Vitamix 5300 vs Vitamix 7500 blender: What should you buy?

When you compare the Vitamix blender, you find yourself a little confused. Both Vitamix 7500 and Vitamix 5300 blenders are manufactured by the same company and are valued by users.



Next, the dissimilarities between the two will be listed out for you to decide which one it’s better. Whatever your purpose, a great blender is a kitchen appliance, and without a doubt, Vitamix is a great product.


Vitamix 5300 Overview



From hot soup to fresh sorbet, smoothie to chunky salsa. Discover all the fascinating flavours of Vitamix 5300. Let’s start with the evaluation of Vitamix 5300.


Vitamix 7500 Overview



Not only used in the kitchen, but this blender is also the ideal choice for professional chefs. There is another version called the refurbished Vitamix 7500. It is easy to change the speed to achieve a large number of different textures with a ability of 64-unce.


Comparison of Vitamix 5300 and Vitamix 7500 commercial blenders


Design and manufacturing


Let’s talk about the colours first of all. Both Vitamix 5300 and Vitamix 7500 are in beautiful black. The 7500, however, comes in both red and white.



When it comes to design, I have to say that both are pretty simple. The device is made of plastic and is very easy to hold. While the Vitamix 5300 is 7.25 x 8.75 x 17.25 inches, the Vitamix 7500 is 17.5 x 7.7 x 9.4 inches. We can see that the Vitamix 7500 is slightly larger in size, but both mortars have the same 64-ounce capacity.


Blades and control panels


Here, it was a little different. Vitamix has a much more polished appearance, although both Vitamix blenders have three horizontally positioned knobs. They’ve all got thick handles that make it easy to hold and use. The lid is also akin and can be quickly opened or closed.


Power and engine power


I think the engine is the difference between the two blenders. The Vitamix 7500 has been upgraded to next-generation engines, of which the 5300 series contains the original Vitamix engine. Best of all, this engine development makes it quieter than previous models.



See the difference?


The Cool-Running engine, which keeps engine temperatures low and even torques in order to handle any food ingredient, is another great feature of the 7500.


The 7500 is also designed to keep its engine cooler when it is ground. This function is useful when the blender is used continuously for a long time, for example, to make hot soup.


Performance and mixing time


The Cool-Running Engine is another great feature of the 7500, allowing it to maintain low engine temperatures, and even torque, to handle food ingredients.


The 7500 is also designed to keep the engine cooler when melted. This function is beneficial if you’re using the mixer constantly for a lengthy time, for example making hot spicy soup.


In a word, with both blenders, you can enjoy smoothies and creams. It’s true that the Vitamix 7500 will work a little more efficiently than the 5300.



Noise and vibrations


The Vitamix 7500, as I mentioned before, fitted the engine case and made a major difference in performance.


The main improvement of the next generation engine is the noise reduction. The suspended motor case makes it 40% quieter than the previous version of 5300. The 5300 generates high vibrations of around 98 decibels, while the Vitamix 7500 only generates 88 decibels above its top speed.


Speed and settings control


Firstly, look at how the Vitamix 5300 works, designed to ensure a range of different textures at easy adjustment speeds. The unique feature of this version 5300 is the dial that allows you to rotate every time so you have full control.


The Vitamix 7500, on the other hand, has ten variable speeds that allow for the fine tuning of every texture with high food accurately, from the finest soups to the finest smoothies.



Common point


Since both blenders come from the same brand, it’s not unusual to have some similarities, if not quite the same.


Good looking


The first thing you’ll notice is its modern design. They both look pretty sharp and easily fit into your kitchen cabinets. The Vitamix blender line has been renovated to provide the best experience possible. The lovely and modern design will satisfy you in all respects.


Seven-year warranty


Both are provided by the same company as Vitamix. So obviously both are guaranteed the same thing.


The Vitamix 5300 is backed by a 7-year warranty and the 7500 is backed by a similar 7-year warranty. You will receive a 3-year guarantee on your component parts during this period, for example, cups and jars.


I don’t think you should worry about assurances, Vitamix never sacrifice quality. However, the guarantee gives a great deal of confidence that I know.


Small, small mill size


This 64-ounce jar is another common feature of the two mills. The vessels of both kinds are also marked clearly as all Vitamix vessels by the scale of one ounce. The best part is that the cap plug comes with a measuring line of 2 ounces.


Pulse feature


Both come with the Pulse feature, which allows finely chopped or broken hard and chewy foods to be prepared for dishes such as chunky vegetable or silk soups.


Comments from the user



  1. “I bought Vitamix 5300 as a Christmas gift. I bought a refurbished 200 Series a couple of years ago that I’m still using and loving, so I think the refurbished 5300 will be a great gift. I opened the box last weekend and was extremely disappointed.
  2. “I have carefully reviewed CNET’s top-rated blenders, watched videos on Youtube and HSN, researched the features/specifications of different models, and even bought some blenders or blenders used by friends to compare them. I feel, after considering everything, that the quality of Vitamix is more valuable than the cost. I own Vitamix for two months, I have used it twice a day and saved more than that.
  3. “I’m a drinks business, so I’m always trying to buy a good blender. I’ve been using Creator II for the last 5 years and I just replaced it because I put it on my counter and wanted a new color after I moved to a new home. It’s quite similar to my previous model, making it easy to convert.”
  4. Vitamix 7500 users often prefer it, especially the pre-programmed settings that make the blender work a little easier and easier: smoothies, soups and cold desserts make it easier to use some of the most exciting features of this commercial blender.




All in all, these two blenders’ battle. The 7500 Vitamix is a bit better. The latest edition of 5300 is the Vitamix 7500. So I think much more than that money is worth it.


So which blender will suit you better when you have to choose between Vitamix 5300 and 7500 depending on personal needs and preferences.


If noise is a major concern, you obviously need to buy Vitamix. On the other hand, because the other functions are quite similar, you can save some money with Vitamix 5300.

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