you go.














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