Choose to buy a travel blender that suits your needs

As one of the essential tools to create cool smoothies to cool down on hot summer days, the blender is becoming more and more popular and important in families or food stalls to make delicious drinks. For those who wish to travel regularly, owning a travel blender is extremely necessary and convenient for you to take anywhere.

These types of travel blenders usually come with USB charger. So you can completely think of reading and crushing ices at the same time with a laptop. There are currently dozens of travel blenders available on the market. Lets find out the type of blender that best suits your needs best!

What is a travel/handheld blender?

Travel blender is essentially a traditional blender version but it has been reduced to unnecessary details and functions. The size of a mini blender is as small as a cup, so this machine is only suitable for use when you want to make a smoothie.

With the structure including motor body and control buttons, the mortar and cup include specialized knives. The body and the external mortar can be attached by the trigger, which controls the motor and rotates the blades to allow the mini blender to work smoothly.

The principle of operation of the travel blender

The principle of operation of a mini blender is actually not complicated, on the contrary, it is extremely simple. However, in this article, we will provide some more information so readers can visualize and understand the operation of the travel blenders better.

When the machine is turned on, the electric motor part in the body operates and rotates, simultaneously those movements are transmitted to a set of knives to make small cuts and break the food with great pressure. In the process of blending, the food ingredients will be continuously disturbed through the structure of the blade to be able to blend consistently. With the average type of normal blender, we need to chop the food before putting it in the blender to help blend faster, more evenly and without falling into the situation of stuck blades. Blender usually has two modes of use that is intermittent blending and continuous blending. Intermittent blending is a must when you blend hard food ingredients.

How to use a travel blender

To be able to use the standard mini blender with just one step, you need to perform the sequence in the process below.

With ingredients such as fruits such as tomatoes, strawberries, mangoes, apples, etc, when purchased, you need to proceed to cut them out. With vegetables, it is necessary to cut them into short pieces. Similarly, with other meat products such as pork, chicken, or beef, they also need to be cut into small pieces to be able to blend.

Then put the ingredients and food into the mill of the blender. Remember that before you start blending, you need to fully assemble the parts of the blender in a standard way only. Look at the blade that suits each type of food. Next, place the mill on the machine body and twist it so that the cogwheels coincide. When starting to blend ingredients, you can add a little water or fresh milk into the jar to lubricate as well as make your food more delicious, depending on your taste and preferences.

Then we start to plug in the power and press the kneading button to make the ingredients stir well, with the fruit being the material, you should mix about 5 times each time about 5 seconds.

Pros and cons of a travel blender?

With a compact design, many people are hesitant whether this machine can work well or not. Therefore, please refer to below advantages and disadvantages of this type of blender

Pros of the travel blender

  • The travel blender has a very compact design, so you can easily clean it and take it with you wherever you want.
  • The travel blender has small mortars, which you can use when you blend porridge, flour, and even when you blend individual smoothies. Many housewives prefer to use mini blenders when cooking porridge, flour as food materials for children. In addition, the mini blender also used to blend and make fruit smoothies.
  • The blender has the right capacity so it can blend quite a variety of foods.
  • The product price is relatively cheap and not too expensive, so it is suitable for a lot of user segments and different consumers.

Cons of the travel blender

  • A travel blender has a small knife and a smaller capacity than a traditional machine. Therefore, the machine cannot blend hard materials such as meat, bone, and crushed ice. It is best not to use them when meeting those ingredients, but to use when blending cooked and soft food.
  • The travel blender does not have large jars, so you can only blend less food at once.

Notes when choosing a travel blender 

After considering and choosing the brand and model, the selection of a reputable place to sell is also an indispensable step.

Choosing a reliable sales outlet will help you ensure the quality as well as the origin and origin of the product. When choosing a place to buy, you do not have a sketchy choice but need to consult carefully.

You can buy goods online at e-commerce sites but also leave many risks, such as pictures and product descriptions that may be far from reality, not exchanged goods as well as guarantee the warranty, thoughtful after-sales.

For the best, you can choose

  • Reputable, long-established brands and shops
  • Get lots of feedback from good customers
  • Have proof of good origin
  • There are specific sales addresses
  • Warranty, thoughtful after-sales


Above is the information about the travel blender or mini blender. Hopefully, through the above article, you have a clear understanding of how the travel blender works, how to choose the travel blenders that most suit your needs, and how to use and maintain them in a more efficient way. 

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