Review Top 5 best Vitamix commercial blenders in 2020

Vitamix has always been one of the best blender brands in the world. It feels like if Vitamix is no longer a blender brand, how much the other competitors will be happy, its product is really good!

Seriously, Vitamix provides customers lots of options, and all the blenders are designed to: grind ice, grind fruits and grind the hardest products into a smooth liquid. At first glance, except for their appearance, their functions, and abilities may be the same. But for now, perhaps the Vitamix commercial blender stands out the most. So, find out the best Vitamix commercial blenders in this article.

Which country is the origin of Vitamixs commercial blender?

Vitamix blender is a product of Vitamix brand – the world-famous American brand of blender. Founded in 1937, until now, after more than 80 years of development, Vitamix has always been the name trusted by many customers to choose to use.

In 1969, the company launched the first Vitamix blender in the world to make hot soup, mix cream, grind cereal and knead bread dough. From this machine, housewives can make hundreds of nutritious, delicious recipes for the whole family.

Since then, the Vitamix brand has been constantly researching, improving, and releasing many versatile, large-capacity Vitamix blenders to serve the kitchen needs of everyone. Therefore, it is not surprising that Vitamix has become a leading blender brand in the world.

The secret of the brands success is to persevere in pursuing a core value throughout its development history, which is to help people become healthier through healthy, nutritious foods.

Why choose Vitamix grinder?

Modern and delicate design

It can be said that Vitamix blender has a very modern, luxurious and fashionable design. The body is made of hard plastic material with firm and strong lines, and dark paint not only suitable for many different interior styles but also helps the cleaning after use becomes easier.

The mill of the machine has a large capacity, made of synthetic carbon material so it has good bearing capacity and durability. Instead of a circular cylinder like normal mortars, the Vitamix mill has a 3-sided design so that when the mixture of food and drink from the blender hits the wall of the jar, it will be flipped back to the bender, forming the spiral to help grind faster and more efficiently. The deep and square palate structure also supports the quick pouring of thick-textured drinks and limits spillage around.

Sturdy, strong blades

Going with the mill, it is impossible not to mention the blades of Vitamix blender. Instead of designing sharp blades, which will always get dull with time, Vitamixs blades are designed to be twice as big, and the grinding force is stronger so every material such as ice, fruits can become puree and smooth. 

The blades in the normal blender only have 1 bearing ring, when operating continuously, it will be hotter faster, affecting the motor of the machine, causing the motor to deteriorate quickly. Meanwhile, with 2 special bearings, the Vitamix blade operates with high performance and is much more durable, so it’s very economical. On the other hand, the Vitamix blade set can be removed from the jar for cleaning, or when the knife wears down, you just need to remove and replace the grinder without buying a new jar.

User friendly

In addition to the optimal design for the blender to easily grind ingredients, Vitamix also focuses on creating a streamlined control system, easy to understand so you can easily use it right away from the first contact with the product. The Vitamix blender is designed with easy buttons, separated modes, and brief instructions under each button so you can use it fluently. In addition, a detailed instruction sheet attached to the machine can also help you master how to use the machine without having to ask the salesperson.

Advanced blending program

Vitamix blenders are developed with the most advanced blending programs available today, with a great capacity for optimal blending capabilities. Its family products of only 2 and 6 levels of speed can meet the needs of food processing for the whole family. But Vitamix industrial blenders even have up to 93 different blending speeds.

And above all, the commercial Vitamix blender can also change the speed of the motor and the time to suit different types of drinks. Specifically, when crushing ice cubes, the motor will initially run slowly to break the ice and then accelerate/speed up to smooth the drink. Depending on the structure of the drink, the barista can set details of multiple speed/time ranges accordingly in the same grinding program.

5 best Vitamix commercial blenders

Vitamix 5200 – Vitamix commercial blender

In terms of performance, this blender has an extremely powerful motor as well as a variable speed changer, giving users more control.

Its blender jar is made of high-quality hard plastic which makes this blender much lighter than expected. In addition, its stainless steel blades are sharp and strong.

In addition to making creamy sauces from nuts, this machine can be used for soups which something many other blenders cannot do well.

With Vitamix, nothing is impossible. Moreover, it is not as noisy as other typical blenders. 

Vitamix 5300 – Vitamix commercial blender

10 adjustable speed levels: Along with the pulse button, variable speed control plays an important role in maximizing user flexibility, allowing users to have a lot of options.

2.2 HP engine (1640 watts): Equipped with a high-power motor, it is so powerful that the food will start to heat up if ground long by the blade friction generated.

Greater stainless – steel blades: Strong enough to grind nuts or coffee beans, blend flour in seconds without difficulty to build chilled desserts.

Compared to the 5200 model, this gadget has a more powerful 2.2 HP engine while smaller design.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 –Vitamix commercial blender

First and foremost, this device is the most powerful yet quiet noise blender that Vitamix makes.

It could do everything like 5300 with the better effect!

Another distinction between the 2 Vitamix versions is the higher cost of 750 and the preprogrammed settings, which make it possible to create the grinding task smoothly.

Developed with 5 different presets including smoothie, frozen dessert, soup, puree, and automatic cleaning setting. This blender definitely meets even the most demanding needs of its customers.

It also has a manual motor button for those who like to manually adjust the speed.

Vitamix Standard Programs – Vitamix commercial blender

Another model from the Vitamix family: the Vitamix standard blender (also known as Vitamix 6300).

Reasonable price, usability, technology, and aesthetics, all come together in Vitamix 6300.

As a C-series product, it has a sleek appearance and a unique handle design – easily comes with a variety of kitchen décor.

In terms of performance, its fast, quiet, and grinds food exceptionally well, except when it comes to crushed nuts.

Vitamix 7500 Low-Profile – Vitamix commercial blender

Produced in Cleveland, Ohio USA, this model is a comprehensive food processor/blender, delivering great results.

It really is one of the finest mixers on the market these days, from smoothies to freezing.

Although priced at 3 times the Ninja brand, but the reputation of quality Vitamix and the fact is completely worthy of quality. It is specifically designed to be 40% quieter than other Vitamix models.

Through the information above, you probably understand why the Vitamix blender is famous and trusted by customers? Hopefully, understanding the value of the product will help you make informed choices that match your needs.

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