Vitamix vs Ninja blenders – Blender Comparison and contrast

These two marginal brands are now the two most popular brands in today’s world blender market.


In some ways, they compete directly in becoming the world’s leading blender brand. But we can see that they have major differences in more detail.

Each brand has many different models with its own functions and features that make it unique. The problem is that all this difference is not known or recognized by everyone.


That’s why in this post we help you determine whether the extra money is worth for a luxury brand such as Vitamix or whether you should buy a less powerful Ninja for less. Can you mix it all?


Top 4 best Vitamix blender 2020


There are a great many blender products on the market and they can all do basic tasks such as making smoothies, soups, frozen desserts and other meals and even grinding nuts.


Most buyers look for the best Vitamix blender, but they don’t know which model is the best for them. As a rule, it depends on the shopper ‘s needs.


Vitamix 5300 blender

Which Vitamix blender for smoothies is the best? 5300 Vitamix. The main characteristics of this model are the speed control and pulse control. So you can check a number of smoothies and cook healthier recipes like chunky salsas or thick vegetable soups.


5300 is a little louder than Vitamix ‘s G-Series because it has no technology for sound reduction. The high-performance engine (2.2 HP) offset this fact completely. 5300 also provides convenience-a 2l container low-profile that fits easily into the majority of kitchen counters.


Vitamix Blender A2300

The second model is the A2300. It has many new features such as variable speed control and Pulse Pulse. The latest innovations work great for many tasks and allow you to melt the texture of all food/drinks from smooth to silky. In A2300 you can put raw carrots and purify them into baby food.


The integrated wireless connection can be used to remotely adjust the grinding time. It also has a digital timer that helps you always achieve the perfect texture.


Vitamix 7500 blender

The new 7500 has good features such as a powerful engine, a 2l mill with pulse and 10 variable speeds. You can use it with a 1l mill, too.


The 2.2 Hp engine-1600W engine will not worry about noise. It also has audio reducing technology. It’s actually much quieter than older models of Vitamix.


Vitamix 750 professional blender

The best addition to this model is the ability to grind automatically. You can turn the blender on and off, the blender speeds up and then disables after a certain amount of time. This function makes it possible to correctly implement the recipes. Pro 750 features a stainless finish, with a thin metal finished plastic top cover.


The 750 Blender Vitamix Professional Series has five pre-programmed configurations:

  • Smoothie;
  • Hot soup;
  • Frozen desserts;
  • Purées;
  • Self-cleaning.


Top 4 best Ninja blender 2020


Do you want a brand new blender with plenty of power and features? The Ninja Blender is known for its excellent functionality, performance and usability. And they have been designed specifically to meet a range of requirements.


Today, many different Ninja blender models are available to choose from. While this gives you many options, it can make it a bit difficult to choose the right one.


See some of the top products for you to select the best Ninja mixer for your needs.


Ninja Multi-Serve Blender [CT660UKV] Smart Screen Blender 

 If you are ready to process various food types, just turn the attachment into place and start.


The patented FreshVac technology avoids oxidation during grinding, which allows the longer duration of the vitamins. The jar has a capacity of 72 oz and once served a glass of FreshVac. This allows you to take a drink with your smoothie.


You will definitely love this model if you’re the type of person who likes to experiment in the kitchen. Nine special settings are available to help you create a variety of easy dishes.


With a little practice, the Ninja Blender and FreshVac Technology intelligent food processor can do almost anything.


Ninja Chef 1500 watt blender

The 1500 watt Auto-iQ Base of Ninja Chef Countertop Blender has been designed with robust versatility. This product has a power capacity of 1,500 Watts and a very robust design. It can easily crush ice and prepare frozen drinks.


Ninja Chef Countertop Blender is complemented by ten preset programmes, with 1500-watt Auto-iQ Base. They are designed for a range of pauses, pulses and mixtures.


You can also customize programs and features to help you gain pure control.


With the 1500-watt Auto-iQ Base of Ninja Chef Countertop Blender, you can almost instantly produce smoothness. You are sure to love the special food that comes with this product if you make exceptionally thick smoothies.


Nutri Ninja personal blender

Ninja ‘s Auto IQ technology was installed with 1200 watt Auto-iQ Base in Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender.


These programs are designed to select programs automatically, depending on the grinding requirements. Nutri Ninja’s 1200-watt Auto-iQ Base personal and countertop blender comes with three different speeds.


This is ideal for times when you want a bit more control and manual mixing. Although low speeds are quite strong, high speeds are a true natural force.


This product comes with an easy-to-read touch screen control panel as an additional bonus. Each function is clearly marked for easy understanding.


Ninja Nutri Ninja PRO Pulse Blender

Are you looking for a very powerful but handheld blender? The Ninja Blender BL456-Countertop 24 oz is no longer the strongest personal blender with a power of 900 Watts. But you still have sufficient power to do the job.


Simplicity is the real beauty of this product. All you need to do is have a 24 oz fruit jar and other ingredients.


This special vase is also a big and long-lasting smoothie. You have a special cap that fits in the jar. You can bring your fresh smoothies with you.


As always, Ninja ‘s unique oxygen removal technology will treat you. Even if you make your first smoothie in the morning, the evening will still be cool. This is ideal for times when you’re late and have to have breakfast.


Vitamix vs Ninja – which one is cheaper?

Vitamix manufactured many advanced products at quite high prices since it was founded in 1949 as a premium brand in the blender industry.


All their products are made of high-quality materials in a durability-proof environment.


On the other hand, its competitor is much cheaper, offering an excellent blender for those with a tight budget more easily. Of course, you can not expect to find a machine that fits all the usage requirements perfectly at this low price.


This does not mean, however, that Ninja is left behind. To be fair, they are still the brands that provide a look and a quality feel for superbly designed kitchen appliances.


Vitamix vs Ninja – a fight of performance



 Both Ninja and Vitamix are powerful mixers designed for a wide range of cooking purposes. A super sharp blade makes it easy to process all the basic blender operations such as crushing ice, preparation of drinks, crushing seeds and cutting of frozen vegetables in seconds.


The Vitamix is a bit stronger and improves the ability to mix solid food for a continuous period of time.


Nor does the Vitamix blender act like a boat, while Ninja’s product lines warn against the mixing of heated liquids, making sure that hot soup is never a problem for them.



Vitamix allows the user to adjust the mixing speed from 500 to 37 000 rpm flexibly by up to ten different speeds. With Ninja, however, only three speeds are suggested with the Pulse button.


There’s not really a bunch of settings, but it probably gives you more control over the mixing speed, which is much more convenient.




The blender is made of high-quality material and therefore lasts longer than the cheaper ones. In reality, however, how long they will last depends largely on how you use and maintain them.


At this point, it is therefore difficult to say exactly which brand can guarantee long-term performance. Everything depends on how you care for your mixer.


The blade

Each Vitamix product is designed with stainless steel blades according to its name that offer greater durability and perfect mixing results.


In comparison with the cheaper Ninja mixer which uses a sharp blade that comes with a plastic mill shaft, the blade of the blade is also made of quality metal. It should also be noted that most Vitamix machines are difficult to clean manually, particularly when producing thick dispensing due to the blade assembly.


Cleaning with both Vitamix and Ninja blender is still very easy.




As one of the industry’s best customer service providers, all new Vitamix blenders will be guaranteed with a 7-year warranty for years. Serve. Serve. Serve. Serve.


The full warranty even covers 2-way shipping and handling while Ninja does not.


In addition, Ninja has a 1-2 year guarantee, depending on the model. Each customer must pay additional shipping fees to receive an alternative product.



All components of Ninja and Vitamix mixers (except Vitamix morter) are safe for washing in a dishwasher, which is an essential standard. And their mortar is made of materials that do not contain BPA for safety concerns.


For both brands, they are widely available if you want to purchase more containers, cloaks, handles or blades.


Final conclusion


Both Vitamix vs Ninja are strong, high-quality blends that can make endless cuisine easier and faster. The small footprint design ensures that they fit perfectly into most kitchen counters and provide options for mobility.


Vitamix is a more costly blender brand, but it offers better smoothie results, superior blades, high strength and stronger power.

Furthermore, its high-quality construction ensures years of use and adds value. If you are looking for the gold standard, these machines should be taken into account.


Ninja makes the blender at a much lower cost, and more plastic parts are expected, smaller warranties and limited speed.


But Ninja seems to be a better choice for those who have little money and only use the blender to handle some simple tasks.

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