Detailed review of the Vitamix 5300 blender

Are you on the market for mixers that are not only high-performance but also useful and valuable? We will take a closer look at one of the top blenders currently available in the machinery stores: the Vitamix 5300.

The Vitamix blender has been a truly beloved brand for a long time.

For those who want a professional style product with many different features that you can create, the Vitamix 5300 blender will be your main choice.

Let’s now take a look at Vitamix 5300’s various functions.

Basic Vitamix 5300

The blade is made of stainless steel and has a diameter of 4 inches. The laser cutting propellers are designed to cut the toughest components in the jar. This is a genuine product made in the USA. It is made of high-quality plastic that is durable and heat resistant.


The thermal protection system is the key design feature of Vitamix. There is also a radial cooling fan fitted to prevent the electric motor from overheating.

It’s adjustable and quick to pos speed power. You can adjust 10 speeds to allow better control in order to achieve the desired consistency and texture of smoothies/drinks with different ingredients.

You can make desserts or soups at slower speeds. If you want a smoother blend of fruit and vegetable smoothies or juices, just speed up the blade.

Millstone of Vitamix 5300

One thing we think is great about Vitamix is that different size mills can use the Vitamix 5300 engines.

The first one is a 2.1l mill. It’s the perfect choice for heavy and continuous work, such as in a restaurant/cafe, or if you need a lot of smoothies for a lot of people.

The next one is a 1.5l container. Then you’ll have a 1.2l jar that is great for small or single pieces.


The Vitamix 5300 uses a classic engine, so that there is no loud noise when grinding food like some other available models. It’s up to 98 decibels from the electric engine.

However, we also want to vomit that unless you’re planning to blend all day and all the time, to be honest, it’s extremely good.

Its easy to use

It is an easy-to-use kitchen appliance with easy-to-use buttons, dials, and switches that are difficult to find in other blenders. There are only three switches in the Vitamix 5300 control panel. The off/on, the pulse and the speed control, just that straightforward!


A major drawback to some of the other blenders you’ll find right now is that it’s hard to store. They ‘re too big to be placed in a drawer.

The sleek design of the 2.1l flask is shorter but wider than the other equivalent. The Vitamix 5300 is much more acceptable when not in use for normal kitchen storage.

The ingredients of the Vitamix blender can not be removed. They’ve got a self-cleaning feature, just pour a little hot soapy water into the jar and mix it for a minute or so, rinse it and you’re done!

What is the Vitamix blender capable of?

It can produce a variety of drinks and food blends with varying thicknesses, smoothness and smoothness. This is because you have a pulse-equipped driver that allows you to control the speed and time of grinding.

  • First of all, this is the perfect machine for mixing some great smoothies, cream juices, and ice cream. 5300 can crush both frozen ingredients and ice for extremely important vitamins.
  • You can easily make it pure without adding any liquid;
  • Its great for home-made hot soups as well as other hot items;
  • For the blending or chopping of vegetables and other necessary ingredients;
  • Milk and buttermilk blend with the consistency of the cream;
  • Make spreads, dips, and tapes;
  • High-quality flour can be produced by grinding dry grains, grinding rice and grains

General evaluation of Vitamix 5300

  • Design: This blender is a classic 1/2 and 1/2 new generation blender. The engine uses the Vitamix Classic C-Series shell while the 2.1l low-profile container is low-profile. It is a combination of two generations of grinders that create a unique design;
  • Controls: the control panel is familiar, reliable and easy to operate;
  • Container: the jar is large enough to grind a batch for the whole family, but small enough to fit under most kitchen cabinets;
  • Price: The price of over 12 million makes Vitamix 5300 higher than that of other competitors;
  • Book of recipes: contains 65 recipes.
  • Noise: Compared to the next-generation Vitamix blender with the engineered, soundproofed and ventilated engine base, the 5300 uses the old C-Series engine base. As a result, it is about 10dB louder than the new generation Vitamix blender;

Comments from the user

  1. “I bought the Vitamix 5300 as a Christmas gift. A couple of years ago, I bought a refurbished 200 Series that Im still using and loving, so I think the refurbished 5300 will be a great gift. Last weekend, I opened the box and was extremely disappointed. There are deep scratches all around the sole. 
  2. I have carefully reviewed CNETs top-rated blenders, watched videos on Youtube and HSN, researched the features/specifications of various models, and even bought some grinders or blenders used by friends to compare. After considering everything, I feel that the quality of Vitamix is more valuable than the cost. I have used Vitamix twice a day for two months and saved Mo.
  3. “Im a drinks business so Im always trying to buy a good blender. Ive been using Creator II for the past 5 years and Ive only replaced it because I put it on my counter and wanted a new color after I moved to a new home. Its quite similar to my previous model, making it easy to convert.”


Overall, we’ve identified this as a key feature of a blender. Think of it as a superior C-Series blender with a larger engine in it. It’s more powerful enough to handle all tasks in the home kitchen.

What is suspicious is the use of a newer 2.2HP engine inside the engine base that was not originally designed to support this new engine. I ‘m sure the Vitamix Engineering Team has thoroughly tested it to make sure it works. Moreover, the fact that the C-Series is a proven 2.0HP engine with legendary reliability only raises the question of long service life in the C-Series.

The big positive is that the 5300 uses a proven C-Series engine base, is used on 23 other Vitamix blenders, and comes with next-generation packaging. These are two attractive features.

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