How to Choose the Right Types of Blenders in 2020

The blender not only creates deliciously nutritious drinks but also gives us a lot of utility for cooking.

Nowadays the housewives are getting used to using the blender for the familys work. Not only grind fruit fruits for smoothies, but it also has many other convenient functions such as meat grinders, fish grinders, nuts, fruit and vegetable grinders, orange juice, egg whisk, whipped cream. , grind soybeans.

Each family depends on many factors that need to use a separate blender. So on the market today, there are many types of handy blender designed. And to choose the best blender that best suits your family, we need to know and classify popular blenders in the market as well as the basic features of each type of blender there.

How many types of blender?

Blender is classified into 6 main categories: multi-function blender, handheld blender, and wet, dry blender, commercial blender, portable blender and countertop blender. Of these three types, the wet, dry blender is sold and used most commonly on the market with a set of products with 2-3 specialized mills. Handheld blender has a compact design, can be brought along if going away, and can also make cream cakes. The versatile blender not only grinds the juice, but it can also grind a wide variety of foods with a variety of suitable blades in the machine.

Single-serve blender

Used most often with 2 basic features: dry and wet grinding. A set of blenders is composed of two parts: base and container. Single-serve blender has 2 different types of milling to change user:

  • For smoothies a jar with a volume of 1-2 liters (grind with water)
  • Smaller mills, such as meat, cereal, grain, etc. can be used for dry milling.
  • Accessories included: Body, mill, blade, measuring cup lid, stirring rod.
  • For convenient grinding or juicing purposes, choose to buy a wet, dry blender.

The machine is designed to switch speed quickly or slowly with 2-3 buttons to adjust the fineness of the product, provided with Inoxidable steel or stainless steel blades, glass or plastic containers, excellent heat resistance. Some types also provide users with a safety lock function, with automatic protection circuit when the overload is cut.

  Single-serve blender is very convenient to use with moderate power for grinding or juicing purposes, the price is not too high.

These machines are particularly rich in brands from many different countries, ranging from joint ventures to genuine goods. They have affordable prices, and the warranty period is 12-24 months.

Multi-function blender

Multi-function blender was built with many functions, such as juice, orange juice, egg whisk, etc. Each feature of the machine will have a different mill and knife, and when we use that feature, the mortar and knife of that feature will have to be installed-very convenient and tidy.

Choose to buy a convenient multifunctional blender to help a more compact kitchen.

Multifunctional blender can come with many features for the type of blender, satisfying diverse needs for the whole family with accompanying accessories, stainless steel filter for grinding residue seeds such as soya beans, vegetables mother.

The machine often has an Auto Clean function that makes it easy to clean the mill and blade after use. Just pour a little water into the blender and press the button, the machine will automatically invert the food still stuck under the jar for cleaning, without having to disassemble or clean your hands.

At present, many versatile grinder products from many reputable brands have also appeared on the market to meet the diverse needs of consumers. Most all-in-one machines have a safety system that automatically disconnects when something goes wrong. It allows users to grind and smoothie juice at the same time on the same handy stand.

Hand blender

Compact, convenient to use, hand blender types are increasingly popular. The function of juicing, grinding soybeans, cereals, whisking eggs is done simply when assembled with the support tools designed for each separate part.

Using a handheld blender, the food is not only finer and more convenient to move, but users can also adjust the speed as they like, especially cleaning the machine very easily.

Hand blender is suitable for families with old people and children.

A hand blender usually has only one function of grinding the fruit, with the two main parts being the body and the blade. Compact design, very convenient in moving. 

Quickly clean by immersing the used end of the blender into a shift of water, pressing the grind button 2-3 times, for 3 seconds at a time, the impact of the water on the head will knock out the leftover food. back inside the blade.

The hand blender has a double-action blade that cuts horizontal and vertical when operating. The function of the machine allows to puree and make milkshake, porridge or soup easily. 

We can also change accessories to grind meat, beat eggs and cream. The device is suitable for families with old people, young children, always need smooth and smooth food. In addition, users can replace the jar of the blender with bowls, cups or any other items to hold smoothies accordingly.

Commercial blender

A large capacity blender will be suitable for business purposes. These grinders will help people save time and effort, help reduce work during preparation. The machine will also always operate strongly and quickly to help improve service speed and become more professional in the eyes of its customers.

Whats a commercial blender?

Simply put, they re a large-capacity blender. The normal blender has a capacity of only 500W to 1,000W. The mini blender also has a capacity of less than 200W. But commercial blenders usually have a capacity of 1,500W or more. Large capacity also comes with a large capacity of the mill, usually from 1.5 liters or more.

In terms of structure, the commercial blender has a similar structure to the desktop blender. You have to place the machine on a fixed table when you use it.

What are the pros and cons of a commercial blender?


  • Very high capacity and grinding capacity. Help me to grind more and smoother
  • Made of materials with good impact resistance and abrasion resistance.
  • Ability to customize many different grinding speeds
  • Theres a self-timer, too. This is a feature that conventional blenders are not going to have
  • Some models are pre-installed with automatic grinding modes. All you need to do is put the ingredients, choose the right mode, and then wait!
  • Very good ability to grind some ice
  • Designed for work while ensuring durability


  • Machine size and weight are very big
  • Born just for a blender, its not as versatile as a multi-function blender.
  • When the operation is a loud noise, some expensive models are equipped with a noise-proof box to reduce the noise emitted by the machine when operating.
  • High price

Is commercial blender suited to any need?

If you want to buy an industrial blender to serve in the family, I dont recommend it! Because its big, heavy, noisy, and very expensive. You just bought it to get a blender out occasionally, its too expensive!

Countertop blender

These types of blenders are the one-stop-shop for great drinks, not to be confused with a food processor. Vitamix and Kitchenaid would be the leaders in this market, although Blendtecs excellent marketing and the make it blend campaign has raised their profile.

They usually have a larger capacity of 64 oz, or nearly 2 liters, so countertop blenders are a great option if you want to make drinks for a family or party. One caution when using these types of blenders is to carefully check before using hot liquids to blend in. Most countertop blenders are designed for liquids that are cold or cool and have lids that seal well.

This is great to keep the flying ice and smoothie ingredients from flying around but causes enormous pressure from hot ingredients to build up for steam, which can cause an explosion.

What are the best used Countertop Blenders for?

Beverages. Hands down those make the best beverages around. You can however expand your thinking a little, and also turn these types of blenders into the one-stop treat shop.

A blender can make the most delicious blocks of ice creating a great healthy treat during the summer. You can even use these to create blocks of alcohol ice for a fun party adult treat.


  • These are powerful blenders capable of mixing most stuff. While they usually have multiple speed settings, most have a pulsing option that makes it easy to blend a variety of ingredients and ensures everything is blended together.
  • Although older versions have a reputation for being difficult to clean, it is easier to care for the newer varieties. In general, its just a case of adding a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid to a water-filled blender and mixing for a few seconds.


  • These types of blenders are pretty bulky, because they are powerful with a large capacity. This is not such a problem if you are using them every day, but if you just want them for a monthly party storing them in a small kitchen can be annoyance.
  • The other big problem people encounter with these types of blenders is to blend foreign objects by accident. Most people who regularly use them have at least one story about the spoon that went into the blender while it was on.
  • Although the sound is alarming, there is a risk of damaging the blades and possibly also the glass.

Portable blender

 Portable blenders are a new type of blender that can hit the market, and should not be confused with personal blenders that generally refer to single-serve bullet blends.

These types of blenders consist of a clear tube of glass, one end screws into the base of the blade that contains the motor. The other end of the lid screws in. The blenders are lighter and smaller than the average hydro flask, therefore they are actually portable.

What are Portable Blenders used best for?

While the advertisement will suggest you can make fresh smoothies in your car, a portable blender will be used in the office or maybe after the gym for most people. Which makes them ideal for smoothies and protein shakes of course.

They re great for parents who make baby food on the go too. Yes, you can just go out and pop one in your diaper bag. Add a few veggies and a little water from your plate and you have instant baby food while youre enjoying your meal.


  • Obviously one of the biggest advantages is being so portable. The blade/motor unit runs on a rechargeable battery that uses a standard USB charger to charge.
  • Because a portable blender is lightweight and a self-contained unit with no cables, while it is in operation, you can move it around – which means that no bits are stuck to the top or sides.


  • These are relatively new to the market, so any common, recurring faults are just beginning to emerge. However, it will be a concern as you dont use these in a kitchen leak. Make sure it tightens both ends.
  • Their convenience also creates the risk of leaving utensils inside the blender. This only becomes an issue when you turn it on to remix, especially baby food.

Hopefully, you could choose a cheap blender, good quality, consistent with the needs of the family and bring the highest efficiency.

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