Review Top 8 Best Coffee Grinders in 2020

A home coffee grinder is an essential demand in the family. Sometimes you do not trust when buying ready ground coffee outside the market for a number of reasons such as coffee mixed impurities, impure coffee, improperly blended coffee between coffee types, so the taste will not taste good. Or you just like to grind coffee in the house to make your kitchen full of the smell of coffee to make you feel more refreshed.

Coffee grinder was created to meet some of your elegant needs. There are many types of home coffee grinders out there. So you just need to choose a grinder that is suitable and convenient for you. Or you already have a coffee machine in your house; then, it is perfectly reasonable to choose an additional coffee grinder.

Coffee Tiross Grinder TS532

Durable material

Tiross Coffee Grinder TS532 150W has a durable stainless steel cover, modern design that is compact and easy to use, has a blade made of high-grade stainless steel, and a powerful motor will help you grind finely. Coffee beans quickly while ensuring the taste and quality of food.

Can grind many different grains

In addition to the function to grind the coffee, the machine can grind green beans, soybeans, cashew, pepper with a weight of 150g / time so you can grind many different types of beans to serve your needs. so it will help the menu of your family dishes increasingly improved

Compact, smart design

The Tiross TS532 150W Coffee Grinder has a unique and novel design that brings convenience and modern style to the space used. At the same time, the compact machine makes it easy to move appliances and can save space.

Magic Coffee Grinder Korea A-12

Magic Korea A-12 – Black coffee grinder has a compact, luxurious design with a solid body made of stainless steel, weighing 700g. With this machine, you only need 20 seconds to get a cup of pure coffee made by yourself, ensuring safety for your health.

Coffee grinder Magic A-12 – Black with a capacity of 130W is operated strongly, so the fineness of the final product is decided by the user. If you want to grind moderately fine, keep it shorter and want it smoother, keep it a bit longer.

What makes most users love coffee bean grinder after just one use is to get 1 cup of delicious coffee, because it can be easily controlled with a convenient and quick button. The user chooses the seeds to grind the powder to ensure no color, no preservatives, no odors, and more specifically, reduce the risk of cancer.

Detailed specifications:

  • Product name: Coffee grinder Magic A-12 – Black
  • Brand: Magic
  • Model: A-12
  • Material Stainless steel
  • Capacity: 130W
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Weight: 700g


  • The machine specializes in grinding nuts such as coffee, pepper, cereals
  • The compact and handy design
  • Suitable for busy people
  • Warranty 12 months

Kahchan Professional Coffee Grinder CG9129

  • Capacity: 150W
  • Multipurpose dry grinding
  • Timer: 5 minutes, 10s, 20s, 30s, 40s
  • Design a large funnel
  • Sturdy lid
  • 15 levels of fineness adjustment
  • Automatically disconnect and restart the machine
  • Meets GS standards of Germany, FDA of USA

DeLonghi Coffee Grinder KG79

Coffee is the favorite drink of many people, but the state of food safety and hygiene makes you afraid. DeLonghi Coffee Grinder KG79 – Black will help you to have pure, delicious, and safe coffee cups. Just with simple actions, you will immediately have a deliciously smooth coffee powder.

Delonghi Coffee Grinder KG521M

  • Capacity: 150W
  • The capacity of the coffee container 170g
  • The capacity of hopper grinder: 350g
  • The blender has a conical blade
  • 2.1 inch LCD screen showing taste control function
  • Number of cups of ground coffee: you can choose from 1 to 14 cups
  • Grind Type: Directly on the powder container – Filter holder with a dedicated accessory

AZONE Stainless Steel Mini Portable Coffee Grinder

A coffee grinder is a perfect accessory for coffee enthusiasts. The best combination of design, ergonomics, and portability. Nothing beats the taste and aroma of freshly ground coffee, especially coffee that maintains all of the coffee beans taste, oil, and aroma significantly. This craft coffee grinder is specially designed to do all this and more.

Just turn the grinding knob clockwise or counterclockwise to choose your setting.

There is no need to remove the whole blender to adjust the blender size.

Easy to clean and store as it can be disassembled.

Easily enjoy fresh coffee anywhere, anytime, with its small size.

Perfect gift for people traveling or camping.

Hamilton Beach Coffee Grinder 80374-IN

Hamilton Beach Coffee Grinder 80374-IN will be the ideal choice for you to have delicious but safe coffee cups for your health. With 3 preset modes and automatic shut-off mode to help you more convenient with grinding coffee operations to suit your needs.

 Having a compact design and elegant colors suitable for all spaces makes it convenient for you to decorate utensils to help the used space express the elegance and equally modern.

Coffee Grinder Melitta Molino Black

Anytime you want delicate, smooth coffee for a strong espresso aroma, or raw ground coffee for filter paper coffee – with the Melitta Molino coffee grinder, you can grind coffee right away. 

You can grind the amount of coffee you want, completely automatically from the coffee hopper with a capacity of about 200g

  • Ground coffee from pure coffee beans for coffee lovers
  • Separate grinding mode with 17 settings
  • Set the amount of coffee for 2-14 cups
  • Maximum capacity of about 200g finished coffee
  • Automatic shutdown

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